Typhoid fever astrology.

Astrology of typhoid fever.

How is typhoid caused?
The bacterium Salmonella typhi  is present only in human beings and is transmitted through contaminated food or water. People with this infection carry the bacterium in their intestines and bloodstream, and those who have recovered from the disease could still have the bacterium in their system; they are known as ‘carriers’ of the disease. Both ill people and carriers shed Salmonella typhi in their stool. Infection is usually spread when food or water is handled by a person who is shedding the bacterium or if sewage water leaks into drinking water or food that is then consumed. That is why this disease is common in areas where proper hand washing techniques are not followed.
What are the common symptoms of typhoid?
Once the bacterium is ingested it quickly multiplies within the stomach, liver or gallbladder and finally enters the blood stream causing symptoms like fever (usually between 1030F- 1040F), rashes (flat, rose-coloured spots), vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, general fatigue. In severe cases one may suffer from intestinal perforations or internal bleeding, diarrhoea or constipation.
One of the characteristic symptoms of typhoid is a ‘step ladder fever’. This means that the fever gradually fluctuates between very high and low fever for a short period of time, till it peaks at 1030F – 1040F. In patients without any complications the condition subsides in about three to four weeks after its onset. In about 10% of people, the condition relapses after about one week of convalescence.*
Fever combinations as per Astrological classics.
Fever combinations
Sarvartha Chintamani Fever ———-Lord of lagna + 6th lord + Sun.
Sarvartha Chintamani Fever for 4 days —-Moon + rahu / ketu in the 4th.
Sarvartha Chintamani Fever for 4 days—— Moon + rahu / ketu along with 8th lord in kroora shatiamsa.
Usually Typhoid spreads from contaminated food and water ,it can be through insects contaminating food by making a contact with such food.
Sign scorpio is a keeta rashi connection of rahu and ketu to scorpio signify insects.
Lords of 6,8th and 12th or dushstana lords always play role in body diseases.
Sign leo , virgo and Libra since the bacteria multiplies in stomach area.
Planets, Mercury,Sun,Mars and Rahu- ketu.
The dependent zodiac positions of the nine planets would help prognosticate certain diseases.
1. If sun and Mars are at an unfavorable positions ailments related to water are possible.
2. If moon and Venus are not in favorable positions water borne diseases are certain.
3. If Saturn is at an inauspicious position ailments related to rheumatism and air are possible.
Condition number one as per classics– Sixth lord is conjunct sun and lagan lord jupiter aspects the combination.It leads to fevers.
Mars and ketu are in keeta rashi in 12th aspecting 8th lord moon and rahu, Lord of ascendent is retrograde and aspected by Saturn and being retrograde it makes a connection with 12th lord Mars.
Dasha sequence at the onset of Typhoid fever—Rahu and venus.
Venus is sixth lord with sun+ Retro mercury under aspect from lagnesh jupiter. As explained above it means fever as the sign is leo it means fever through abdomen.
As per Varshphall chart Muntha is of 12th house leading to diseases and  sickness etc. And it is in rashi of sixth lord venus .