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Just because we all know how to breathe it does not mean that we know how to live. Just because most of us get married it does not mean that we know how to be a good spouse. Just because, we have children it does not mean that we know how to be good parents. Living, marrying and Parenting require ‘Sadhana’.

There are no universal answers to the meaning of life. I like to believe that it is a journey to the Source…its ups and downs are a lesson…Yet all journeys start with the first step…the first step towards the philosophic quest is the enquiry: “Athato Brahmn Jignasa”…

Then starts the sadhana, which is the spiritual effort the seeker puts in. The word sadhana is derived from the root word ‘sidh’ which means ‘to be accomplished’ in ‘seeking divinity’ The quest starts ‘out’ (pravritti marg) and must end ‘in’ (nivritti marg) and in the knowing that there is no ‘separation’…

Some time ago, I  spent two days on a Spiritual Sadhana Camp.  A few youngsters on the camp asked me what ‘Sadhana’ means. I explained that it meant ‘Discipline’ plus ‘Perseverance’.

Whatever path of Spiritual Practice you  prefer to belong to, be it ‘Karma’ (The path of Righ Action), ‘Bhakti’ (The path of Devotion), Dhyaan (The path of Meditation) or ‘Gyan’ (The path of Knowledge), ‘Japa’ or chanting to still the mind, fasts, long ritualistic prayers, they are all Sadhanas. They all require discipline and perseverance. The aim of Sadhana is Spiritual uplift.

Swami Niranjananda Saraswati states:

” There are seven ways for the liberation of man. The first way is the Path of Karma. This is the discipline for the man of ordinary mettle. The second is the Vaishnava path in which devotion or Bhakti to the Lord plays a greater role than work, and is meant for a higher competence. The third is the Shaiva Path which is more a path of meditation and gyana (knowledge) …The fourth path is the Dakshina Path where Karma Bhakti Gyan are skilfully harmonised and synthesised…Then we have the Vama path or the reverse path where the natural turn outward (pavritti) is turned inward (nivritti) …Then we have the Siddhanta, the path where things are determined as to the real nature and direction of ones goal…The last is the Kaula path…There is nothing higher than the Kaula which is the essence of all essences…”

Scriptures prescribe five Maha Yajnas (Supreme Spiritual Practices)

which may aid us in our Spiritual Movement.

Brahma or Rishi Yajna: Reflecting on Scriptures, meditation and chanting.

Deva Yajna:  Fire ritual in which offerings are made to gods with recitation of mantras.

Atithi Yajna:  hospitality towards guests, travelers…

Pitri Yajna:  Feeding the poor/priests in honor of, and remembering fore-fathers who have passed on…

Balivaishva Yajna:  feeding animals and birds.

Shammi Paranjape says:

Continuity of practice and regularity are important elements of sadhana; sporadic efforts will yield no result. The goal is attained stage by stage. Avoid extremes and keep your sadhana pleasant and moderate. The aim is to enlarge vision and enhance experience, and not mortify the body.

If life essentially is a pilgrimage to return to our own self,  then sadhana is our means to get there.

Our worldly works earn us a living and our inner work (sadhana) earns us the bliss of an enlightened life.

Graphical representation of Chart.

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Gems as per ascendents.

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Gems for Aries Ascendant :

Native of Aries Ascendant can wear three kind of gemstone : Ruby, Coral and Yellow, Sapphire (Topaz).

The native who wear Ruby are bestowed with progeny, education of children, progress of children career and they get success in competitive tasks. While wearer of Coral enjoys with physical fitness, attractive personality, hidden wealth and he becomes effective and authoritative person in the society. Similarly when a native wears top (yellow sapphire) luck improves his interest in religious activities, takes trips to prilgrim places, marital happiness, wordly comforts, foreign tour.

Gems for Taurus Ascendant :

The natives whose ascendant is Taurus can wear Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire. The Ruby wearer gets land & property and promotion in business while the wearer of Emerald is bestowed with wealth, peace in family, benefits and happiness of children. The native who wears Diamond is the beneficiary of sound health, repayment of loans, victory over enemies and the weaver of blue sapphire becomes lucky as well as gets the business promoted and promotions in service etc.

