Arthritis astrology (astrology of arthritis)

Astrology of arthritis.
The astrological combinations for Arthritis

Human joints concept with the skeleton anatomy of the body with a group of panels of sore joints glowing as a pain and injury or arthritis illness symbol for health care and medical symptoms. - stock photo

Arthritis refers to several diseases which affect the joints, while rheumatism (or rheumatic disorder) is a non-specific older term for medical conditions which affect connective tissue and the joints. Rheumatology is the study of therapeutic interventions. “Rheumatism” is a colloquial term which is much less commonly used today by medical professionals and medical writers. There is no recognized disorder today called “rheumatism”.

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with osteoarthritis being the most common. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, due to joint injury, joint infection, or age. Osteoarthritis tends to affect older individuals. Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, and some other autoimmune diseases are other forms of arthritis.

Patients with arthritis generally experience constant joint pain.

  • Arthritis is
    Inflammation of a joint or a state characterized by inflammation of the joints.

Rheumatism is an indefinite term, while arthritis is a definite term.

Arthritic conditions
  • Saturn itself is considered a planet of diseases, sorrows and old age. Rheumatic pains, nervous disorders, arthritis, bones problems, fractures, paralysis, osteoporosis, sever depression and old age related diseases etc. are the indicator of malefic Saturn.
Weak, aspected with malefics, unaspected with benefics, debilitated, combust.
Muscular pain, colds, melancholy, epilepsy, fistula, deafness, problems with the limbs, paralysis, rheumatic troubles, gastric troubles, mental problems such as dejection and sorrow, etc.
Table of Planetary Influences.
Vital, tonic, warming and drying. Relates to heart function and to vital energy.
Inflammatory, aggressive, eruptive, warm and dry, choleric. Relates to the sex drive and to oxygen metabolism.
Collecting, diluting, cleansing, cold and moist, phlegmatic. Relates to the emotions, fluid balance and the hormones.
Expansive, nourishing, warm and moist, sanguine. Relates to the blood circulation, liver and fat metabolism and cellular nutrition.
Cold and dry. Relates to the nervous system and to nervous activity.
Contracting, slowing, binding, restricting, hardening, devitalising, cold and dry, melancholic.
Relaxing, warm and moist. Relates to nutrient assimilation, sugar metabolism, tissue tone and lymphatic function.
Table of Zodiac Sign/Body Correspondences.
Zodiac Sign:
Areas Ruled:
Zodiac Sign:
Areas Ruled:
The head, the cerebrum, eyes, face, upper jaw, carotid arteries, front of the body.
The kidneys, ureters, adrenal glands, skin, loins, lumbar region, back of the body.
The neck, ears, lower jaw, throat, cerebellum, thyroid gland.
The bladder, urethra, genitals, ovaries/testes, prostate, sigmoid colon, pubic bone, nose, haeme.
The lungs, bronchi, trachea, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, sympathetic nervous system.
The hips, thighs, ilium, femur, sacrum, coccyx, ischium, blood vessels, sciatic nerves, pituitary.
The breast, diaphragm, stomach, oesophagus, taste, left side of the body.
The knees, bones, teeth, skin, joints, hair, parathyroids, right side of the body.
The heart, vena cava, back, spine, spinal cord, back, thymus gland.
The lower legs, ankles, circulation, pineal body.
The intestines, duodenum, peyer’s patches, solar plexus, abdomen, parasympathetic nervous system.
The feet, toes, thalamus, blood fibrin.
Sixth lord jupiter is in 8th house combust and aspected by rahu ,rahu also aspects the 4th house
sixth house and 8th from 12 the house of hospitalisations ,confinement and inactivity.Saturn the planet responsible for chronic diseases aspects rahu ,its own sign capricon and trioka of planets in 7th house ,here lagan lord is in paap kartari thus weak and ineffective ,its also conjuct mars and mercury who happen to be in maran karaka sthaan . So in the dasha of sun -venus-jupiter the pains started from his heels notive sign pisces  in sixth meaning feet. Incidently venus is also the lord of 8th which tenants MD and PD lord ,Sun and JUpiter. Saturn is in Cancer ,capricon axis meaning– Arthritic and articular conditions connected with this axis involve either excessive laxness and dislocation (wet) or excessive stiffness and rigidity (dry).  Also involved with this wet – indulgent versus dry – denial nurturing dynamic are eating disorders and body weight issues like anorexia, bulemia and obesity. (Body Parts:  stomach, knees, bones, joints, skin, connective tissue, digestive tract)
Other Indicators- jupiter is lord of 64th navamsa and venus the lord of 22nd drekana.
some planetary combinations for arthritis.
1.     Mars and Saturn jointly related to the Ascendant.
2.   Aspect of saturn on venus and mercury is also responsible for the disease arthritis.