Down syndrome and astrology.

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Astrology of Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Also called: Trisomy 21 —
Down syndrome astrology.
Down syndrome is a condition in which a person is born with an extra copy of chromosome 21. People with Down syndrome can have physical problems, as well as intellectual disabilities. Every person born with Down syndrome is different.
People with the syndrome may also have other health problems. They may be born with heart disease. They may have dementia. They may have hearing problems and problems with the intestines, eyes, thyroid, and skeleton.

The chance of having a baby with Down syndrome increases as a woman gets older. Down syndrome cannot be cured. Early treatment programs can help improve skills. They may include speech, physical, occupational, and/or educational therapy. With support and treatment, many people with Down syndrome live happy, productive lives

What are the chromosome basics of Down syndrome?

Genes on an extra copy of chromosome 21 are responsible for all characteristics associated with Down syndrome. Normally, each human cell contains 23 pairs of different chromosomes. Each chromosome carries genes, which are needed for proper development and maintenance of our bodies. At conception, an individual inherits 23 chromosomes from the mother (through the egg cell) and 23 chromosomes from the father (through the sperm cell).
However, sometimes a person inherits an extra chromosome from one of the parents. In Down syndrome, an individual most often inherits two copies of chromosome 21 from the mother and one chromosome 21 from the father for a total of three chromosomes 21. Because Down syndrome is caused by the inheritance of three chromosomes 21, the disorder is also called trisomy 21. About 95% of individuals with Down syndrome inherit an entire extra chromosome 21.
Astrological factors of Down syndrome 

  • Mars- Muscle control  and chromosome factor .
  • Mercury – nervous system and intelligence.
  • Moon- Mind
  • Ketu – Cognitive ability
  • Rahu- confusion
  • Saturn – For chronic, degenerative diseases.
  • Venus for sperm and egg  as it contributes 23 chromosomes  each through sperm and egg.
  • House and lords-5th ,6th ,8th ,1st and 4th .
  • Sign Aries,Gemini
*Three seats of disease are recognised, viz., if the Lagna is movable and in Urdhvamukha Rasi (3,6,9,12 from sun), then the disease can be seen
above the neck ; if fixed and Thiryugmukha (2,5,8,11 from sun), the disease is below the neck and above the waist, and if it is common and
Adhomukha (1,4,7,10, from sun) the disease will be below the waist.
Mercury Cold, Dry and Melancholic.  Light, subtle, mobile; the Nervous temperament.  Mutable modality – flexible, adaptable, ambiguous, restless, changeable.  The brain, mind, nervous system and Psychic Faculty.  The faculty of Common Sense.  The Mundane Mind – agility, dexterity, cleverness; basic skills and competencies.  Communication and the Throat Center – hearing and speech.  Pneuma and the respiratory function – Air.  Arms and hands, digital dexterity.  The throat and thyroid gland.  Mental nature and temperament, according to sign, house, aspects.  The intellect and intellective faculties in general.  The Ideation faculty.  Transportation and commerce.  The clever con man or trickster.  Balance and homeostasis.
Diseases due to afflictions of the Karakas of houses
If the Karaka of a house is in the 6th house Associated with Saturn and Rahu, the native suffers From a chronic disease indicated by the house in Question.
 Dasha at birth Rahu, Sixth lord  moon under aspect from saturn conjunct rahu and mercury,moon is in nakshatra of rahu and rahu in nakshtra of moon,mercury is lord of 5th and 8th in 4th house with lord of ascendent saturn and rahu,4th lord venus is in 6th house in nakshatra of mercury under aspect from saturn ,mercury also defeats rahu in grah yudh ,Ketu the significator of cognitive ability is also in nakshatra of mercury under aspect from rahu,mercury and saturn,presence of sixth lord in ascendent with gulika is another pointer towards bad health .Another noteable point is both Sun and moon are in rahu’s nakshatra.Mars jupiter and sun are in sign of mercury the lord of 5th and 8th.
*Three seats of disease are recognised, viz., if the Lagna is movable and in Urdhvamukha Rasi (3,6,9,12 from sun), then the disease can be seen
above the neck ; if fixed and Thiryugmukha (2,5,8,11 from sun), the disease is below the neck and above the waist, and if it is common and
Adhomukha (1,4,7,10, from sun) the disease will be below the waist.

