Astrology of sexual and venereal diseases(STD)

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Sexual diseases,venereal disease astrology.

STD— Sexually transmitted diseases.

Some astrological pointers as per classics like Sarvarth chintamani.

Male Sexual diseases and type of Cohabitation.
  • If the sixth and the eighth lord is conjoined with Mercury in the ascendant disease in
          the penis is proclaimed.
  • If the above sixth and the eighth lord is conjoined with Saturn in the ascendant without the aspect of benefic then the penis will be affected with the disease and will be cut off by operation.
  • If the lord of the6th house is located in the Ascendant with Mercury and Rahu and these planets are without any benefic aspect. The native himself lakes measures for the removal of his private organ. IfMars also joins the removal is due to diseases in the organ. (I I)
  • The lord of the 6th denotes trouble. Rahu is a planet of separation or removal and Mercury with Rahumakes Rahu all the more effective instrument of removal. The role of lagna is that of deliberate self.The -Removal” influence falls on the 7th-the private organ.
  • If Venus is locatedin 7th one is overridden with sex, if mercury he has sex with other women, if Jupiter he has sex with his wife, if Saturn  with bad woman.
  • If lord of 1st ,sixth and 2nd are  with malefic or if Saturn is in 7th with lord of 7th and with other malefic one is  attached to other women from his own family.
  • If Sun occupies the 7th house. the man cohabits with a sterile woman. if Moon is there he co habitswith a maid servant. If it is Mars cohabitation is with a woman in monthly course or a sterile woman. (80)
  • If the 7th is occupied by Mercury the cohabitation is with a prostitute, a low woman or one belonging tothe trader community, If its Jupiter it is with a Brahmin woman. if it is Venus the cohabitation is with a pregnant woman. (81)
  • If the 7th house is occupied by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu the cohabitation is with a low caste woman or onein monthly course. In the case of occupation by Rahu it is with a pregnant woman &in the case ofSaturn it is with a black woman with hunch back. (82)
  • If all the four kendras (i.e. the 1sl 4t h. 7th and the 10th houses) And their lords arc afflicted by male planet the native has sexual contact with quadrupeds. (8 5)
  • A malefic in 8th house can produce sexual disease.
  • 6th lord mercury and mars can produce STD even if associated by aspect or opposition.
  • Mars,mercury and lagna lord in leo or coinciding with 4th or 12th house produce disease in the anal and perennial region.
  • Malefic association of moon in cancer or Scorpio navamsa also leads to sexual disease.
Diseases of Sex
The ancient texts do not contain many combinations for sex diseases. This was perhaps due to the fact that people in ancient India led a healthy sexual life. With the increase in influence of Western-culture, the nation became condemned to many a disease pertaining to sexual organs. Even though in Medical History the disease Gonorrhea is said to have existed from the time of Hippocratus, there is no mention that is was found in India too. With the influx of foreign troops in India, diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis became common. They are dreadful diseases and have far-reaching effect on health. The children of a person suffering from syphilis became condemned for whole life due to the bad effects on health, which of course is not their fault.

I will mention herein a few important combinations found in some of our ancient books on astrology for the convenience of readers,

If Venus and Mars occupy the 8th, the person will have disease of testicles.
If Venus and Mars occupy a sign of Mars, then also the person concerned will suffer from disease of testicles.
If Venus and Mars occupy 7th house the native will contract sex disease by going to a professional woman.
If Mars, Saturn. Sun and Moon posited in 8, 6, 2 and 12 the native will be a nymphomaniac.
Malefics in the 8th cause weakness of sexual organs.
If Jupiter be posited in 12th, then also weakness of sex organs occurs.

Astrological pointers-

  • Venus for sexual organs,house number 7 and its lord.
  • Mars- Scorpio sign and eighth house and lord.
  • Mercury– Sign virgo and 6th lord.
  • 4th house and moon.
  • 2nd lord and sign taurus.
  • Rahu.
  • Taurus/scorpio axis— Possible pathologies are thyroid problems and various growth and developmental disorders, often involving defects in the Radical Moisture; and various reproductive issues:  sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive infections and putrefactions, sexual dysfunction, reproductive “accidents” and unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexual power and control issues.

Sixth lord in sign Scorpio ruler of external genitalia conjunct 11th lord sun and mercury lord of 9th and 12th mercury,both Jupiter and mercury are combust  ,sun and 6th lord jupiter in nakshatra of saturn. A malefic is in 8th house sign taurus , retrograde mars tenants the 8th house completing –
  • Taurus/scorpio axis— Possible pathologies are thyroid problems and various growth and developmental disorders, often involving defects in the Radical Moisture; and various reproductive issues:  sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive infections and putrefactions, sexual dysfunction, reproductive “accidents” and unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexual power and control issues.
  • Rahu tenants sign libra along with saturn the rising sign ,the ascendent and 8th lord venus is under 3rd aspect from saturn and retrograde mars from its other sign taurus.
  • Apect of retrograde mars on 6th lord,mercury and sun in sign scorpio is a clear pointer of sexual disease ,additionally lagna is afflicted ,lagna lord is under heavy malefic aspect,7th lord mars also makes a connection with saturn and rahu indicating a sinister disease.The native was a famous personality who died of syphilis a sexually transmitted disease.  Note that Mars is lord of both marak places in the horoscope.

French artist and painter whose great influence on Post-impressionist French art came after his death. Physically deformed by accidents that broke both of his thighs in adolescence, he abandoned his aristocratic upbringing and immersed himself in the bohemian entertainment of the 1890s, providing vivid portrayals of prostitutes and other performers and audiences of the Parisian entertainment spots of that era, including the Moulin Rouge.
The only surviving child of an eccentric count and his shy wife, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec slipped on a polished floor on 5/30/1878 and broke his left thigh. In August 1879, he stumbled into a ditch and broke his right thigh. The accidents left him crippled for life, and his growth was frozen at 5’1″. Despite the deformity, Toulouse-Lautrec’s charisma and wit allowed him to fit in well with Parisian counterculture of his time during the 1880s and 1890s. He turned his back on his aristocratic family life, and moved to the Montmarte district of Paris when he was 19, dividing his time between painting and Paris nightlife.
He completed his first painting at the end of 1879. In 1882, he began to study painting formally. In 1886, he had his first exhibition at the Salon des Arts Incoherents.
In 1891, he prepared his first poster for the Moulin Rouge nightclub, and his fame started. By 1894, he had taken up residence in a high-class house of prostitution in the Rue des Moulins. He lived in this brothel and others on and off for the rest of his life.
His life of working all day, drinking all evening, and nightly indulgences (he was also syphilitic) eventually took its toll. He began to deteriorate from alcoholism, and on 3/17/1899, he was sent to a private mental home with delirium tremors, but within months of his release was drinking heavily again. He had a slight stroke in February 1901. He was struck down with paralysis on 8/20/1901, and died at 2:15 AM on 9/09/1901.

Social : Institutionalized – prison, hospital 1899 (For alcoholism)
Death by Heart Attack 9 September 1901 at 2:15 PM in Paris (Stroke following syphillis, age 36)