Gems for Gemini Ascendant :

Auspicious and beneficial gems for Gemini Ascendant are moon stone, emerald, and Diamond. The native gets money and wealth, peace in family affairs by wearing of moon stone while the wearer of emerald is bestowed with good health, land & property, mother’s sound heath and happiness from mother. On the other hand the natives who wears Diamond gets the benefits of progeny, children’s education, foreign travel and trade and marital happiness.

Gems for Cancer Ascendant :

The lucky gemstones for Cancer Ascendants are moon stone, Topaz and Coral. They have sound heath and attractive personality by wearing moon stone while the natives who wear topaz blow in booms by luck. They gets successes in business, service, progeny and competitive examinations when they wears coral.

Gems for Leo Ascendant :

The Natives whose ascendant is Leo are advised astrologically to wear Ruby, Topaz and Coral. The person who wears Ruby enjoys with effective and attractive personality, sound health and witty and intelligent mind. The native who wears coral gets the benefits in family matters as well as in monetary aspects. He also gets developments in land and property while wearer of Topaz enjoys marital life. Success in love affairs and his faith in religion increases.

Gems for Virgo Ascendant :

Emerald and Diamond are the lucky and beneficiary gem stones for Vrigo ascendant. The native who wears emerald is bestowed with sound health and sound body, government job, prestige, progress and promotion in business etc. while Diamond wearer gets monetary benefits in his transactions and luck favours him in his tasks. He may get ancestral property also.

Gems for Libra Ascendant :

When a native of Libra Ascendant wears Diamond, emerald, moon stone or blue sapphire, it makes him very lucky astonishingly. Moon stone increases business, Diamond given success in love affairs and marital happiness, emerald is the key for getting benefits in education and examinations while blue sappier may be responsible for vehicle, land and house comforts, mother and progeny happiness etc.

Gems for Scorpio Ascendant :

Gem stones for Scorpio sign. are Ruby, Topaz, Moon stone and Coral. The Sun is the disposition of career and occupation of the natives having Scorpio ascendant. They will be benifitted with progress in business, success in career and service and increase in prestige and honour by wearing Ruby while they get wealth, success in education and interest in religious activities when they wear topaz. Moon stone makes them lucky and coral give them sound health as well as victory on enemy and opponents.

Gems for Sagitarious Ascendant :

The natives of this ascendant become lucky if they are fond of wearing topaz, coral and ruby gem stone. Topaz give honour, prestige, authority vehicle comfort, assets, land and property, ruby wearer enjoys cumulative progress and the native of wearer of coral is bestowed with bed-comforts (sexual pleasures), foreign travels, sound health, education and favourable results in children academics career and their education.

Gem for Capricorn Ascendant :

Saturn is the Lord of this ascendant, hence a blue sapphire gives good health, attractive personality and wealth to the native. They can wear emerald and Diamond also. If the native wears emerald, he wins his enemies and his lucks starts to favour him, and on the other hand if any of Capricorn ascendant native wears diamond, he will be benefitted with educational successes and favour of govt. in his tasks.

Gems for Aquarious Ascendant :

Blue Sapphires, Diamond and Emerald are the auspicious gemstones for the natives whose ascendant is Aquarious.

Gems for Pisces Ascendant :

Topaz, Moon Stone and Coral gems tones are considered auspicious and lucky for Pisces Ascendant natives. Topaz wearers enjoys with sound health and body, teaching career and service while the wearer of moon stone gets peace of mind, success in love affairs, happiness of children. They becomes lucky and beneficiary of land and property, wealth and ancestral property.

On the basis of above description given about gem stones, it may be worth while to mention here that these gem stone have been recommended and advisable only in the light of astrological principles and guidelines.


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Tratak is one of the important karmas prescribed in Ayurveda. In Tratak karma a minute point of target is seen continuously and with concentration till there are tears in the eyes.

There are three categories of Tratak Karma:-

(a)    Inner (b) External (c) Middle or Centre.