Dasha at birth Mars.Ketu afflicts 1st house ,sixth lord aspects lord of lagna and 8th house venus which is also aspected by mars and saturn( By saturn due to it being retrograde from previous house.The sign is gemini ,the sign clearly points at nervous disorder disease . The involvement of 6th and 8th lords along with lagna lord in sign mercury point to the disease being related to mental capacities.


Astrology of psoriasis.

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Psoriasis and astrology.

Psoriasis cause and effect astrology.
Astrology of psoriasis.
Mild to severe symptoms of psoriasis
Psoriasis–is an immune-mediated disease that affects the skin. It is typically a lifelong condition. There is currently no cure, but various treatments can help to control the symptoms.

Psoriasis occurs when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals that cause overproduction of new skin cells. It is not contagious. Psoriasis has been linked to an increased risk of stroke, and treating high blood lipid levels may lead to improvement. There are five types of psoriasis: plaque, gutate, inverse, pustular, and erythrodermic. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, is commonly seen as red and white hues of scaly patches appearing on the top first layer of the epidermis (skin). Some patients, though, have no dermatological signs or symptoms. The name psoriasis (ψωρίασις) is from the Greek language, meaning roughly “itching condition” (psora “itch” + -sis “action, condition”).
In plaque psoriasis, skin rapidly accumulates at these sites, which gives it a silvery-white appearance. Plaques frequently occur on the skin of the elbows and knees, but can affect any area, including the scalp, palms of hands and soles of feet, and genitals. In contrast to eczema, psoriasis is more likely to be found on the outer side of the joint.
The disorder is a chronic recurring condition that varies in severity from minor localized patches to complete body coverage. Fingernails and toenails are frequently affected (psoriatic nail dystrophy) and can be seen as an isolated sign. Psoriasis can also cause inflammation of the joints, which is known as psoriatic arthritis. Between 10% and 30% of all people with psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis.
Diseases due to afflictions of the Karakas of houses.
If the Karaka of a house is in the 6th house Associated with Saturn and Rahu, the native suffers From a chronic disease indicated by the house in Question.
  • What causes diseases ?
  • Saturn and Rahu are slow moving planets and are said to be huge in form (symbolically). Therefore according to principles of symbology, the diseases caused by them are long lasting and chronic.
Astrological causes—-
Mercury – As it rules over immune system and skin.
Saturn – For all chronic diseases and skin significator.
Sixth lord,8th lord and 11th lord ( because 11 th is 6th from 6th and significator of expansion)
Jupiter for expansion as karak for 11th house.
Rahu and ketu for sudden onset .
  • Mercury represents memory and intelligence. Weak nervous system, skin problems, allergies, hay fever, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, confusion, weak mind, lack of memory are some of the effect of malefic mercury.
  • Saturn itself is considered a planet of diseases, sorrows and old age. Rheumatic pains, nervous disorders, arthritis, bones problems, fractures, paralysis, osteoporosis, sever depression and old age related diseases etc. are the indicator of malefic Saturn.
Cold and dry. Relates to the nervous system and to nervous activity.
Expansive, nourishing, warm and moist, sanguine. Relates to the blood circulation, liver and fat metabolism and cellular nutrition.
Contracting, slowing, binding, restricting, hardening, devitalising, cold and dry, melancholic.
Sign–  Libra ,Aquarius for skin. 
As per ayurveda a skin disease happens due to imbalance of Fire and water element and are mostly pitta in dosha.
Lord of sixth is conjunct the 8th lord ,saturn and venus  and aspected by retrograde jupiter in 11th house and rahu from first house ,so we have afflicted sixth lord mercury ,8th lord sun ,5th and 10th lord venus and lord of ascendant or lagna saturn all under the malefic aspect of rahu and functional malefic jupiter the planet of expansion.,here jupiter is in nakshatra of saturn thus in control of saturn.While saturn is in nakshatra of 8th lord sun.There are two grah yudhas in the horoscope Rahu defeats Mars in planetary war and venus defeats  saturn the lagan lord here rendering it weak to pep up the immune system.More so lors of 64rh navamsa is Mercury and 22nd drekana  Sun.The native was first diagonalised with Psoriasis in 1997 in MD of rahu and AD-Jupiter then in 2000 it was a full blown disease the dasha sequence was Rahu-Saturn.
Conclusion- We have seen the role of mercury,saturn ,jupiter and rahu in manifesting the disease .


