Diseases of the Dhatu of the afflicted lord of Lagna.
When lord of the Lagna be weak, be aspected by
malefics and be not aspected by or conjoined with
benefics, the native suffers from some affliction of the
Dhatu of that plarret (who is lord of the Lagna). For
example, the Sun would in such a position cause some
kind of bone disease and the Moon in similar position
would be the causeo f someb lood diseaseT. he other
planets if they are disposed likewise would give
diseases related to their Dhatus. Mars wili be
responsible for disease of the muscles, Mercury of
skin, Jupiter of bone marrow and liver, Venus of
semen and urine and Saturn and Rahu of nerves.
Comments – According to the information
Collected from various sources, various planets when afflicted in a horoscope can cause diseases (more so if they are lords of the Lagna) as under-The Sun-Heart diseases eye troubles, blood pressure, haemorrhage, cardiac thrombosis, cerebral meningitis, eruptions on the head, high fevers,typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sunstroke, disease n the head etc.
The Moon – Eye diseases lunacy, paralysis,hysteria, dropsy, beriberi, cold, cough, colic pains,
worms, intestinal diseases, tumours, peritonitis,uraemia, throat troubles, eosinophilic,bronchitis,hydrocele, dyspepsia, scrofula, mental depression,
typhoid, uterus problems etc.
Mars – Acute fevers, plague, smallpox, chicken
pox, measles, mumps, inflammatory complaints,
burns, ruptures of capillaries, fistula, wounds, cuts,
brain fever, haemorrhage, ulcers in intestines,
hernia, malaria, abortions, bleeding, boils,
appendicitis muscular rheumatisms.
Mercury-Vertigo, lethargy, giddiness, madness,
Asthma diseases of the brain, T.8.,stammering,d effects
of memory, dry coughs, abundance of spittle, gout in
the hands and feet, leprosy, cancer, epilepsy etc.
Jupiter-Liver complaints, jaundice, dropsy,
flatulence, dyspepsia, abscess, obesity, hernia, skin
troubles, cerebral congestion, catarrh of stomach and
carbuncles, etc.
Venus – Affection of eyes, diseases of ovaries,
Mucous diseases, blight’s disease  cysts, gout, anaemia,
and other complications due to over indulgence in
amusements, eating drinking etc.i including gonorrhoea,
Syphilis and other urinary complaints.
Saturn-Obstruction of lymphatic circulation,
retention of wastes in the body, membranes getting
hardened, pyorrhoea, small pox, falls, injuries,
operation, fracture, spinal curvature, chill, diphtheria,
asthma, T.B., defective speech, paralysis, nervous
break down, cardiac trouble, leprosy, etc.
Rahu – Rheumatism, cholera, dysentery and nasty
diseases of mind and body, nervous troubles,
paralysis etc.
Ketu-Skin diseases, pimples, sudden heart
attack jaundice, colic pains, dropsy, abscess, paralysis small pox etc
If lord of the Lagna occupies the Lagna and is
aspected by a malefic, the part or limb of the body
represented by the sign (rasi) at the Lagna gets
diseased. Mesha represents head, Taurus face and
mouth, Gemini respiratory canal, Cancer upper
stomach and lungs, Leo heart and stomach, Virgo
intestines and waist, Libra generative organs, Scorpio
scrotum and anus, Sagittarius hips and thighs,
Capricorn knees, Aquarius calves and Pisces feet.
Therefore, if Mars occupies Lagna in his sign Aries
and is aspected by malefics, the native is likely to
suffer from some disease in the head .
If the Moon be in the Lagna in his
own sign Cancer aspected by the Sun and Mars, the
native will be a hunchback (gqd . Similarly if Saturn
be in the Lagna in the sign  and be aspectedb y
the Sun and Mars, the native will be lame. The rule
given in the above sloka is operative in both the cases.
When the malefics aspect the Moon in his own sign,
the fourth sign’s part of the body gets affected
adversely and the curvature of the chest (caused by
Mars) is quite understandable.  A man with curvature
of the chest is called a hunchback. The reason is that
the sign occupied by the Lagna represents the relevant
part of the Kalapurusha and when that sign and its
lord fall under malevolent influence, it gets diseased
or deformed. The same rule will apply if lord of the
Lagna may not be occupying the Lagna; but both the
Lagna and its lord be under malefic influences.