Based on 10th house and stronger planet(s)

Deep inside us we long to do something. That is thecall of our destiny. But due to other reasons we may do something else.

For those who are successful in life, we have alwaysnoticed that they followed the line indicated by the planets and that theperson also liked it at his/her sub conscious level. In some cases, we have nochoice. Destiny wants us to do something else while the inner soul seeksanother line. For such people we would say the livelihood should yet beconnected to the planets as per Karma, but as a hobby the person may pursuewhat he likes or at least it may be done as a part-time activity.

To find out the right profession we have to find thedominating planet related to the houses of livelihood like the 10th house,which is considered the most important house.

There are many rules that will help us find thedominating planet. Next to the dominating planet we have a secondary or even atertiary planet, which helps or co rules the areas of profession and income ina person?s life.

Of the many rules what help us determine thedominating planet as far as livelihood is concerned the foremost is theoccupant of the 10th house of Karma or activity in this life. If many planetsare occupying the 10th house there will be mixed influences which means theperson may follow different activities at different times or pursue it at thesame time.

The strongest planet in the chart gives anotherreliable clue. This process of finding the strongest planet is not a simpleone. To know this we will have to find out the Shadbala of each planet. It maytake a person at least one full day to do it manually since there are about 30formulas to find this out. With computers these are easy. Moreover the numbersinvolved are numbers like 0.23453324 etc, which means only an astrologer who isalso a good mathematician, can possibly do it. Even if the astrologer does itsuccessfully the question arises whether it was correct. Assuming that he doesit correctly, the next question is why should an astrologer waste so much timeto calculate something for which computers are naturally good at.

There is another important rule, the Dasamsa chart.This is a chart, which is derived from the Rasi Chart which no doubt is themost important chart. However, the Dasamsa chart is a finer view of thesituation relating to ones livelihood. This chart is cast by dividing the rasichart into 10 parts. The rules of casting this chart are given in BrihatParasara Hora Sastra Volume I, Chapter 7. The author of this book is none otherthan the great Maharshi Parasara, to whom was born the great Sage Vyasa ofMahabharata times.

The planets occupying the Ascendant in the DasamsaChart, the planets occupying the 10th, the 7th and the 4th give the final clue.

There is yet another rule to be followed. In case the10th house is vacant, then the famous Navamsa Rule should be considered moreimportant. The 10th house lord should be occupying a particular Navamsa. Thegreat sages have said, by following the line indicated by the planet owningthat Navamsa the person gains more or easy money.

Other rules are: The planets aspecting the 10thhouse, the planets with the 10th lord are also in the race to become the dominatingplanet.

Now is the final clue.

If from several rules, a particular planet appears torepeatedly show up on the top in terms of influencing Karma, then such a planetshould be considered dominating.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Ravi (Sun) dominates then the possible lines are:

Govt service, medicine, politician, gold, finance,foreign exchange, fruits, metals (not iron), paramedical, spices, govt.-authorised, pungent, chemicals.

If by this method,if in your chart, Chandra (Moon) dominates then the possible lines are:

Food products, nursing, pearls, textiles,agriculture, milk, farms, laundry, silver, water, sailor, wines, catering,gynaecologist, fish, salt and bakery.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Kuja (Mars) dominates then the possible lines are:

MBA, administration, machineries, engineering, anygadget/tools, chemicals, managers, cooking, land, military, police, surgeonsand weapons.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Budha (Mercury)dominates then the possible lines are:

Books, computers/telecom, agencies, printing, postal,commissions, clerical, trading, export/import, documents, literature, travels,writer and astrology.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Guru (Jupiter) dominates then the possible lines are:

Accounts, finance, consultants, law, publisher,astrology, bank, manufacture, teaching, software, hotels, lending, chit funds,judges, economics and temples.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Sukra (Venus) dominates then the possible lines are:

Cinema, music, TV, sports, stocks & shares,jewellery, gems, glass, lottery, garments, travels, vehicles, glass, artist,decoration, horse race.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Sani (Saturn) dominates then the possible lines are:

Land, drill/underground items, leather, ice, woodfactory, farms, oils, iron, insurance, geology, recycling, fish, dead products,research of diseases.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Rahu dominates then the possible lines are:

Medicine/Chemicals, gas, routine-life, jobs, stones,assistants.

If by thismethod, if in your chart, Ketu dominates then the possible lines are:

Research, clerical, assistants, spiritual pursuitsand occult research.

We have not listed here all the possible lines ofprofession for each planet.

Once the key matter for each planet is known then agood astrologer can easily know to which planet is a particular line relatedto.

For example Mars rules weapons or fire or wounds asper ancient textbooks of astrology. In modern times engineering is related toMars, surgery is related to Mars, Military is related to Mars etc.

If Budha deals with numbers, letters and information,then modern printing is related to Budha (Mercury). Computer is related to thisplanet. Telecommunications, Electronics etc are related to this planet.

Sometimes the person is following the line indicatedby the 3rd most dominating planet. Then what happens? He or she will be able tosucceed marginally but never make it to the top. Those at the top are obviouslyfollowing the line indicated by the most dominating planet.

So try and find out what is your dominating planet!