Electrocution and astrology.

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Astrology of Electrocution

Electrocution and astrology.

Astrology of electric shock.

Electrocution is death caused by electric shock, either accidental or deliberate. The word is derived from “electro” and “execution”, but it is also used for accidental death. The term “electrocution,” coined about the time of the first use of the electric chair in 1890, originally referred only to electrical execution (from which it is a portmanteau word), and not to accidental or suicidal electrical deaths. However, since no English word was available for non-judicial deaths due to electric shock, the word “electrocution” eventually took over as a description of all circumstances of electrical death from the new commercial electricity. The first recorded accidental electrocution (besides lightning strikes) occurred in 1879 when a stage carpenter in Lyon, France touched a 250-volt wire.

Astrological factors– 

  • Water signs as electricity needs a conductor
  • Mercury as conductor in medical astrology it conducts nerve functions.
  • Planet Mars for energy and action.
  • Rahu for all electrical gadgets and transmission lines.
  • Uranus as per western astrology is responsible for electric shock.
  • Jupiter as mythical God that throws bolts of lightening.

Houses  4th ,6th ,8th and 12th.

Let us examine few charts to find out.

There are five planets in sixth including lord of per LR chawdhari conjunction of planets Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. Clever and intelligent, ill
famed, one will be able to convince the people, Happy and kind natured .As per Garga hora this combination in 6th means— Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Sani in the 6th Bhava: will be troubled by sickness, be interested in living in foreign countries, will have wicked disposition, be sexually troubled and will have a emaciated body. The sign in sixth house is a watery sign and the lord of 6th makes a connection with 2nd lord moon a marak . jupiter also lends  an aspect acting as a badhak and a maleficas it owns two kendras and it is placed in kendra itself,incidently jupiter is also lord of 7th and is a marak.Sixth lord mars is conjunct,saturn,mercury,moon ,ketu and is aspected by jupiter and saturn,The native was a chemical engineer and died as a result of electrocution during an experiment.The dasha was Venus- Rahu- moon ( moon is lord of 2nd) lord of 64th navmsa is Saturn and rahu,lord of 22nd drekana is Saturn.Moon is nakshatra of saturn.Rahu in nakshatra of mars the sixth lord.Venus is in nakshatra of jupiter. So in all the event was inevitable as it involved all the above listed combinations.Uranus is conjunct jupiter in 10th in nakshatra of saturn. 

American male, accidentally electrocuted fatally while on his job as a chemical engineer. (He was married to a German wife; their two sons were both born on his birthday, one in 1964 and the other in 1966.)
Death by Accident 15 June 1968 (Electrocuted, age 41)

Astrology of Appendicitis.

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Astrology of Appendicitis.

Appendicitis and astrological factors.
Appendicitis and astrology.
What causes appendicitis?
Experts believe there are two likely causes:
The appendix is on the right side of the abdomen, connected to the colon
·         Infection – a stomach infection may have found its way to the appendix.
·         Obstruction – a hard piece of stool may have got trapped in the appendix. The bacteria in the trapped stool may then have infected the appendix.
Scientists at the University of Calgary, Canada,found a link between high pollution levels and a higher incidence of appendicitis.
What are the symptoms of appendicitis?
Initially, some pain can be felt anywhere in the stomach area, but later, as it intensifies, its location becomes more defined in the lower right-hand side of the abdomen – an area known as McBurney point.

