The Asht sidhhis and Nav nidhis.

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The Asht sidhhis and Nav nidhis and the bestower lord Hanumaan.

Asht sidhhis and nan nidhis.

Lord Hanuman being blessed by Sita ji on Asht sidhhis and Nav nidhis.

Asht sidhhi nav nidhi ke data.
Ais bar deen  Janaki Mata.
( from Hanumaan chalisa)

eight siddhis (ashta siddhi) that are mentioned in Patajanli’s Yoga Sutras and can be obtained by very few through countless years of practice and devotion to all eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Siddhi can loosely be translated as accomplishment or a special power or unusual skill. The eight siddhis Swamiji described are:
Anima: Reducing one’s physical self to the size of an atom
Mahima: Growing one’s physical self to incredibly large size
Garima: Making one’s physical self so heavy as immovable by others
Laghima: Becoming almost weightless
Prapti: Being able to go/travel wherever one wants
Prakamya: Being able to obtain whatever one wants
Istva: Possessing lordship
Vastva: Being able to control the minds of others
Hanuman not only possessed all eight siddhis, but was also blessed by Sita as “Ashta Siddhi Nau Nidhi Ke Daata,” or one who can bestow astha siddhi upon others. When Hanuman first reaches to Lanka on his mission to find Sita, he makes use of anima so as to be discrete in enemy territory. He uses it again when he approaches Sita for the first time – reducing his size to that of a schoolboy, so as not to scare her. He uses mahima to outwit and overpower demons. He uses garima to show his power when Ravana, the demon king, temporarily captures him and brings him to the main court of palace. Not even the mighty Ravana could lift Hanuman’s tail.


  • Anima (shrinking) – Power of becoming the size of an atom and entering the smallest beings.
  • Mahima (illimitability) – Power of becoming mighty and co-extensive with the universe. The power of increasing one’s size without limit.
  • Lagima (lightness) – Capacity to be quite light though big in size.
  • Garima (weight) – Capacity to weigh heavy, though seemingly small size.
  • Prapthi (fulfillment of desires) – Capacity to enter all the worlds from Brahma Loga to the neither world. It is the power of attaining everything desired.
  • Prakasysm (irresistable will) – Power of disembodying and entering into other bodies (metempsychosis) and going to heaven and enjoying what everyone aspires for, simply from where he stays.
  • Isithavam (supremacy) – Have the creative power of God and control over the Sun, the moon and the elements and
  • Vasithavam (dominion over the elements) – Power of control over all the living being. The power of changing the course of nature and assuming any form.
In the context of Hindu mythology, Nidhi, that is, a treasure, constituted of nine treasures (nawanidhi) belonging to Kubera (also spelt as Kuvera), the god of wealth. According to the tradition, each nidhi is personified as having a guardian spirit, and some tantrikas worship them.
– mahapadma “great lotus flower” (Gaja Mukta)
– padma “lotus flower” (Nag Mani)
– shankha “conch” (Nine Gems)
– makara “dolphin or crocodile” (Paras Linga)
– kachchhapa “tortoise” (Maha Mani)
– mukunda “a particular precious stone” (Srivardhana Mani)

– kunda “jasmine” (Raja Mani)
– nila “sapphire” (Mahabandhana Mani)

– kharva “dwarf” (Billi ka Jer)
When considered as mines, minerals, earthenware and ocean resources, the nine treasures of Kubera are interpreted as:

– padma (lake in Himalaya with minerals and jewels)

– mahapadma (lake double the size of padma in Himalaya with minerals and jewels)

– makara (Synonym of Padmini, black antimony)

– nila (Antimony)

– mukunda (cinnabar, or quicksilver)

– kunda (arsenic)

– kharva (cups or vessels baked in fire)

– kachchhapa (tortoise or turtle shell)

– sankha (conch shell)

8 Siddhis (Supernatural powers) are:
1.   Aimā: Ability to reduce one’s size
2.   Mahima: Ability to increase one’s size
3.   Garima: Ability to increase one’s weight infinitely
4.   Laghima: Ability to become lighter than the lightest
5.   Prāpti: Ability to Obtain anything
6.   Prākāmya: Ability to acquire anything desired
7.   Iiva: Lordship over creation
8.   Vaśitva: Having control over things
in modern context we can live better if follow the same sidhhis in a different pattern given below.
Anima: Reduce the ego and be humble in front of elders, parents, teachers, and gurus.
Mahima: Think big, and aim for large goals.
Garima: Be immovable and unshakeable in values and principles.
Laghima: Don’t take everything in life too seriously. Have some lightness and laughter in life. To that end, I should note that Swamiji provided us quite a bit of laughter with his amusing anecdotes.
Prapti: Focus mental energies on achieving the goal.
Prakamya: Always speak the truth, and don’t be afraid to express aims and goals.

Istva and Vastva—last two siddhis  focus on the power of leadership, respect, and love – all of which go hand in hand. A true leader inspires others. And that inspiration causes people to follow and be loyal to that leader (istva). And finally, with respect to vastva.

