Astrology of Cosmetic Surgery

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Aesthetic surgery and Astrology.

Astrology of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body. Because treated areas function properly but lack aesthetic appeal, cosmetic surgery is elective.
Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical speciality dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is re constructive in nature.

Aesthetic surgery– surgery in which the principal purpose is to improve the appearance.

Astrological Factors-
Planet Venus for beauty and aesthetics.
Planet Mars for surgery.
Planet ketu as it acts like Mars.
Planet moon the feminine planet and as it signifies the mind the main siginificator or trigger here to build up the urge.
Signs- Signs will be as per the body part where surgery is to performed ,foe eg  cancer and planet moon for breast upliftment for women.
The chart belongs to a well known lady who had a aesthetic surgery done on her breast in dasha  of Venus -mercury-moon . Venus is natural karka of beauty and aesthetics ,here it happens to the lord of 4th the breasts  its placed in sign cancer as dispositor of moon in the first house representing the physical body and head as per body parts ,therefore she went ahead with the surgery. Lord of 6th  jupiter is conjunct ,lagna lord moon and lord of 5th and 10 th and karak for surgery Mars.Mercury the bhukti lord is in star of mars and lord of 12th ( hospitals) and 3rd courage and determination.The Dasha sequence here invariably points at the aesthetic surgery that was performed to correct a slight problem.


Thalassemia and Astrology.

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Thalassemia and Astrology.

Astrology of Thalassemia

Thalassemia- Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, which leads to anaemia.

Thalassemia is caused by variant or missing genes that affect how the body makes haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. People with thalassemia make less haemoglobin and fewer circulating red blood cells than normal, which results in mild or severe anaemia. Thalassemia will be present as microcytic anaemia which may be differentiated from iron deficiency anaemia using the mentzer index calculation.
Thalassemia can cause significant complications, including iron overload, bone deformities and cardiovascular illness. However this same inherited disease of red blood cells may confer a degree of protection against malaria, which is or was prevalent in the regions where the trait is common. This selective survival advantage on carriers (known as heterozygous advantage) may be responsible for perpetuating the mutation in populations. In that respect, the various thalassemias resemble another genetic disorder affecting haemoglobin, sickle-cell disease


Hemoglobin is made of two proteins: Alpha globin and beta globin. Thalassemia occurs when there is a defect in a gene that helps control production of one of these proteins.
There are two main types of thalassemia:
  • Alpha thalassemia occurs when a gene or genes related to the alpha globin protein are missing or changed (mutated).
  • Beta thalassemia occurs when similar gene defects affect production of the beta globin protein.
Alpha thalassemias occur most commonly in persons from southeast Asia, the Middle East, China, and in those of African descent.
Beta thalassemias occur in persons of Mediterranean origin, and to a lesser extent, Chinese, other Asians, and African Americans.
There are many forms of thalassemia. Each type has many different subtypes. Both alpha and beta thalassemia include the following two forms:
  • Thalassemia major
  • Thalassemia minor
You must inherit the defective gene from both parents to develop thalassemia major.
Thalassemia minor occurs if you receive the defective gene from only one parent. Persons with this form of the disorder are carriers of the disease and usually do not have symptoms.
Beta thalassemia major is also called Cooley’s anemia.


The most severe form of alpha thalassemia major causes stillbirth (death of the unborn baby during birth or the late stages of pregnancy).
Children born with thalessemia major (Cooley’s anaemia) are normal at birth, but develop severe anaemia during the first year of life.
Other symptoms can include:
  • Bone deformities in the face
  • Fatigue
  • Growth failure
  • Shortness of breath
  • Yellow skin (jaundice)
Persons with the minor form of alpha and beta thalassemia have small red blood cells (which are identified by looking at their red blood cells under a microscope), but no symptoms.
Astrological factors-
Astrological Factors– 
Moon for blood and body fluids.
Mars for Blood disorders and RBC
Ketu- congenital disorder
Saturn-For chronic diseases.
Lord of 6th ,8th and 12th bhava.
Venus- For body fluids.
Mercury- as it represents Tridosha in ayurveda.
Each planet governs specific body functions and parts of the anatomy:
Sun: Heart, Bones, Spine (and general vitality)
Moon: Blood, Stomach, Breasts, Body Fluids, Heart-Mind (Feelings/ Psychological)
Mars: Muscles, Circulation of Blood
Mercury: Nervous System, Skin, Speech, Intellect
Jupiter: Liver, Gall Bladder, Fat in the body
Venus: Uro-genital system, Kidneys, Hormones, Female organs
Saturn: Joints, Knees, Teeth
Additionally, the Natural Malefic planets, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, have areas
 of ill health that they specialize in:
Mars governs Accidents, Injury, Fevers and Infections, and Surgery
Saturn rules over Chronic Conditions, Debility, Exhaustion, and Depression
Rahu presides over Unusual Diseases, Poisons, Cancer, Loss of Consciousness
Ketu rules Mysterious Diseases, “Unseen” causes, i.e., Viruses and Parasites, and Karmic
Lord of sixth saturn is retrograde in 12th,while venus joint significator of body fluids is combust and retrograde
Mars as lord of 8th is conjunct lagna lord in 6th house. the native is born in shravana nakshatra of moon ,moon as 
11th lord is conjunct rahu and debilitated Jupiter badhak and suffering from kendra adhipati yoga. Lagna lord mercury 
is badly placed and in paap kartari yoga. Dispostor of moon ketu is significator of congenital disorder.Saturn aspects 