The following symptoms are common:

·         Progressively worsening pain
·         Coughing or sneezing is painful
·         Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Inability to pass gas (break wind, fart)
  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
Anybody who experiences a progressively worsening pain in the abdomen should seek medical attention. Other conditions may have similar symptoms, such as urinary tract infection; even so, they all require urgent medical attention.
Astrological factors.
Planet—Venus afflicted by Sun, mars or Saturn,rahu or ketu.
Saturn-because it’s a vestigial organ.
The 6th lord indicates the disease, look for the rashi it tenants and aspects on houses and signs.
Signs-Virgo and Libra

Swathi nakshatra rules the body parts like skin, kidneys, ureter, appendicitis, hernia and bladder and is also responsible for the diseases associated with these organs. This star is under the governance of the shady planet rahu.

The Sixth House

Diseases related to body parts like waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidneys, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, intestinal function, appendix, etc are mainly due to a weak sixth house in your birth chart. It is related to sickness like appendicitis, poisoning, constipation, hernia, blood urea, psychiatric problems, exhaustion and nervous breakdown. The sixth house afflicted with moon makes a wild tempered person or a lunatic whereas Venus affiliation gives sexual disorders, dysfunction of sex glands and sterility. Similarly when Mercury affiliates the sixth house it gives loss of memory, dull head and idiocy.

Lord of sixth is combust and afflicted  in sign Libra signifying the area of disease .The nakshatra of 6th lord is Swati as such it again signifies the disease appendicitis as discussed above. The disease manifested in Venus -Saturn period and the native was nearly killed as appendicitis turned chronic and it burst endangering the life of the native .Note the aspects of Venus and to the Venus the axis is 5th -11th .House number 5 signifies the abdomen area .Saturn aspects both 5th and 6th houses as its retrograde and it aspects lagan also..So in the MD venus-AD of Saturn this disease had the native hospitalised for 3 months.As per Sh KN RAO affliction to venus ,sign taurus and gemini normaly indicate appendicitis.Here Venus is afflicted,sign taurus is under bad aspect so two out of three conditions are fulfilled as per Sh Rao.


Astrology of sexual and venereal diseases(STD)

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Astrology of sexual and venereal diseases(STD)

 Virus Stock Image
Sexual diseases,venereal disease astrology.

STD— Sexually transmitted diseases.

Some astrological pointers as per classics like Sarvarth chintamani.