Death of wife some combinations as per astrology.

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Death of wife some combinations as per astrology.

 The dead woman's body. Focus on hand - stock photo
Death suicide or murder of wife ( some combinations from sarvarath chintamani).
Lf the lord of the 5th house is located in the 7th, and the lord of the 7th house is with a malefic and Venus is weak. the wife of the native dies as a result of (loss etc of) pregnancy. (1 I)
If the 7th house is occupied by Venus in its sign of debily it or if Moon is in its sign of debilitation in the 7th house the wife dies by drowning. If the lord of the 7th house is located in the decante going by the name Paasha &  Bhujung (Rope & serpent) the wife dies by hanging. ( 12)
If the lord of the the 7th house is with Rahu and Mandi and is in decantegoing by the  of Bhujanga i.e. serpent the wife dies by taking poison.

Complete Bajrang baan with meaning.(Get rid of black Magic and evil effects.)

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Sampooran (complete) Bajrang baan romanised and with meaning ( To ward of black magic and abhichaar.)

Complete Bajrang baan with meaning.(Get rid of black Magic and evil effects.)

बजरंग बाण का अमोघ विलक्षण प्रयोग,   BY J.S.SANDHU

बजरंग बाण
भौतिक मनोकामनाओं की पुर्ति के लिये बजरंग बाण का अमोघ विलक्षण प्रयोग
अपने इष्ट कार्य की सिद्धि के लिए मंगल अथवा शनिवार का दिन चुन लें। हनुमानजी का एक चित्र या मूर्ति जप करते समय सामने रख लें। ऊनी अथवा कुशासन बैठने के लिए प्रयोग करें। अनुष्ठान के लिये शुद्ध स्थान तथा शान्त वातावरण आवश्यक है। घर में यदि यह सुलभ न हो तो कहीं एकान्त स्थान अथवा एकान्त में स्थित हनुमानजी के मन्दिर में प्रयोग करें।
हनुमान जी के अनुष्ठान मे अथवा पूजा आदि में दीपदान का विशेष महत्त्व होता है।

  •  पाँच अनाजों (गेहूँ, चावल, मूँग, उड़द और काले तिल) को अनुष्ठान से पूर्व एक-एक मुट्ठी प्रमाण में लेकर शुद्ध गंगाजल में भिगो दें। अनुष्ठान वाले दिन इन अनाजों को पीसकर उनका दीया बनाएँ। बत्ती के लिए अपनी लम्बाई के बराबर कलावे का एक तार लें अथवा एक कच्चे सूत को लम्बाई के बराबर काटकर लाल रंग में रंग लें। इस धागे को पाँच बार मोड़ लें। इस प्रकार के धागे की बत्ती को सुगन्धित तिल के तेल में डालकर प्रयोग करें। समस्त पूजा काल में यह दिया जलता रहना चाहिए। हनुमानजी के लिये गूगुल की धूनी की भी व्यवस्था रखें।
Soak a handful of preferably in water of Ganges . Five grains (wheat, rice, moong, urad and black sesame) before the ritual – Make a l;amp by grinding these five grains.For a wick use red coloured wrist sized sacred thread used to tie around Hindu rituals .Fold this thread in five folds and use is as a wick use sesame oil as the lamp oil and use guggal dhoop — during the recitation of hym the lamp should remain lighted.

जप के प्रारम्भ में यह संकल्प अवश्य लें कि आपका कार्य जब भी होगा, हनुमानजी के निमित्त नियमित कुछ भी करते रहेंगे। अब शुद्ध उच्चारण से हनुमान जी की छवि पर ध्यान केन्द्रित करके बजरंग बाण का जाप प्रारम्भ करें। “श्रीराम–” से लेकर “–सिद्ध करैं हनुमान” तक एक बैठक में ही इसकी एक माला जप करनी है।
गूगुल की सुगन्धि देकर जिस घर में बगरंग बाण का नियमित पाठ होता है, वहाँ दुर्भाग्य, दारिद्रय, भूत-प्रेत का प्रकोप और असाध्य शारीरिक कष्ट आ ही नहीं पाते। समयाभाव में जो व्यक्ति नित्य पाठ करने में असमर्थ हो, उन्हें कम से कम प्रत्येक मंगलवार को यह जप अवश्य करना चाहिए।
बजरंग बाण ध्यान
श्रीरामअतुलित बलधामं हेमशैलाभदेहं।
दनुज वन कृशानुं, ज्ञानिनामग्रगण्यम्।।
सकलगुणनिधानं वानराणामधीशं।
रघुपति प्रियभक्तं वातजातं नमामि।।

निश्चय प्रेम प्रतीति ते, विनय करैं सनमान।
तेहि के कारज सकल शुभ, सिद्ध करैं हनुमान।।

He who reveres Hanuman with unflinching faith, love and respectful
humility, is blessed with success in all his propitious undertakings by
the grace of Hanuman.