(A)  Inner Tratak:- This is very much similar to meditation or dhyan. In this process, eyes are closed and concentration is made in between the eye brows. This process activates the heart charka. Initially one may feel headache and some irritation in the eyes but with practice of few days everything subsides. This process is very helpful in increasing concentration and in controlling anxiety.

(B)   External or outer Tratak:- When the vision is concentrated on a distant object, it is called outer Tratak. One can concentrate the eyes on moon or the peak of a mountain. Taking Sun as the object is strictly prohibited. This process helps in improving the eye sight and is also helpful in some of the eye troubles.

(C)   Middle Tratak:- When the concentration is made on a nearby object, it is called Madhya or middle Tratak. The tip of the nose, a black point in the centre of a white paper can be taken as the object. One of the easiest process is to make a small black point on the wall and should concentrate on that point. When the vision is concentrated on the point, it fades slowly. This process increases the concentration and eye sight.

According to Ancient texts on Ayurveda the process of tratak is very helpful in various problems of eye, in removing the dullness and lethargic attitude.

The tratak process to be followed is decided on the basis on the nature of the body i.e. billious, windy and phlegmatic. Those with a bilious nature should always go for inner tratak, external tratak is suggested to those with windy nature and those with phlegmatic nature should practice middle tratak.

Few rules are to be followed while practicing tratak which are as follows:-

(1)   Before starting the tratak process, exercise of eyes should be done. The eye ball should be moved simultaneously in all the direction and also up and down.

(2) After completing the tratak process eyes should be washed with rose water or triphala water.

(3) If the eyes get filled with tears while doing the tratak process, it should be stopped and repeated next day.

(4) Light but nutritious food should be taken.


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The sign in which Mars resides in the birth chart shows the expression of energies. Mars suggests the projection of self. Your energies must be evaluated in four different ways, and the sign that Mars occupies at birth largely signifies the type and degree of energy in all four. These four are first, Physical energies, which might show how hard or diligently you work, aptitude for sports, and just generally having the go power to get what you want in life. Next is mental energy; the energy spent thinking, communicating, and pursuing intellectual goal and ambitions. Then, comes the practical energy that is necessary to make your way in life; planning and organizing, holding down a job and padding the old nest egg, being responsible and dependable. Finally, Mars defines emotional energies which usually show up first as sex drive, but may include other aspects of emotions such as feelings, and setting emotional boundaries, and drive toward artistic endeavors. The Mars position suggests whether your energies are going to be largely physical (fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), material (earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), mental (air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or emotional (water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Here then is Mars in the twelve signs:


Mars is at its strongest in Aries, its natural sign. This placement represents high energy, initiative, courage and impulsiveness. Most of the energies seem to come out as the physical and emotional type, but in Aries, Mars is very active and assertive in demonstrating enthusiasm for all four types of energy. This is a very powerful position for Mars.

You have an unrestricted drive to get projects done, to start new projects, and to act decisively. Your enthusiasm is contagious. An individualist with quite an ego, you always want to do things your way. Based on the influence of this planet taken by itself, you are not good at compromise or teamwork. There is a major part of you that always wants to charge out ahead of the pack and be the leader. Despite your apparent leadership abilities, you may function best when you are working alone and independently because of your demand to have your own way. If you are in a group, you will aspire to be the leader. Headstrong and independent, you won’t tolerate opposition or interference and your temper can get you into trouble at times. Mars in Aries makes you very competitive in a variety of ways. This is perhaps the most courageous and enterprising Mars position.
You have a very strong sex drive which is spontaneous and easily aroused. Self-control can be a problems in this regard. As on the physical side, you are often unrestrained and very demanding emotionally.
The negative side of Mars in Aries is a lack of patience and discipline. Self-control and humility can be hard lessons, and often they are never mastered.


Mars in Taurus denotes plenty of practical and emotional energy, while the physical side is often rather flat, and the interest in the intellectual is also a strain.

