Kaal sarp dosha or kaal sarp yog . 

A simple and effective way to find out Kaal sarp yog in your chart.


Dear all

A simple analysis to identify the same.

Let me clarify.

First of all, check the following conditions.
1) All planets between Rahu and Ketu
2) No planet is with Rahu
3) No planet is with Ketu
4) No planet in the Lagna
5) No planet in the 7th house

If any of the conditions above are not met, the chart does not
have either KSY or KAY. (Kal sarp Yoga, Kal amrita yoga)

If ALL of these conditions are met, the next step is to see which
of the yogas it is, KSY or KAY. The process for that is, as I
mentioned before,
1) Start from Rahu
2) Traverse the chart in the zodiacal direction. This is the
normal direction that the planets move in, and goes from Aries to Taurus
to Gemini to Cancer etc.
3.a)If the next entity encountered is Ketu, this means
that all the planets are between Ketu and Rahu. This is Kala Sarpa Yoga.
3.b)If the next entity encountered is a planet other than
Ketu, this means that the planets are all between Rahu and Ketu.
this is kalamrita yoga.

My visual crutch for remembering this is to visualize planets
going towards either Rahu or Ketu. If there are all hurling towards
Rahu,the native is veering towards Rahu’s materialism, which makes it
Kala Sarpa yoga, since Rahu represents the Sarpa, or poison. On
the other hand, if the planets are all moving towards Ketu, it is Kala
Amrita yoga, since Ketu represents Moksha or Amrita.

My outline above is based on the progression of the planets, but
you get the same result if you consider the movement of Ra and Ke
1) Start from Rahu again
2) Traverse the direction that Rahu (and Ketu) move in, i.e. go in
the anti-zodiacal direction. This means if you start from Aries,
go to Pisces, Aquarius etc.
3.a) If you encounter a planet other than ketu, this means that
this planet is being “swallowed up” by Rahu in its progression – again
indicating Kala Sarpa yogam.
3.b) If the first planet you encounter is Ketu, and then you
encounter the other planets, this means that Ketu is “swallowing
up”the other planets in its movement, i.e. the desire for Moksha is
consuming the indications of all other planets, and the native
will eventually reach Moksha.