चौपाई  जय हनुमन्त सन्त हितकारी। सुनि लीजै प्रभु अरज हमारी।।
जन के काज विलम्ब न कीजै। आतुर दौरि महा सुख दीजै।।
जैसे कूदि सिन्धु वहि पारा। सुरसा बदन पैठि विस्तारा।।
Jai Hanumanta Santa Hitakaari, Suna Liijay Prabhu Araja
Hamari Jana kay kaaja vilambana keejay, Aatura dawrii maha Sukha
deejay. Jaisay kooda sindhu mahi paara, Sursa badana paithii
Pray listen to my entreaties, O Hanuman, the compassionate
benefactor of all saints! Delay not in responding to your votaries call
and rushing, bless them with felicity, just as you leapt across the
ocean leaving the earth behind and crept into Surasa’s mouth
assuming the form twice as large as that of the Mother of Serpents all
for the sake of Rama.
आगे जाय लंकिनी रोका। मारेहु लात गई सुर लोका।।
जाय विभीषण को सुख दीन्हा। सीता निरखि परम पद लीन्हा।।
Aagay jaiyii Lankinii Rokaa, Maarayhu laata gaii sura Loka
Jaayay Vibhishan ko sukha deenha, Sita Nirakhi parama
pada Leenhaa .
As you proceeded further Lankini stopped you on the way, but you
kicked her and dispatched her to the abode of the gods (killed her).
Going to Vibhishana you brought him exceeding joy and sighting Sita
you attained to the supreme state.
बाग उजारि सिन्धु मंह बोरा। अति आतुर यम कातर तोरा।।
अक्षय कुमार को मारि संहारा। लूम लपेटि लंक को जारा।।
Baag ujaari Sindhu Mahana Borah, Ati Aatura Jama Kaatara
Tora Akshaya Kumara mara sanhaara, Loama lapaita anka-ko Jaarah.
You laid waste the Ashoka grove and drowned it into the sea. You
rescued the world from its imminent doom (when the gods comforted
you in Paatala where you were lying in a precarious condition). Thus
did you save humanity and earn for yourself the blessing of
immortality by frustrating the design of Yama who subdues every
being. One glaring example of your victory over death is the episode
of Akshayakumara, whose name signifies immortality, whom you
overthrew and slaughtered; with your tail swathed with rags soaked in
oil and set on fire you reduced Lanka to ashes
लाह समान लंक जरि गई। जै जै धुनि सुर पुर में भई।।
अब विलंब केहि कारण स्वामी। कृपा करहु प्रभु अन्तर्यामी।।
Laaha samaan lanka jaari-gai, Jai Jai Dhwani surpur naba Bhai Aba
vilambha kayhi Kaaran Swami, Kripaa Karahhu ura Antaraymii
Lanka burnt like shellac; heaven, the abode of gods, was filled with
cries of triumph: “Victory! Victory! Why are you tarrying, my Lord? O
controller of my inmost being! Be gracious to me.
जय जय लक्ष्मण प्राण के दाता। आतुर होई दुख करहु निपाता।।
जै गिरधर जै जै सुख सागर। सुर समूह समरथ भट नागर।।
Jai Jai Lakshmana Praana kay daataa, Aatura hai dukha
Karhu Nipaataa Jai Jai Hanumanta Jayati bala saagar, Sura
Samooha samratha Bhata Naagar
Glory, glory to you, O Lord, who restored Lakshmana to life! Come
promptly and speedily and destroy my sorrow. Victory, victory to you,
O Giridhara (who lifted up a mountain and brought it with all its
vegetation to Lanka where Lakshmana lay grievously wounded)
Victory, victory to you, O ocean of bliss! You are an assemblage of
bravery, are competent, great warrior and wise.
Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu
ॐ हनु-हनु-हनु हनुमंत हठीले। वैरहिं मारू बज्र सम कीलै।।
गदा बज्र तै बैरिहीं मारौ। महाराज निज दास उबारों।।
Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta Hateelay, Bhairayhhi
I revere the unyielding Son of the Wind, Hanuman, with the cant of
Om hanu hanu hanu. May you destroy my adversaries with
thunderbolt and club, your adamantine weapon, which, when hurled,
lets no enemy escape. O Lord! O king of kings! Come and deliver me,
your own devotee, from my enemies.
सुनि हंकार हुंकार दै धावो। बज्र गदा हनि विलम्ब न लावो।।
ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं हनुमंत कपीसा। ॐ हुँ हुँ हुँ हनु अरि उर शीसा।।
Hanumana Kapisha, Om Hum Hum Hum Hanu Arii Ura Sheesha.
Roaring with the sacred and mystical syllable OM, come with all
haste, O great warrior, and hurl down bolts and clubs and other
weapons (on my enemies) without delay. O monkey-king Hanuman!
Cry hriin hriin hriin, the mystic syllables and shouting aloud Om
hun, hun, hun smite the heads and bosoms of my enemies.
Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu
सत्य होहु हरि सत्य पाय कै। राम दुत धरू मारू धाई कै।।
जै हनुमन्त अनन्त अगाधा। दुःख पावत जन केहि अपराधा।।
O Rama’s envoy! Having been assured by Lord Hari that you are
Real-Truth itself-you rush at once and catching hold of my enemies,
kill them (without fear). (Being ever living Reality, immortal and
transcendent, yield not to fear but fight and kill) Glory, glory, all gory
to you, O unfathomed Hanuman! For what offence are your devotees