The planet of energy is not very active in Taurus, as the physical drive is reduced to a low gear. You may lack thrust and mobility, but make up for this deficiency with outstanding endurance. You are obstinate in many ways, yet practical, determined and very stable. You pursue your material goals with intent determination. Results are based on dogged persevering after a course of action is determined. Once you finally get rolling in one direction, it is nearly impossible to change your course. In Taurus, the energies of Mars are indeed channeled into a practical mode that may center on acquiring money, creature comforts and material possessions. Much your energy is apt to be aimed at securing wealth and a very comfortable lifestyle. Patient and precise in all that you do, you are a natural crafts person and the fruit of your efforts is likely to produce a quality product.
Also high on your list of priorities is the satisfying of physical desires. You are very sensual and sexual partner. Your approach to sex is straightforward and uncomplicated, without fantasies or fetishes; never rushed or over-anxious. Emotionally stable, you are apt to be a devoted and loyal partner.
The negative side of Mars in Taurus is often the lack of flexibility. Taurus is a fixed sign and energies expressed here sometimes come out looking like stubbornness. Even emotions can be held on to too tightly and then released with a major blow up.


In Gemini, Mars produces mental assertiveness and mental energies are highest here. As wonderful as this seems, on the practical side, you may be somewhat lacking, and emotionally, this placement is prone to big swings and is best defined as erratic.

You have an active and critical mind that may be inclined toward going off in many directions at once. You love to debate and engage in all types of intellectual contests. A satirical wit is often a hallmark of this Mars in Gemini. Frequently, this placement attracts persons to careers as reporters, journalists and critics. Periodic job changes or handling a variety of jobs simultaneously, are not uncommon with this placement since there is much restlessness in your nature. Since so much energy is channeled into mental and verbal activity, you are apt to be quite a talker. You may make use of this strength by becoming a teacher, a lecturer, or a related field that takes advantage of your ability to express yourself. You pride yourself on your intelligence and verbal dexterity. To you, a person’s worth is based on their intelligence, and you want to be respected as a formidable thinker.
Several of your romantic relationships may be superficial. You eagerly pursue new experiences in romance, but it may be difficult for you to remain constant to any one special partner. You’re apt to be an incurable flirt. Your mind, however, is your most active erogenous zone.
Mars in Gemini is high-strung and produces much nervous energy, but it is lacking in physical vitality or endurance. There is a tendency for you to burn yourself out through stress and mental strain. You may need to force yourself to get more exercise as a way of balancing the physical with the mental.


In Cancer, the Mars energies are largely of the emotional sort. While physical endeavors and practical affairs may find the energy to function satisfactorily, mental energies are apt to struggle.

This placement often causes actions to be tinged with a very sensitive flavor. You express your energies in a very emotional fashion. Much of the assertiveness of Mars is turned toward the domestic scene. There is a cautious side and much defensiveness in your nature. This placement of Mars is not very physical or competitive, and not inclined to any sort of combat, physical or mental. Mars in Cancer has a very positive side, as it often shows a quiet, peaceful nature. While being very protective of your “turf,” you are never too assertive or demanding. In your work, you rarely compromise your views, and prefer working independently and in control of affairs. You are ambitious, and a hard worker. Since you are not, by nature, an aggressive person, you pursue your desires in a round-about or start-stop manner. You frequently change your direction and your goals. You strive for security, and a good deal of your energy goes into this effort. In this regard, you are fiercely protective of family, co-workers, organization, or to whatever you devote yourself. You may be known for the strength of your patriotism and loyalty.
Because of these strong moods and feelings, you are a very sexual and sensual person. You are also very loyal in relationships, and certainly demanding of the same from your partner. Infidelity threatens your sense of security and is therefore unacceptable.
There is an intensity of these emotions that often results in moodiness and discord in your domestic relations. Your digestion is strongly affected by your moods and feelings. With energies tied to feelings, you are prone to become very angry inside. If this anger is suppressed it can result in ulcers and stomach upset.


Mars in Leo is noted for its physical energy, and it manages reasonably well in the mental and practical departments, as well. The ego and need for recognition make the emotional energy somewhat restrained.

