In a Male nativity, when he is passing through Venus Dasha ,irrespective of the Ascendant, ownership & sign of placement of Venus , when Tr Jupiter arrives at the sign opposite the sign in which Natal Venus is placed, that one year during which Jupiter moves in that Rasi , will cause physical setbacks and various traumatic issues to female members of natives family, especially his wife
Eg–Assume in a Male nativity with Libra rising , Venus in the Birth chart is placed in Taurus and
currently the native is passing through Venus Dasha. From the Day, Jupiter in Transit enters sign Scorpio(opposite to Natal Venus) , till it leaves Scorpio, natives wife and other family members of the fair sex , will be plagued by physical discomfort and various problems

If Sun-Venus-Saturn conjunction occurs in a sign in strength , devoid of Nodal company, , identical with Angle, Trine or 11H , Rags to Riches syndrome is observed in the life of the native

Notes–The combination to be effective , the Ascendant Lord should be in strength and well-placed

If 9L conjoins with 12L in a Benefic sign , then the subject will be charitably disposed

Those born with Cancer Ascendant generally had a unhappy married life. Interestingly ,no other Ascendant is repeatedly seen , causing strained relations as Cancer Ascendant,whilst examining cases of seperation or divorce

He (she) who is born with Aquarius Ascendant will always have secret enemies akin to shadow that follows the man. Interestingly these secret enemies will be at par with the native , I mean, they will be equals in every respect with the native

8th Rasi Lord ,reckoned from the Ascendant , in direct mode ,occupying sign Scorpio (The 8th sign of natural zodiac), gives interest in Astrology and allied occult disciplines

For Libra Ascendant, the dasha & subperiod of Ju/Ve & Ve/Ju are usually found to be loaded with adversities

For Gemini Ascendant, Moon joining Rahu in 6th in Scorpio devoid of Jupiter’s aspect , will lead to abnormal or unnatural death of family members .At some stage of life , subject will be the victim of food poisoning .If Saturn aspects this combination, subject will be predisposed to animal or reptile . bite

Let me tell u abou the planets and their effects:

Sun or Surya is a royal planet and the king in astrology. He represents the soul, will power, father, paternal relations, the king or the high officials. Its hot and angry, colour is red, metal is gold and gem is ruby. Sun represents the eastern direction.
The sun stays in each rasi for one month and takes one year to complete the round of the zodiac. Its motion is quite fixed and a lot of Indian festivals are as per the suns entry into the various signs. For example on January 14 it enters Makara and this day is celebrated as Makara Sankranti, On April 13th/14th it enters Mesha and this day is celebrated as Baisakhi. The change in seasons is also linked to the suns entry into various signs and nakshatras. He is the Pitrukaraka or planet connected with father