पूजा जप तप नेम अचारा। नहिं जानत है दास तुम्हारा।।
वन उपवन जल-थल गृह माहीं। तुम्हरे बल हम डरपत नाहीं।।
पाँय परौं कर जोरि मनावौं। अपने काज लागि गुण गावौं।।
I, your humble servant, know not how to perform worship and do
penance, chant your name, observe the rules of purity and conduct.
Strengthened (and protected) by you, I fear not at home nor while
passing through forests and parklands and mountains. I prostrate
myself at your feet and with cupped palms invoke your grace; whom
else should I call for help in these desperate straits.
जै अंजनी कुमार बलवन्ता। शंकर स्वयं वीर हनुमंता।।
बदन कराल दनुज कुल घालक। भूत पिशाच प्रेत उर शालक।।
Jai Anjani Kumara Balawanta, Shankara Suwana Beera
Hanumanta Badana Karaala kaala kula ghaalaka, Rama sahay
sadaa prati Paalak.
Glory to you, O brave son of Anjani and Shankara! You are the
fearsome exterminator even of Death and his descendants, a
succourer of Rama and an ever-ready protector of all.
भूत प्रेत पिशाच निशाचर। अग्नि बैताल वीर मारी मर।।
इन्हहिं मारू, तोंहि शमथ रामकी। राखु नाथ मर्याद नाम की।।
जनक सुता पति दास कहाओ। ताकी शपथ विलम्ब न लाओ।।
As soon as one sets one’s mind on you or chants your name ghosts
and ghouls spirits, fiends, wanderers of the night, fire goblins, fatality
and epidemics, all disappear in a trice (Being so incomparable in
might) deliver your devotee at once and with the remembrance of
your name fill his heart with joy. In the name of Rama do I beseech
you to kill them, the demons and all their hordes, and, O Lord, let not
Rama’s dignity be reconciled to anything demeaning (sully not the
reputation of Rama). You are called a devotee of Janakas
daughter, Sita and Hari; I entreat you in the names of both Sita and
Hari not to prevaricate and delay in coming.
जय जय जय ध्वनि होत अकाशा। सुमिरत होत सुसह दुःख नाशा।।
उठु-उठु चल तोहि राम दुहाई। पाँय परौं कर जोरि मनाई।।
Uth uth  chal tohe Ram duhai ,Paanv  paron kar jor  manai.
The heavens reverberate with the sound of Glory, glory, all glory (to
Hanuman) The very remembrance of yours destroys even
unendurable miseries. With folded palms I supplicate you to provide
me the protection at your feet, for I cannot but call on you for help at
this hour. I prostrate myself at your feet and with cupped palms invoke your grace; whom else should I call for help in these desperate straits. You are under oath to Rama to hasten and protect all in distress. I prostrate myself again before you and with folded hands entreat you to arise and rush in (to kill my enemies).
ॐ चं चं चं चं चपल चलन्ता। ॐ हनु हनु हनु हनु हनु हनुमंता।।
ॐ हं हं हांक देत कपि चंचल। ॐ सं सं सहमि पराने खल दल।।
OM Cham cham cham cham CHAPALA CHALANTAA
Chanting the sacred Om cham cham cham cham, come and deliver
me, O entrepid courser! And shouting Om hanu hanu hanu hanu
slaughter my foes, O Hanuman! When the playful and noble-footed
Monkey-king shouts aloud Om hum hum the demon host is so
terrified that it flees crying Om sam sam.
अपने जन को कस न उबारौ। सुमिरत होत आनन्द हमारौ।।
ताते विनती करौं पुकारी। हरहु सकल दुःख विपति हमारी।।
Apney jan  ko kas  na ubharo. sumrit hoat  anand hamaro.
Tate vinti karon pukari. Harhoo sakal dukh vipiti humari.
Please remove all  difficulties  of your worshippers  i entreat   you with folded hands.
ऐसौ बल प्रभाव प्रभु तोरा। कस न हरहु दुःख संकट मोरा।।
हे बजरंग, बाण सम धावौ। मेटि सकल दुःख दरस दिखावौ।।
Aiso bal prabhaav prabhu tera.  Kas na harhoo  dukh  sankat mora
Hey  Bajrang  baan sam dhavo. Mate sakal dukh daras dikhavoo.
Your strength and prowess  is endless  ,please do not leave me in lurch
take care of all  my miseries and troubles and please grace me with your divine presence.
हे कपिराज काज कब ऐहौ। अवसर चूकि अन्त पछतैहौ।।
जन की लाज जात ऐहि बारा। धावहु हे कपि पवन कुमारा।।
Hey Kapiraaj Kaaj  kabb aeho . Avsar chuk antt pachhtao
Jan ki laaj jaat aihe bara. Dhavu hey kapi  pavan kumara.
Hey  almighty king of monkeys  please  do the needful  please do not loose this opportunity to help me. I am your devotee servant please  do not dissapoint me this time. Almighty son of wind please kill all my woes.
जयति जयति जै जै हनुमाना। जयति जयति गुण ज्ञान निधाना।।
जयति जयति जै जै कपिराई। जयति जयति जै जै सुखदाई।।
Jayati jayati  jai jai  Hanumana. Jayati jayati gunn gayan nidhana.
Jayati  Jayati  jai jai kapirai  jayati jayati  jai jai  sukhdai.
Salutations and victories to you  Oh Hanuman  you  are  the  keeper of  values  and knowledge. Salutations  to you  oh  granter  of wellbeing  and  pleasure.
जयति जयति जै राम पियारे। जयति जयति जै सिया दुलारे।।