In Leo, Mars displays exceptional will-power and creativity. With this placement, you project an air of confidence, self-sufficiency, and vitality that cause people to sit up and take notice. Activity is expressed in a dramatic fashion, suggesting that you may be well suited for the stage. You love being on “center stage.” You are confident in most roles before an audience. This position couples positive initiative, with stability and determination, producing excellent leadership qualities. You have a definite charismatic and gregarious flair. This also makes you a natural leader. Ambitious and maybe a little egotistic, you want to lead. You’ll do whatever you need to do to be recognized and appreciated.
You take pride in your sexual prowess. Affectionate and physically demonstrative, you enjoy the drama and excitement of a passionate affair. As much as it bolsters your ego to have several sexual partners, you’re constant in love while your partner pays plenty of attention to you and is devoted. In romance, jealousy and possessiveness are often by-products of this placement.
The strong, fixed opinions and the overbearing manner of this placement may often stir opposition. The pride and need to dominate others, often sets up a degree of stubborn egotism. Excessive pride can be your pitfall, if you haven’t learned to control it. The emotional side of Mars in Leo can cause to you to periodically over-react with anger when affairs don’t go your way.


In Virgo, Mars focuses its energy into the job, and thus, the energies are primarily practical and useful. This placement will also produce high or at least adequate mental energies, reasonable physical energies, but on the emotional side, there is a severe limit to the energy and the interest.

As one possessing this placement, you are usually considered a very conscientious worker. Much of your energy go into careful planning before you charge ahead on any project. When you do act, it’s usually based on practical reasons, with every detail carefully thought out. You are highly critical, and very exacting in all that you do; in many respects, the perfectionist and the organizer. Painstaking and dedicated in your work, you may lack imagination and innovation, but never attention to detail. In the work place, you can be a difficult person because you are so particular about everything being done correctly. But indeed, you are the one that can be depended on to get the job done right.
Virgo is associated with the health fields. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and social workers often have Mars placed here. There is much associated with this placement that involves helping people. You may be especially concerned with helping the sick and handicapped. You need to feel needed, and you can be very tireless in such a role.
Mars, the indicator of passions, is not very passionate in Virgo. Your sex drive may be strong, but your willingness to express it can be somewhat weak. Sometimes Mars in Virgo can even be a bit puritanical. You also may be a little bit afraid of letting your passions loose, and even be critical of those that do.
The negative side of Mars in Virgo may be the sometimes lack of tolerance. It’s hard for you to get emotionally worked up over anything, but you can be very demanding of yourself and others. This placement often holds force and aggressiveness in check, releasing it as irritability and nervous habits. And finally, you have to be careful not to become the classic workaholic for this is a real possibility with Mars in Virgo.


In Libra, Mars is curtailed by the rules of social behavior and the need for the cooperation and approval. Energies are very controlled and overwhelmingly favor the mental. A reasonable degree of physical energies may also be present, but this is not what this placement is noted for. Emotional and practical energies are usually rather low, if noticeable at all.

You are charming, generous, amiable, and cooperative owing to the persuasiveness of Mars in Libra. The normal assertive behavior of Mars is tamed down in Libra, and passions are never allowed to rule thinking. Yet you can become upset when your perception of justice is not served. You aren’t one to push matters to extremes, but you do become very assertive when you experience injustice. You are ready to take up arms against anything that would destroy harmony, or that appears wrong or unfair. Your objective, unemotional approach could enable you to be a good judge, manager, or diplomat.

You are likely and wise to select a very assertive and energetic partner. You may need someone to push you along, as Mars can be somewhat lazy in Libra. You often need motivation. Though you are never pushy or very forceful, you do exert gentle and continuous efforts toward a solid relationship. Although you are very affectionate and romantic, your sex drive is somewhat low, and you expect more emotional satisfaction than physical passion.

You are not the type of person who goes after what you want with much conviction. You have difficulty asserting yourself at times, and it can be hard for you to be decisive. Aggression in any form threatens you, and you don’t deal well with confrontations, arguments, or physical combativeness. You want to make friends, not adversaries.


In Scorpio, Mars displays powerful emotions and desires. Mental, physical, and practical energies are are, likewise, also very high. Indeed, the level of energy with this placement is high in all respects.

