Astrological combination of Leprosy Leucoderma , and Vitiligo .


Leprosy Leucoderma , and Vitiligo and astrology

Leprosy Leucoderma , and Vitiligo and astrology

If Mercury be the lord of the Ascendant or Lagna
(Gemini or Virgo Ascendant), he becomes an absolute
representative of the skin. The reason is that the Lagna
as a whole represents the body of the native. Therefore
Mercury as lord of the Lagna will represent the whole
body and the skin. He will not so absolute
representative of skin if he is lord of any other house.
Similarly if the Moon be lord of the Lagna (Cancer
Ascendant) the Moon w i l l be an absolute
representative or significator of blood. If such
Mercury (as lord of the Ascendant) and the Moon or
the Moon (lord of the Ascendant) and Mercury fall
under the malefic influences of Saturn and Rahu by
aspect or conjunction, the significations skin and
blood will be very adversely affected by the long
lasting (chronic) and filthy influence of Saturn and
Rahu and the affections of skin and contamination of
blood will cause the native to suffer from leprosy.
This view is supported by ‘Sarvartha Chintamani: –
This means that if the Moon, Mercury and lord of
the Lagna be associated with Rahu or Ketu, the sages
say that such a Yoga causes leprosy.
According to Sarvartha Chintamani it is essential for
lord of the Lagna to be associated in this Yoga because
in the Yoga for any disease lord of the Lagna  establishes
contact of the disease with the whole body
Brihat Jataka
(1) if the Mon be rising in the Lagna, the Sun be
in the 7th and Mars and Saturn be in the 12th and
2nd respectively, the native will be a leper (white
(2) If at a person’s birth the Moon be in the 5th
Navamsa of Sagittarius in conjunction with Mars and
Saturn or aspected by the native becomes a leper.
(3) The same effect will happen if the Moon under
the above conjunction or aspect occupies a Navamsa
belonging to Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries’
(4) If Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn
happen to be in the 5th or 9th house from the Lagna
and be occupied or aspected by all the malefics( some
aspecting and some occupying), the man is sure to be
a leper.
|ataka Parijata
If except lord of the Lagna, other malefics be in the
Lagna,the native suffers from leprosy. If Saturn be there
the disease will be Neela Kushta . If the Sun be
there it will be Rakta Kushta . Mars there will
cause white leprosy. If the Moon associated with Mars
or Saturn be in Cancer, Pisces or Capricorn Navamsa
and there be no aspect of benefics on the Moon, the
native will suffer from leprosy.
]ataka Tatwa
(1) If Mercury be in Aries, the Moon in the 10th house
and saturn be conjoined with Mars the native will suffer
from leprosy.
(2) If Saturn, Mars, the Moon and Venus/ occupy
watery signs and be afflicted (either by conjunction or
as-p ect) by malefics, the native will suffer leprosy’
(The other malefics can be the Sun, Rahu and ketu)’
(3) If the Moon conjoined with malefics be in
watery signs, the native will suffer from leucoderma
(white patches on the skin).
(4) If the Moon occupies the 5th house reckoned
from the Navamsa Rasi occupied by the Atmakaraka
and be aspected by Mars, the native will suffer of
Tuberculosis form leprosy
(5) If lord of the Lagna, or the Moon and Mars be
conjoined with either Rahu or Ketu, the person will
have marks of leucodermic patches.
(6) If Saturn, the Sun and Mars be conjoined, the
native suffers from tuberculosis leprosy with brown
and black patches.
(7) When the Moon is posited in a Navamsa owned
by Gemini, Cancero r Pisces and is conjoined with or
aspected by Saturn and Mars, the person concerned
will suffer from leprosy
(8) When one of the Trikona houses is conjoined
with or aspected by malefics posited in Cancer,
Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, the native will suffer
,from leprosy.
(9) If Mercury, the Moon and lord of the Lagna be
‘conjoined with Rahu or Ketu, the native will be a
 (10) If Saturn and lord of the 6th house be posited
in the Lagna, the native will suffer from leprosy.
(11) If the Sun conjoined with lord of the 6th house
be in the Lagna, the person concerned will suffer from
(12) If Mars be in the Lagna and Saturn occupies
the 8th, 1st or 4th house, the person concerned will be a leper.