जयति जयति मुद मंगलदाता। जयति जयति त्रिभुवन विख्याता।।
Jayati  jayati jai  Ram payare .Jayati  jayati  jai siya dularey.
Jayati  jayati  Mud mangaldata  . Jayti  jayti  tribhuvan vikhyata.
Salutations to you  one held dear by Shri RAm.  Salutations  to you  oh hanuman who is very dear to Sita ji. Salutations  to you oh bestower of pleasure  and  wellbeing. Salutations  to you whose valour and prowess  in known in three worlds.
ऐहि प्रकार गावत गुण शेषा। पावत पार नहीं लवलेषा।।
राम रूप सर्वत्र समाना। देखत रहत सदा हर्षाना।।
Ehi  parkaar Gavat  gunn shesha.  Pavat paar nahin lovelesha.
Ram  roop sarvatra samaana . Dekhat rehat  sada harshana.
Its like this only that  i sing  of  your values. You can grant me moksha  in a  flash
You  have Ram embodied  in you  by  visualising  it you stay pleased and in bliss.
विधि शारदा सहित दिनराती। गावत कपि के गुन बहु भाँति।।
तुम सम नहीं जगत बलवाना। करि विचार देखउं विधि नाना।।
Vidhi  shardha sahit dinrati. Gavat kapi  ke gunn bahu bhanti.
Tum samm nahin jagat balwana . Karr vichaar dekhon vidhi  nana.
With proper procedure and vidhi  i keep on harping on your values  and  valour  whether day or night. There is no one more powerful than you in this world ,i know and have wondered and thought about it  but you are poweful and supreme.
यह जिय जानि शरण तब आई। ताते विनय करौं चित लाई।।
सुनि कपि आरत वचन हमारे। मेटहु सकल दुःख भ्रम भारे।।
Yeh Jiy  jaani sharan tabb aai. Tate  vinay karr chitt laayi.
Sunn kapi  aarat vachan hamaarey  matehoo sakal  dukh bharam  bhaarey.
I have surrendered my soul  and seek your protection  with fervent  appeals .
Please listen to my  entreatises  and  olibetrate my  sufferings and  doubts.
एहि प्रकार विनती कपि केरी। जो जन करै लहै सुख ढेरी।।
याके पढ़त वीर हनुमाना। धावत बाण तुल्य बनवाना।।
Ehi  parkaar vinti  kapi  keri . Jo jann karey  lahey sukhh dheri.
Yaakey  parat veer  hanumaana . Dhavat baan tulya banwana.
I  make  appeals like  this to you , whosover  does it  gets  plenty of comforts.
Who  so ever  reads this ode to veer  hanuman  gets  the strength  of  an arrow.
मेटत आए दुःख क्षण माहिं। दै दर्शन रघुपति ढिग जाहीं।।
पाठ करै बजरंग बाण की। हनुमत रक्षा करै प्राण की।।
Metat  aaye  dukhh shann mahin. De darshan raghupati  dhigg  jahin.
Paath karein  bajrang baan ki. Hanumant raksha karein  praan ki.
You have been erasing  sufferings  in seconds . Please  honor me with  your presence.
He, who chants this hymn,is  well protected by Hanumaan.
डीठ, मूठ, टोनादिक नासै। परकृत यंत्र मंत्र नहीं त्रासे।।
भैरवादि सुर करै मिताई। आयुस मानि करै सेवकाई।।
Dheedh ,muthh tona-adik  naasey . Par krat  yantra,mantra, nahin trasey.
Bhairav adi sur karey  mitai . Ayus maane karein  sevakai.
All types of black magic  do not  have  any effect  on those who read this hym.
Bhairav and demons  become friends  and would  do the bidding.
प्रण कर पाठ करें मन लाई। अल्प-मृत्यु ग्रह दोष नसाई।।
आवृत ग्यारह प्रतिदिन जापै। ताकी छाँह काल नहिं चापै।।
Prann  karr  paath  karein  mann layi . alp  mrityu  grah dosh nasai.
Aavrat  gyarah  pratidinn jaapey  taki  shanh  kaal nahin chaapey.
Whoover  recites this hym with  deteminantion  and resolve  has no fear from  untimely death ,if one recites it eleven times  daily  death does not  even cast its shadow on that individual before time.
दै गूगुल की धूप हमेशा। करै पाठ तन मिटै कलेषा।।
यह बजरंग बाण जेहि मारे। ताहि कहौ फिर कौन उबारे।।
De guggal ki dhup hamesha. Karein  paath tann mitey  kalesha.
Yeh bajrang baan jehi marey . tahin kaho phirr kaun ubhaarey.
Burning incrense  of guggal if one recites this hym  he becomes free of  bodily diseases.
He who repeats this hymn is feared by spirits and ghouls and all the
who repeats it regularly with oblations of incense is relieved of all
physical infirmities. Tell me, who can protect the person who is pierced with Bajaranga’s arrow?
शत्रु समूह मिटै सब आपै। देखत ताहि सुरासुर काँपै।।
तेज प्रताप बुद्धि अधिकाई। रहै सदा कपिराज सहाई।।
Shatru  Samooh  mitey  sabb aapey. Dekhat  tahin  surasur  kaanpey .
Tej partaap  budhi  adhikai . Rahe sada kapiraaj  sahai.
All enemies vanish  on their own.  And all demons start fearing you.
Your aura,fame ,inteligence and valour  are enhanced  and king of monkeys  is always  helpful to you.
प्रेम प्रतीतिहिं कपि भजै। सदा धरैं उर ध्यान।।
तेहि के कारज तुरत ही, सिद्ध करैं हनुमान।।
Prem  prateet  kapi bhaje sadha  dharein urr dhayan .
Tehi  ke karaj  turrant  hi sidhh karein  Hanumaan.
He who meditates on the Monkey-King with faith and devotion and
with his image in his heart, finds all his noble efforts crowned with
success by the grace of Hanuman