You are strong, self-reliant, extremely efficient, and highly self-disciplined. An intensity of purpose surrounds all that you undertake. This position illustrates the “do or die” principle very well. You may have an innate ability to transform other people in some significant way. You think of yourself as a “take control” person and a force to be reckoned with. You probably are.
Intensely passionate and sensual, you put much of your energy into sex. You are apt to be especially attractive to the opposite sex, whether or not you physically attractive. You may be fascinated with sexuality in all its expressions, certainly your interest is always keen. You’re jealous and possessive of your sexual partners. Being trustworthy yourself, you expect the same from others. You’re a loyal friend, or a bitter enemy, you never forget a betrayal.
Slow to anger, you rarely loose control, but when your ire is raised, you get even, and you can do so with frightening detachment. Proud, dignified, strong-willed, and stubborn, you have the sort of presence that is always felt by others even when you say nothing.


Mars in Sagittarius produces some of the highest levels of physical energy and enthusiasm. The mental and emotional side seems to function fine as well, but unfortunately, this is not the most practical of Mars positions.

In Sagittarius, Mars often produces strong philosophic convictions. You are one to stand up and fight for any cause you believe in. The sense of justice is very strong. Your idealistic motives always seek to be improving society and those individuals in your immediate environment.
You are an outspoken debater, often lacking diplomacy or appreciation of the opinions of opponents. Nonetheless, your ever-cheerful presence makes you welcome in any social gathering. For you it is unrestricted freedom at all cost, with rhythm and tempo that comes naturally to you. You are a person with a zest for adventure and having a good time. You have trouble sitting still for very long, and you want to be on the move physically.

The hallmark of this position is the feeling that you are invincible. Your irrepressible confidence and optimism usually gets you through tough times. You may have been born under a lucky star. You often succeed because you don’t think much about failing. In many respects you are a born gambler.
Mars in Sagittarius is not known for being particularly constant in love relationships. You approach sex as though it was a sport, and it’s hard to tie you down to one person. You may be afraid of serious love affairs and being “trapped” in a relationship. This is a position that really likes sex, but at times can be too bold or crude in asking for it.
The negative of this position is a lack of endurance and consistency. Because your attention span is so short, and your interests are so many, you start many projects, but often fail to finish them. And even when you do get finished, the work can be a little sloppy. You have a tendency to scatter your energies and try to take on too much at one time.


In Capricorn, the energies of Mars are channeled into the arena of personal attainment, and thus, the practical energy is highest here. Physical and Mental energies are sufficient, too, but emotionally, this placement may lack spark.

You are hard-working, very determined. Since much of your energy is focused on your career, you have a tendency to become something of a workaholic. There is a drive to satisfy professional ambitions. This is likely to manifest with innate managerial skills and good old-fashioned common sense. You have strong material urges, but even stronger is the need to get status and recognition. To attain these ends, you use your energy in very practical and profitable ways. You have little use for laziness or a lack of ambition.
Your sex drive is strong and you have a full appreciation of sensual pleasures. It’s likely you conceal most of these feelings behind a stiff and conservative demeanor. Your public image is very dignified and reserved. It is as though you feel you must always be in control of yourself and your emotions. Mars in Capricorn is known for the ability to retain sexual vitality until very late in life. In these later years, you are apt to be less restrained than in your youth.
Your weakness in the action department is the tendency to be too cautious and skeptical. You are apt to miss some real opportunities on this account. You have difficulty breaking out of old habit patterns and you are slow to pick up on new ideas. Somewhat pessimistic, you go looking for problems and expecting the worst. You take responsibility seriously, often too seriously.


In Aquarius, the energies of Mars are focused on intellectual pursuits, and therefore, mental energies are highest here. While Mars is focused on theory here, practical energies are usually found in adequate levels. The physical and emotional sides may struggle a little when Mars is in Aquarius.

