Stri jataka effect of lagna and janam rashi.

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Effect of ascendant and moon sign on girls or ladies horoscope.
A stri-jataka prospective.

1. A girl, who is born in Mesha, will be truthful, cruel, phlegmatic, quarrelsome and fond of relations.
2. A woman, born in Vrishabha, will be of cultivation, agreeable, polite manners, obey her husband, skilled in arts and fond of relations.
3. One, who is born in Mithuna, will use harsh language, passionate, bad character, cruel temper, windy and phlegmatic complaints and a spendthrift.
4. One, born in Kataka, will have many issues, handsome, wealthy, righteous, fondness for relations, pious, polite, attractive and happy.
5. One, who is born. in Simha; will have anger, phlegmatic, fond of quarrels and charitable.
6. One, who is born in Kanya, will have happiness, politeness, agreeable temper, faithful servants, fond of charitable deeds, virtuous, and skilful in arts.
7. One, who is born in Thula, steadiness, laziness, few friends, proud, heart-burn, avaricious and sinful;
8. One, born in Vrischika, will be handsome delightful, meritorious, virtuous, good Character and truthful.
9. One, born in Dhanus, good mind, masculine deeds, amenable to kindness, cruel, thinking ill of others and unkind.
10. One, born in Makara will be prosperous, truthful, fond of visiting holy places, without enemies , engaged in important work, good reputation, character and many children.
11. One, who is born in Kumbha, powerful from birth, bloody disease, fond of religious men, pure-minded, expensive, fond of merit and grateful.
12. One, born in Meena, will have children and grand children, fond of husband, respected by relations and friends, beautiful eyes and hairs, fond of worship, kindness and respect to elders.
Results to the occupation of Chandra in the different Rasis:
1. When Chandra is in Mesha – fond of work, much skill, handsome person, leader, fond of husband and devoted to elders and Gurus.
2. Chandra in Vrishabha – good temper, tact, education, fond of fine arts, visiting holy places, blessed with children and grandchildren, acquisition of wealth and devotion to husband.
3. Chandra in Mithuna – well developed, handsome body, good character, profits from various engagements, good intelligence, helpful of others, charming eyes.
4. Chandra in Kataka – sickly, respected among relations, dignified, conquest over enemies, devotion to Gods and priests.
5. Chandra in Simha – leader among her class, good temper, fond of flesh, blessed with ornaments and clothes, engaged in large speculations, good marital life and handsome features.
6. Chandra in Kanya – many cattle, virtue, great wealth, over enemies, patience and righteous conduct.
7. Chandra in Thula – fond of religious rites, sympathetic and loving, virtuous, good children, high social position and little sexual passion.
8. Chandra in Vrischika – concealing sins, steady, skilful work, agreeable to elders, great wealth and unsympathetic.
9. Chandra in Dhanus – fond of religious rights, love for charities, sympathy, musical taste, love for fellow creatures, agreeable, attainment in desires, female issues and polite manners.
10. Chandra in Makara – terrible teeth, solar worship, agreeable, varied learning, truthful, handsome body, conquest over passions and enemies, and righteous.
11. Chandra in Kumbha – rounded body, attractive face, charitable, issues, wealth, good actions, reputation and self-respect.
12. Chandra in Meena – many male issues, charitable, good character, controlling passions, skilful in arts, great modesty, careful about reputation and agreeable.