Astrology of Sexual Perversion

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Sexual perversion and astrology.

Astrology of Sexual Perversion

Sexual Perversions


Sexual perversions are conditions in which sexual excitement or orgasm is associated with acts or imagery that are considered unusual within the culture. To avoid problems associated with the stigmatization of labels, the neutral term paraphilia, derived from Greek roots meaning “alongside of” and “love,” is used to describe what used to be called sexual perversions. A paraphilia is a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on a fantasy theme of an unusual situation or object that becomes the principal focus of sexual behavior.
Paraphilias include fantasies, behaviours, and/or urges which:
  • involve non-human sexual objects, such as shoes or undergarments
  • require the suffering or humiliation of oneself or partner
  • involve children or other non-consenting partners
The most common paraphilias are:
  • exhibitionism, or exposure of the genitals
  • fetishism, or the use of non-living objects
  • frotteurism, or touching and rubbing against a non consenting person
  • paedophilia, or the focus on prepubescent children
  • sexual masochism, or the receiving of humiliation or suffering
  • sexual sadism, or the inflicting of humiliation or suffering
  • transvestism fetishism, or cross-dressing
  • voyeurism, or watching others engage in undressing or sexual activity
A paraphiliac often has more than one paraphilia. Paraphilias often result in a variety of associated problems, such as guilt, depression, shame, isolation, and impairment in the capacity for normal social and sexual relationships. A paraphilia can, and often does, become highly idiosyncratic and ritualized.
Astrological factors.
Sexual perversion is outcome of affliction on various planets governing various factors.   A person  (ascendant) will be perverted if his emotional aspect (Moon 5H/L) is under affliction to create excessive lust for lascivious pleasures (Venus, 7H/L, 8H/L, 12H/L) secretly (12 H/L). He / she will have extra courage (Mars, 3L, 3H) also to break the socially accepted norms (Rahu, affliction on 5H/L and involvement of 8H/L) for sexual act (7H/L) in multiplicity (11H/L).  Besides, there would be noticeable degradation in character of such person (affliction on Sun and influence on Saturn on above factors).  These factors form various combinations that may show sexual immorality of native.  A few combinations are as follows:

  • Mars link with 7H/L and Venus.
  • Mars in Venus sign but in Saturn or Mars Navamsha and Venus in Mars sign but in Saturn or Venus Navamsha.
  • Venus in Aries, Taurus or Aquarius aspected by Mars.
  • Conjunction of Mars and afflicted Venus.
  • Venus in Vargas of Mars and Saturn.
  • Venus in 7th house aspected by Mars or Saturn Rahu etc.
  • Venus in Virgo or Cancer aspected by Saturn.
  • 7L with R/K aspected by malefic.
  • Rahu in 7H and Mars in 4H.
  • Venus in Gemini or Virgo aspected by Mars. Mercury and Venus seek secret pleasure.
  • Strong Sambandha between lords of 7 and 11H.
  • Exchange between 7L and 12L.
  • Mars Mercury Venus in 7H makes one extremely passionate.  Venus in Aries makes one mentally passionate, in Scorpio physically passionate.
  • Saturn aspected by or associated with Venus in Mars sign.
  • Saturn Mars Moon  in 7th House.
  • Mars in 4H, Rahu in 7H and Sun & Saturn together in any sign.
  • Rahu or Sun in 7H and Mars in 4H or 7H.
  • LL, 2L or 6L in 7H with malefic.
  • Jupiter, Mercury or Venus Moon or Sun Rahu or Saturn Rahu or Saturn Ketu in 7H.
  • All Kendras are afflicted or Malefics in trines.
  • Saturn, Sun, Mars in 4H.