The placement suggests the presence of very high principles and a modern outlook. You are concerned with the world of ideas, particularly those of an unconventional or progressive nature. Here the powers are independent, aggressive and enterprising.
You have good organizing abilities and calculated direction. You are a very good leader who can meet challenges with serenity and poise. Aquarius is a fixed sign and you are stubborn most of the time. If you believe in something, you put the idea forward with the zeal of an evangelist. You think of yourself as open-minded; willing to discuss the issues. Yet your discussions often get to be heated arguments, and you rarely give in to an opposing view. You can never work well under authoritarian direction, being one who is always out to upset the establishment. You are an active reformer with little respect for traditional ways. You can even be contemptuous of tradition unless it is substantiated with logic. You demand the freedom to speak frankly, and operate in your way.
Like the many other aspects of your life, sexually you are intrigued by anything new or unconventional. For you, variety is the spice of life. Yet somehow you are usually stable and dependable once you have found a mate.
The negative side of Mars in Aquarius resides in nonconformity. Indeed, you tend to lecture more than discuss, and you tend to demand compliance with your agenda. Your way is sometimes way out of the ordinary. At the same time, your energies are apt to produce more thought than action. You are the rebellious type, and you can become very impatient.


In Pisces, Mars produces emotions that are unpredictable and often intense. Emotional energy is high, sometimes too high. Mentally, Mars in Pisces does well, but on the physical and practical side, this placement often comes up short.

The strength of Mars in Pisces is found in the arts. You may find yourself very much attracted to music and the arts. You may relate to many of the world’s fine artists who need the isolation and introspection so much a part of this placement. You have a natural sensitivity to color, tone and rhythm that may be of benefit to you in artistic endeavors.
In this sign, Mars responds in a confused manner. Assertive action is drowned in this sign that is so receptive, emotional, sensitive, and even psychic. The result of the placement is often a quiet exterior, but with much restlessness inside. Physical strength is rare with this position. Resentment runs high. Excessive emotions are a constant problem and a good deal of solitude is frequently necessary to sort matters out. Mars in Pisces has trouble asserting itself, and it is likely that you are somewhat shy and withdrawn.
Action is expressed in “behind the scenes” roles where you can work with subtlety, and your naturally intuitive sensitivity. Much of your attitude stems from your keen sensitivity to the feelings of others. You clearly know what the other person is feeling, and therefore you are always ready to render assistance to those who are most in need. You are apt to express the energies of Mars most actively in support of the defenseless or the underprivileged. In this regard, Mars in Pisces is often found in fields such as psychology and medicine.
Mars in Pisces is not a highly sexed sign. Certainly, you are romantic, but in order for you to be satisfied, the greater need is emotional rather than physical. You’re very idealistic about love and relationships. In many ways, you view of sexual matters is more like a fantasy with such high expectations that it is rarely achieved in real life.


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Astrology has a unique place among the scientific subjects inquiring into the affairs of men. It does not deny any experience, mystical to mundane. Astrology assumes from the very outset that the sphere of human experience does not extend merely up to the physical perceptible dimensions. The hidden sides of things are as much real as the concrete observable in a crucible of scientific laboratories. It is therefore logical and rational to consider the esoteric aspects of things for a balanced understanding of the problems of life.

Astrology as practiced in India is called Jyotish (Vedic or Hindu astrology). Jyotish is the oldest form astrology in the world. The Sanskrit word “jyoti” means light, as in “light of knowledge.” The purpose of Vedic astrology is to understand our Karma, what our lessons are, and what we are good at. If we know that we will be challenged in some area that helps us not to identify with that thing. We can see ourselves as the soul, separate from the Karma, and with that knowledge, fight the bad influences, and evolve towards God. It can provide you the insight of your potentials in guiding all matters of life that may have troubled you for years.

To study the deeper meaning of these zodiacs, we have to assume these stars represent a circle, the field of our manifestation, which has been divided into several groups to indicate the channels of differentiated Divine Energy. Now, let us look at the zodiacs and how they are classified in many ways. Among the twelve signs, there are three animals, namely, Ram, Bull and Lion. The Ram or Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. In early civilizations, Ram was assigned divine status. In Iran, the Ram gave strength to the diseased. In Egypt, it symbolized the power of procreation. In Sanskrit, ram is aja, which means that has no birth. It implies that this sign symbolizes the Self-Existence Absolute. Considered this way, Aries suggests the source, the fountainhead of all life forces, the source of the Nile symbolically.

