Diseases of Sex

The ancient texts do not contain many combinations for sex diseases. This was perhaps due to the fact that people in ancient India led a healthy sexual life. With the increase in influence of Western-culture, the nation became condemned to many a disease pertaining to sexual organs. Even though in Medical History the disease Gonorrhoea is said to have existed from the time of Hippocratus, there is no mention that is was found in India too. With the influx of foreign troops in India, diseases like gonorrhoea and syphilis became common. They are dreadful diseases and have far-reaching effect on health. The children of a person suffering from syphilis became condemned for whole life due to the bad effects on health, which of course is not their fault.

I will mention herein a few important combinations found in some of our ancient books on astrology for the convenience of readers,

1. If Venus and Mars occupy the 8th, the person will have disease of testicles.
2. If Venus and Mars occupy a sign of Mars, then also the person concerned will suffer from disease of testicles.
3. If Venus and Mars occupy 7th house the native will contract sex disease by going to a professional woman.
4. If Mars, Saturn. Sun and Moon posited in 8, 6, 2 and 12 the native will be a nymphomaniac.
5. Malefics in the 8th cause weakness of sexual organs.
6. If Jupiter be posited in 12th, then also weakness of sex organs occurs.