Male Sexual diseases and type of Cohabitation.
  • If the sixth and the eighth lord is conjoined with Mercury in the ascendant disease in
          the penis is proclaimed.
  • If the above sixth and the eighth lord is conjoined with Saturn in the ascendant without the aspect of benefic then the penis will be affected with the disease and will be cut off by operation.
  • If the lord of the6th house is located in the Ascendant with Mercury and Rahu and these planets are without any benefic aspect. The native himself lakes measures for the removal of his private organ. IfMars also joins the removal is due to diseases in the organ. (I I)
  • The lord of the 6th denotes trouble. Rahu is a planet of separation or removal and Mercury with Rahumakes Rahu all the more effective instrument of removal. The role of lagna is that of deliberate self.The -Removal” influence falls on the 7th-the private organ.
  • If Venus is locatedin 7th one is overridden with sex, if mercury he has sex with other women, if Jupiter he has sex with his wife, if Saturn  with bad woman.
  • If lord of 1st ,sixth and 2nd are  with malefic or if Saturn is in 7th with lord of 7th and with other malefic one is  attached to other women from his own family.
  • If Sun occupies the 7th house. the man cohabits with a sterile woman. if Moon is there he co habitswith a maid servant. If it is Mars cohabitation is with a woman in monthly course or a sterile woman. (80)
  • If the 7th is occupied by Mercury the cohabitation is with a prostitute, a low woman or one belonging tothe trader community, If its Jupiter it is with a Brahmin woman. if it is Venus the cohabitation is with a pregnant woman. (81)
  • If the 7th house is occupied by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu the cohabitation is with a low caste woman or onein monthly course. In the case of occupation by Rahu it is with a pregnant woman &in the case ofSaturn it is with a black woman with hunch back. (82)
  • If all the four kendras (i.e. the 1sl 4t h. 7th and the 10th houses) And their lords arc afflicted by male planet the native has sexual contact with quadrupeds. (8 5)
  • A malefic in 8th house can produce sexual disease.
  • 6th lord mercury and mars can produce STD even if associated by aspect or opposition.
  • Mars,mercury and lagna lord in leo or coinciding with 4th or 12th house produce disease in the anal and perennial region.
  • Malefic association of moon in cancer or Scorpio navamsa also leads to sexual disease.
Diseases of Sex
The ancient texts do not contain many combinations for sex diseases. This was perhaps due to the fact that people in ancient India led a healthy sexual life. With the increase in influence of Western-culture, the nation became condemned to many a disease pertaining to sexual organs. Even though in Medical History the disease Gonorrhea is said to have existed from the time of Hippocratus, there is no mention that is was found in India too. With the influx of foreign troops in India, diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis became common. They are dreadful diseases and have far-reaching effect on health. The children of a person suffering from syphilis became condemned for whole life due to the bad effects on health, which of course is not their fault.

I will mention herein a few important combinations found in some of our ancient books on astrology for the convenience of readers,

If Venus and Mars occupy the 8th, the person will have disease of testicles.
If Venus and Mars occupy a sign of Mars, then also the person concerned will suffer from disease of testicles.
If Venus and Mars occupy 7th house the native will contract sex disease by going to a professional woman.
If Mars, Saturn. Sun and Moon posited in 8, 6, 2 and 12 the native will be a nymphomaniac.
Malefics in the 8th cause weakness of sexual organs.
If Jupiter be posited in 12th, then also weakness of sex organs occurs.

Astrological pointers-

  • Venus for sexual organs,house number 7 and its lord.
  • Mars- Scorpio sign and eighth house and lord.
  • Mercury– Sign virgo and 6th lord.
  • 4th house and moon.
  • 2nd lord and sign taurus.
  • Rahu.
  • Taurus/scorpio axis— Possible pathologies are thyroid problems and various growth and developmental disorders, often involving defects in the Radical Moisture; and various reproductive issues:  sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive infections and putrefactions, sexual dysfunction, reproductive “accidents” and unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexual power and control issues.

Sixth lord in sign Scorpio ruler of external genitalia conjunct 11th lord sun and mercury lord of 9th and 12th mercury,both Jupiter and mercury are combust  ,sun and 6th lord jupiter in nakshatra of saturn. A malefic is in 8th house sign taurus , retrograde mars tenants the 8th house completing –
  • Taurus/scorpio axis— Possible pathologies are thyroid problems and various growth and developmental disorders, often involving defects in the Radical Moisture; and various reproductive issues:  sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive infections and putrefactions, sexual dysfunction, reproductive “accidents” and unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexual power and control issues.
  • Rahu tenants sign libra along with saturn the rising sign ,the ascendent and 8th lord venus is under 3rd aspect from saturn and retrograde mars from its other sign taurus.
  • Apect of retrograde mars on 6th lord,mercury and sun in sign scorpio is a clear pointer of sexual disease ,additionally lagna is afflicted ,lagna lord is under heavy malefic aspect,7th lord mars also makes a connection with saturn and rahu indicating a sinister disease.The native was a famous personality who died of syphilis a sexually transmitted disease.  Note that Mars is lord of both marak places in the horoscope.