The second sign of zodiac is Taurus, the Bull. In the Indian pantheon, Lord Siva, the Great God, has a bull for his vehicle. Veneration to the bull which arose in pre-historic times in the pre-dynastic Egypt is evident from the colossal bulls painted in the caves of Lascaux. In Egypt, the bull was worshipped for its power of procreation. As we explore the deeper symbolic meanings of Taurus, it represents Divine Energy, which makes the manifestation a possibility.

The ancient scriptures mentioned that this creation was possible with the male and female, the two offsprings of the Divine, from which further creation was possible. Gemini represents these two differentiated Creative Energies which produce the world. The duality or the polarization between the positive and negative forms of energies is known as Purush, consciousness and Prakriti, Energy. Gemini refers to this aspect of the Manifestation.

The process of manifestation from Cancer and onward is the process of becoming more complicated as it becomes many from the Absolute One. Cancer represents the pranava, four state of consciousness, as well as four states of Brahman called Vaisvanara, Hiranyagarbha, Prajna, and Isvara. And they are presented by Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvara, and Sadasiva.

Leo is the most occult of all signs. Leo is represented by Sun, which is your Atma, self. The Lion – the animal in man – is represented as concealing or obscuring the Divine Father.

Virgo was rising or was in Eastern direction when Jesus Christ was born. Esoterically, this sign is the storehouse of all creative faculties: it represents Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva) who is considered the World Mother and who is the Primordial Energy.

Libra is balance, poise, harmony or equilibrium in nature. Sir Isaac Newton emphasized the simultaneous existence of centrifugal as well as centripetal forces in the cosmos. As a consequence of these opposing forces, the cosmos exists. This state of creative equilibrium is symbolized by Libra.

Scorpio is a very mystical sign. Scorpio can be intensely material or spiritual depending upon the soul’s development. One has a marked spiritualistic bent of mind; the other is the pit of materialism. In either case, their external behavior is often at variance with what is boiling within them. It creates divine discontent in the aspirant.

Sagittarius is the centaur, and the human horse under this sign shoots an arrow into the unknown mystery. This sign is the bridge between the divine and the human, the twilight zone of the celestial and terrestrial regions. During the process of creation, the Prajapati, Mighty Intelligence, who carry out the plan of God, pour those forces, which transform matter into Spirit.

Capricorn is represented as Unicorn, an extinct animal, but has special significance in ancient myths. Capricorn is known as Makar in Sanskrit denoting the pentagon, which symbolizes the microcosm. This sign is said to represent simultaneously the microcosm, the human body, and the macrocosm, the world of external objects of perception. It is under this sign of the zodiac that unity between the inner man and the outer Cosmic Man begins to be established.

Aquarius represents the pitcher from which water flows out. Pitcher is the Upadhi–vehicle of consciousness, and the water is Mool Prakati, the Primordial Substance, of which everything is made. It is a state of consciousness where the activity of consciousness is not limited by the form of the Upadhi, or the organism of life through which consciousness is usually expressed. In a way, this sign reflects the ultimate liberation, which is possible, when cycle of evolution is completed.

Pisces symbolizes that level of consciousness where individual soul has merged itself into Atma, spirit. Here ends the cycle of spirit and again starts with Aries.


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Her left foot forward in battle, she holds her severed head and a knife. Naked,
she drinks voluptuously the stream of the blood nectar flowing from her
beheaded body. The jewel on her forehead is tied with a serpent. She has
three eyes. Her breasts are adorned with lotuses. Inclined towards lust, she sits
erect above the god of love, who shows signs of lustfulness. She looks like the
red China rose. – Chinnamasta Tantra
Her mantra as per Mantra Mahodadhi is:
Om Shrim Hreem Hreem Aim Vajra Vairochaniye Shrim Hreem Hreem Phat
It yields all desired benefits quickly.

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