Epilepsy and astrology.

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Astrology of epilepsy.

Epilepsy astrology.

Astrological indicators of epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a common and diverse set of chronic neurological disorders characterized by seizures. It is a paroxysmal behavioral spell generally caused by an excessive disorderly discharge of cortical nerve cells of the brain and can range from clinically undetectable (electrographic seizures) to convulsions. Some definitions of epilepsy require that seizures be recurrent and unprovoked but others require only a single seizure combined with brain alterations which increase the chance of future seizures.[5] In many cases a cause cannot be identified; however, factors that are associated include brain trauma, strokes, brain cancer, and drug and alcohol misuse among others.
 Epileptic seizures result from abnormal, excessive or hypersynchronous neuronal activity in the brain About 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, and nearly 80% of epilepsy occurs in developing countries. Epilepsy becomes more common as people age. Onset of new cases occurs most frequently in infants and the elderly Epileptic seizures may occur in recovering patients as a consequence of brain surgery.[
Epilepsy is usually controlled, but not cured, with medication. However, more than 30% of people with epilepsy do not have seizure control even with the best available medications. Surgery may be considered in difficult cases. Not all epilepsy syndromes are lifelong – some forms are confined to particular stages of childhood. Epilepsy should not be understood as a single disorder, but rather as syndromic with vastly divergent symptoms, all involving episodic abnormal electrical activity in the brain and numerous seizures.

What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally. Neurons normally generate electrochemical impulses that act on other neurons, glands, and muscles to produce human thoughts, feelings, and actions. In epilepsy, the normal pattern of neuronal activity becomes disturbed, causing strange sensations, emotions, and behaviour  or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness. During a seizure, neurons may fire as many as 500 times a second, much faster than normal. In some people, this happens only occasionally; for others, it may happen up to hundreds of times a day

Astrological combinations of epilepsy as laid down in classics.

Epilepsy may be on account of Tridosha. This may arise on account of dining at odd hours, over eating, deficient food or improper food habits. These details can be gleaned from ascendant and Moon and Ascendant lord. Food habits can be gleaned from 2nd house and 6th house.

According to Saravali, a person may suffer on account of Epilepsy.

(a) If Saturn is in the ascendant with Rahu or Moon with the lord of 6th, 8th or 12th house.

(b) Moon in the ascendant with Rahu and aspected by Saturn, Mars or lord of 6th house.

(c) Mercury and Rahu in the ascendant associated or aspected by the lord of 6th house.

(d) Venus with Rahu in 7th aspected by Mars or Saturn or the lord of the 6th house.

(e) Jupiter aspected by the lord of 6th, 8th, 12th and occupying 6th, 8th or 12th house.

(f) Lord of the ascendant in 6th, 8th or 12th house and is associated with Rahu, Mars or Saturn.

In addition to these, it is also observed that affliction of Moon is also responsible for Epilepsy.

Amongst the various planets Rahu is the most dreaded one for the Moon. He is even called Chandra rVimardana . On the other hand the Moon is the significator of emotions and consciousness. If the Moon as lord of the 4th be in the 6th, 8th or 12th and it falls under the evil influence of Rahu by conjunction or aspect etc. and there be no benefic influence on the
Moon, the emotions and consciousness are adversely affected, giving rise to dreaded affliction known as Epilespy. As lord of the 4th, the Moon will be absolute representative of the emotional side of mind and /therefore Moon’s affliction in the manner described above will definitely cause a serious disease of the mind and consciousness.
  • 107 Sarvartha Chintamani epilepsy (apasmaara) weak Moon in + rahu + satun in the 8th
  • 108 Sarvartha Chintamani epilepsy (apasmaara) weak Moon in + rahu + satun + mars in the 8th
  • 109 Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 epilepsy (apasmaara) Sun + Moon + Mars in Lagna / 8th along with /aspected by malefics
  • 110 Jatakaadesha 8 epilepsy (apasmaara) maha roga Moon + Venus in Kendra & Malefics in 5th /8th
  • 111 Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 epilepsy (apasmaara) satya madaa Moon + Mercury in kendra aspected by malefics
  • 112 Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 epilepsy (apasmaara) satya madaa Malefics in 5th & 8th
  • 113 Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 epilepsy (apasmaara) satya madaa Satun + Mars in 6th / 8th +
  • Parivesha + Jupiter NOT in kendra or trikona
  • 114 Veerasimhavaloka Epilepsy apasmaara Sun + Saturn + Mars in the 8th
  • 115 Sarvartha Chintamani Epillepsy (Apasmaara) Saturn + Mars in 6th / 8th
  • 116 Sarvartha Chintamani Epillepsy (Apasmaara) Jupiter in Kendra + Malefics in 6th + 8th + 12th house
  • 117 Sarvartha Chintamani Epillepsy (Apasmaara) All the malefics in the 8th & Moon + Venus in Kendra.
Sixth  lord conjunct lagna lord and 8th lord ,7th and 2nd lord and marak mars .Mercury combust ,moon conjunct saturn in 10th,Combust and afflicted mercury is under aspect from 4th and 5th lord saturn ,rahu from 8th house.. Lord of 64th navamsa is mercury and lord of 22nd drekana is saturn. Whenever mercury is combust and under heavy malefic influence  it calls for disease related to nervous disorder specifically if mercury own or is in any of dushsthana houses ie 6th,8th or 12th.
Almost all  of the combinations given as per classics mentioned  above do not apply  to this chart ,so i would advice readers to practice the same on many charts to arrive at a methodology.