French artist and painter whose great influence on Post-impressionist French art came after his death. Physically deformed by accidents that broke both of his thighs in adolescence, he abandoned his aristocratic upbringing and immersed himself in the bohemian entertainment of the 1890s, providing vivid portrayals of prostitutes and other performers and audiences of the Parisian entertainment spots of that era, including the Moulin Rouge.
The only surviving child of an eccentric count and his shy wife, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec slipped on a polished floor on 5/30/1878 and broke his left thigh. In August 1879, he stumbled into a ditch and broke his right thigh. The accidents left him crippled for life, and his growth was frozen at 5’1″. Despite the deformity, Toulouse-Lautrec’s charisma and wit allowed him to fit in well with Parisian counterculture of his time during the 1880s and 1890s. He turned his back on his aristocratic family life, and moved to the Montmarte district of Paris when he was 19, dividing his time between painting and Paris nightlife.
He completed his first painting at the end of 1879. In 1882, he began to study painting formally. In 1886, he had his first exhibition at the Salon des Arts Incoherents.
In 1891, he prepared his first poster for the Moulin Rouge nightclub, and his fame started. By 1894, he had taken up residence in a high-class house of prostitution in the Rue des Moulins. He lived in this brothel and others on and off for the rest of his life.
His life of working all day, drinking all evening, and nightly indulgences (he was also syphilitic) eventually took its toll. He began to deteriorate from alcoholism, and on 3/17/1899, he was sent to a private mental home with delirium tremors, but within months of his release was drinking heavily again. He had a slight stroke in February 1901. He was struck down with paralysis on 8/20/1901, and died at 2:15 AM on 9/09/1901.

Social : Institutionalized – prison, hospital 1899 (For alcoholism)
Death by Heart Attack 9 September 1901 at 2:15 PM in Paris (Stroke following syphillis, age 36)

Astrology of Migraine

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Migraine through astrology.

migraine is a severe, painful headache that is often preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The excruciating pain that migraines bring can last for hours or even days.
According to the International Headache Society, symptoms of a migraine include sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, blurred vision, pain on both or one side of the head and throbbing.
Astrological pointers.
Planets- Sun as karak for house number 1
Moon for mind and peace of mind
Mercury for neurological disorders
Saturn as trigger for disease
Rahu the head (rahu is head without trunk)
Houses and lords – 1st , 6th ,4th, 8th and 12th .
Lord of sixth Venus under aspect from  rahu which is conjunct the moon ,Sun is afflicted and conunct ketu. Saturn tenants house number one indicating head of kaal pursh. Mercury the significator of neurological disorders is retrograde conjunct Mars under aspect from Saturn from fist house,Saturn and Mars in mutual aspect.The native has migraine since a decade . lord of ascendent Jupiter is under aspect from Saturn and is in nakshatra of rahu,venus the sixth lord is also under nakshatra of rahu it indicates a clearcut dominance on these two benifics by Rahu the head.The dasa when the disease manifested and is still ongoing is saturn ,operating from house number one the head of kaal pursh..In navamsa saturn again tenants house number one and again aspects the ascendent lord of D1 Jupiter.

Navgrah hym.

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Navgrah hym.

aarogyam pradhadatuno dinakaraha
chandro yasho nirmalam
bhootim bhoomisutaha
sudhaamshu tanayo praagnyam (Gn as Gnaan)
Gurur gauravam
kaavya komala vagvilaasa matulam
mando mudam sarvadaa
rahur bahubalam karotu virodha shamanam
ketuh kulasonyatim kuru

ॐ आरोग्यं प्रददातुनो दिनकरः |चन्द्रो यशो निर्मलं |भूतिम भूमिसुतः |

सुधाम्शुतनयो प्राग्न्याम |

गुरुर्गौरवं |

काव्यः कोमल वाग्विलासमतुलम |

मन्दो मुदम सर्वदा |

राहुर्बहू बलम करोतु विरोध शमनं |

केतु: कुलसयोंन्नतिम कुरु सर्वदा |

Hari Om

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