Lotus Theory Author: Dr. M. Mahendar M.A. (Astrology); Ph, D. Jyotisha

A very recent theory has been developed describing the relationship betweenastrology and Homeopathic medicine. This inter relationship theory is calledlotus theory. It is very simple to understand and easy for practicalapplication. We must confirm this theory by our own experience. The Homeo physician who know the fundamentals of astrology can take upthis as a research work.
There are 7 colours, 7 musical notes, 7 planets and 7 days in a week and
7 petals in a lotus flower hence the name of Lotustheory is given. Accordingly there are 7 planetary constitutions depending uponthe day of birth of the native. Following is the table of planetary constitutions :
Native born on Sunday will have Sun constitution
Native born on Monday will have Moon constitution
Native born on Tuesday will have Mars constitution
Native born on Wednesday will have Mercury constitution
Native born on Thursday will have Jupiter constitution
Native born on Friday will have Venus constitution
Native born on Saturday will have Saturn constitution
Hence the day of births determines the planetary constitution of an individual. Wemust know that a day of 24 hrs is from one Sun rise to the next sun rise and itdoes not start after midnight as we generally consider in traditionalastrology. In lotus theory a day of 24 hrs starts from the sun rise and endswith the next sun rise. The planet of the constitution influences the nativeall his life. The native’s physical and mental qualities, sickness and ailmentsare governed by the planets in whose influence one is born.
Next comes the vital hour cycle in the lotus theory. The time of birth determinesthe vital hour cycle which is also under the influene of any one of the 7planets. The vital hour is fixed and does not change. And it does notcorrespond exactly to the Hora system followed in astrology. In this theory 24hours of the day is divided by 7 planets and each planets shares a duration of3 hours 25 minutes. Rahu and Ketu are excluded in this system.
From midnight to 3.25 A.M. Moon vital hour
From 3.25 A.M. to 6.51 A.M is Mercury vital
From 6.51 A.M. to 10.17 A.M. is Venus vital hour
From 10.17 A.M. to 1.42 P.M. is Sun vital hour
From 1.42 P.M. to 5.08 P.M. is Mars vital hour
From 5.08 P.M. to 8.34 P.M. is Jupiter vital hour
From 8.34 P.M. to midnight is Saturn vital hour
In this way every person is under the influence of two major planets. One planetdetermines the planetary constitution by the day of birth and the second planetis determined by the time of birth. The second planet is called the vital hourplanet. Both day of birth and time of birth are essential for astrologicalwork. Similarly in lotus theory also the day and time of birth indicate theplanets under whose influence a native will lead his life.
The lotus represents 7 years of growth cycle showing the 7 stages of life ruled bydifferent planets. There are as many as 14 such cycles from birth to 98 years.
Moon Lotus Birth to 7 years
Mercury Lotus 7 to 14 years
Venus Lotus 14 to 21 years
Sun Lotus 21 to 42 years (3 cycles)
Mars Lotus 42 to 49 years
Jupiter Lotus 49 to 56 years
Saturn Lotus 56 to 63 years
Moon Lotus 63 to 70 years
Mercury Lotus 70 to 77 years
Venus Lotus 77 to 84 years
Sun Lotus 84 to 98 years (2 cycles)
The above cyles represents what are calledto be “Marma” points located in individual’s biological and genetic system.They are critical points indicating change from one stage to another in life.
Diseases of sun constitutions or sun vital hour cycle :
A Person born in the sun constitution or on Sunday or during the sun vital hour cycle may suffer from the following diseases :
1. Disease of heart
2. Allergic Conditions
3. Fevers
4. Diseases of blood
5. Skin diseases
6. Diseases eyes
7. Colds
8. Sun stroke
9. Photo phobia
10.Skin cancer
Diseases of moon constitution or moon vital hour cycle
1.Diseases of brain
2.Addtion to alcohol
4.Fits convulsions
6.Breast diseases
7.Hormonal diseases
8.Mental conditions
12.Bleeding (Periods)
13.Blood clotting disorders
16.Gastro intestinal disorders
17.Travel sickness
Diseases of Mars constitution or Mars vital hour cycle :
1.Blood disorders
2.Accidents and injuries
3.Cuts and wounds
5.Bleeding injuries
7.Burning pains
8.Fire accidents
10.High Blood pressure
11.Septic conditions
12.Surgical operations
Diseases of Mercury constitution or Mercury vital hour cycle
1.Diseases of respiratory tract
3.Allergic conditions
4.Cold and cough
5.Ear troubles and deafness
6.Travel sickness
7.Diseases of nervous
10.Skin diseases
11.Sore Throat
Diseases of Jupiter constitution or Jupiter vital hour cycle
1.Liver troubles
4.Gas troubles
5.Kidney stones
6.Gall stones
8.Diseases of Thyroid
10.Gastric troubles
Diseases of Venus constitution or Venus Vital Hour cycles
1.Kidney troubles
2.Swellings and Edema
3.Urinary troubles
6.Leucorrhea (White discharge)
7.Ring worms
8.Varicose veins
9.Teeth troubles
10.Decay of teeth
11.Diseases of male sex organs
12.>Menstrual troubles in women
Diseases of Saturn constitution or Saturn vital hour cycle
1.Diseases of spleen
3.Varicose veins
4.Joint pains
5.Bone pains
7.Chronic diseases
10.Congenital disorders
15.Blood cancer
16.Kidney stones
17.Gall stones
18.Diseases of spinal cord
19.Diseases of teeth
21.Loss of weight
With reference to theabove Lotus theory a person born in particular week day constitution or similarvital hour cycle will suffer from the above mentioned diseases but in practice the day of the week and the time of birth will notcorrespond in most of the cases. The planet responsible forday constitution and the planet responsible for vital hour cycle or usually twodifferent ones. It means to say that every person is under the influenceof not just one planet but two planets one is theplanet of day constitution and the other is the planet of vital hour cycle.Hence diseases pertaining to the above two planets will likely to occur to anyperson depending upon the affliction of the planet and the age of the native.The Homeo physician should have the basic fundamental knowledge of astrology toapply and treat the diseases with suitable remedies according to the LotusTheory.
The treatment and selection of remedies according to the lotus theory will be dealt in the nextarticle. Since this Lotus concept in Homoeopathy based on astrology is totallya new concept, much research is needed to prove the validity of this concept.
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