Astrology of fire accidents.

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Fire accidents and Astrology.

Fire accidents and astrology.
Astrology of fire accidents.

Cartoon Fireman Running With An Axe Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 19102059Vector Cartoon Fire Truck Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image: 31805377

Astrological indicators for fire accidents or death by fire.

1. Sun– Fiery planet the diety is Agni.
2.Nakshatra- kritika lorded by Sun- Diety—Agni
3.Nakshatra- visakha- diety -Agni and king of Gods.
4.Nakshatra- purv bhadrapad—  Diety Rudra the destroyer—PURGATORIAL FIRE,  contrition, atonement.
5.Planet Mars for accidents and fire .
6.Planet Ketu for fire related accidents being a clone of Mars.
7.Mars in 5th house or influencing 5th makes person susceptible to fire accident.
Houses- 6th and 8th.
Signs- Dual signs and Fire signs.

Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 27 July 1996 at 04:30 AM in Melbourne, Australia (Severely burned in house fire, age 16)
Lagna- Dual sign. Nakshatra mrigshira- ruler Mars.8th lord saturn in nakshatra of sun,dispositor of 8th lord ketu in 8th in nakshatra of  mars ,while mars is in nakshtra of self in fifth house ,8th lord is hemmed between malefics  .Sun and moon in fiery signs ,mars is lord of sixth aspecting 8th house and ketu.The fire accident happened in MD of Moon and Bhukti of Mars the sixth and 11th lord.Lord of 64th navamsa  Saturn and rahu,Lord of 22nd drekana is again saturn..
Ascendent and 8th lord venus is hemmed between malefics  .Lagan nakshatra is Visakha .Ketu tenants 7th house in the sign aries .Mars(combust) is marak here with double intensity lording over 2nd and 7th placed in 6th ,with 11th lord sun,sun is also lord of  64th navamsa. ,lord of 22nd derekana saturn is conjunct sixth lord jupiter ,saturn aspects the planets in 6th by 3rd aspect.The native died by fire inMD ketu and bhukti of Sun  in sept 1904.

Seat of disease in Astrology

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Seat of disease in Astrology

Seat of disease in Astrology

Cartoon toilet -Cartoon toilet -

Significations of the houses generally correspond to the signs of zodiac in seriatim. Similarly read the various body parts governed by various
houses. Afflictions to houses likewise cause diseases of the connected parts.If the dispositor of the lord of a Bhava is in dustana , then the particular bhava will be in great danger. This rule is very useful in medicalastrology to detect diseases in various parts of the body.

*bodily diseases can be ascertained by an examination of (a) the 6th and  8th house, (b) the lord of the 6th and 8th, (c) the planet who aspects the 6th and  8th,  and (d) the planet which occupies the 6th and 8th. The strongest of these will cause the disease pertaining to the dosha under its domain and in the particular organ governed by the zodiacal sign it afflicts.

*Three seats of disease are recognised, viz., if the Lagna is movable and in Urdhvamukha Rasi (3,6,9,12 from sun), then the disease can be seen above the neck ; if fixed and Thiryugmukha (2,5,8,11 from sun), the disease is below the neck and above the waist, and if it is common and Adhomukha (1,4,7,10, from sun) the disease will be below the waist.

  • Adhomukha Rasi – is the Sign that Sun currently in.
  • Urdhwamukha Rasi – is the Sign that Sun was last in.
  • ThiryugMukah Rasi – is the sign that Sun will next move to.

General rules; benefics in trine or quadrants are health promoting , malefics in trine or quadrants often cause health problems. Upachayas; 3, 6 and 11 are houses of resistance to disease and relate to the immune system. Malefics here destroy disease and increase our immunity. Benefics do not do well in the sixth, but are not bad in the third and eleventh.The lords of houses 3 and 11 can also cause health problems. 2 & 7 are marakas; (end of 3 & 8) negative generally only in old age.