According to ancient jyotish texts, the Indu lagna shows the
sources of wealth for an individual. The planets on the Indu lagna, 11th,
2nd, planets in kendras, or planets aspecting the Indu lagna, are
able to provide wealth to the person.

The Indu lagna is computed as follows:

1. Determine the lord of the 9th house from the lagna.
2. Determine the lord of the 9th house from the Moon.

3. Assign a value to the lords found above by using the following
scores: 30, 16, 6, 8, 10, 12, 1 (starting from the Sun to Saturn).

4. Add the values assigned to the lords of the 9th houses.

5. Divide the total by 12 and determine the remainder of the

6. Count the number of the remainder from the position of the

Thus, the Indu lagna is determinedAccording to the interpretations made by Dr. KS Charak, author
of “Elements of Vedic Astrology”, all of the planets are capable of
providing wealth to an individual provided that they are located at
the houses mentioned in the previous email. Accordingly, the planets
located on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 12th from the Indu Lagna
cannot provide such wealth, unless they aspect the Indu Lagna.

In practical terms, the jyotishi needs to synthesize the information
from this perspective with the indicators provided from the rest of
the chart. As such, the jyotishi can have a fair evaluation of the
strengths and weaknesses inherent in the person’s life.

What is Indu Lagna? How is it used in predictive astrology?
THE Tamizh authority, “Jataka Alankaram” gives rules for determining Indu Lagna. Kala values of planets are as follows: Sun:30; Moon:16; Mars:6; Mercury:8; Jupiter:10; Venus:12; Saturn:1. The Kala of the Ninth lord from Lagna, and that of the Ninth lord from the moon should be added and the total divided by 12. The remainder, counted from the moon’s Rasi in the horoscope, leads us to Indu Lagna. For a Dhanu Lagna, Thula Rasi native, e.g., the 9th lord is the sun with Kala value 30; the lord of the Ninth from Thula is Mercury, whose Kala is 8. The total is 38. This is divided by 12. The remainder is 2. From Thula Rasi, the second Sign is Vrischika, which is the Indu Lagna for this horoscope.