mars the significator of blood disorders and being retrograde it also aspects  moon the dasha lord.Dasha at birth Moon-ketu.

Lord of 6th and lagna venus is combust and in paap kaatari yoga and is conjunct
 8th lord jupiter in sign cancer the nourishing sign governing body fluids along with 
signs of venus,there is anexcange between 1st and 3rd lord here.8th lord jupiter is 
in maran karaka sthaan conjunct sixth lord in nakshtra of mercury along with Sun 
lord of 4th,venus the lagna and lord of 6th . Mercury as lord of 2nd is marak and in
 nakshatra of saturn the karka of all chronic diseases its conjunct rahu in 4yth house 
Mars occupies a marak house and is also owner of marak house the 7th ,since the 
moon is in mrigshira dasha at birth is Mars ( governing blood disorders) it is also 
conjunct gulika in 2nd house,both mars and ketu are in nakshatra of rahu .
This is a clear cut case of Thalassemia ,dasha sequence was Mars-Mars-Saturn.
Common points-
 4th house affliction.
 4th lord affliction and bad aspects specifically of Saturn.
 Gulik in second house.
 Weak debilitated and combust jupiter.
 Venus combust and weak.
 Lagna lord in Paap kartari yoga
 Mars is functional malefic in both the horoscopes.

( Twelve) 12 kinds of children and astrological combinations of each( as per Brihat Jataka)

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( Twelve) 12 kinds of children and astrological combinations of each( as per Brihat Jataka)

12 Kinds of children as per brihat jataka–

  1. Aurasa— Born to lawful wife.
  2. Kshetraja- Born to one’s wife with consent of Husband.
  3. Datta- Given in Adoption.
  4. Kritima- nursing anyone as ones child.
  5. Adhama Prabhavan-One born to a wife without husbands knowledge  by a low cast man
  6. Ghudhothpanna– One born to wife in a similar way as above but from a man of equal caste.
  7. Apaviddha- ONe neglected after birth.
  8. Pounarbhava- A child born from second husband after the wife renounces the first husband.
  9. Kanina—-Born to an unmarried girl
  10. Sahoda– Born to a second wife
  11. Kritaka- A child purchased while first is living.
  12. Dasi prabhava-Born of illegimate connection.
  • Unless the Guru apects lagna,chandra or surya either in rasi or amsa the legitimacy of child has to be suspected.
  • If the 5th house from Lagna or Chandra whichever is more powerful has a beneficial aspects the person will have lawful children.
  • If 5th falls inin one of sanis houses aspected by budha  the child will resemble shani,if guru kuja and ravi aspect the same child will be blind
  • If 5th house belongs to budha aspected by shani kshetraja is born.( Example – Pandvas)
  • If the 5th house belongs to sani with shani in 5th and is aspected by chandra ,the sun will be adopted or datta.
  • If 5th house joins kujas saptamsa with shani there and is unaspected by other planets the child will kritima.
  • If 5th house falls in sanis varga with ravi there aspected by kuja  the child will be  Adhama prabhava.
  • If the 5th joins kujas amsa with chandra there aspected by sani unaspected by other planets the child will be gudhotpanna.
  • If 5th joins sanis varga with kuja there aspected by ravi Apaviddha will be born.
  • If 5th falls in Shanis Vargas with shani and chandra aspected by shukra and ravi  the child will be Punarbhava.
  • If the 5th falls in cancer conjoined or aspected by sun the child will be Kanina.
  • If the 5th falls in ravi or chandras divisions  with ravi or chandra in it aspected by shukra the child will be sahodha.
  • If the 5th falls into malefic signs aspected by powerful malefics unaspected by benifics the person will have no children.
  • If the 5th house falls in shukras navamsa  aspected by shukra the children will be from concubines.

Alzheimer’s disease astrology

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Astrology of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s disease astrology.

Brain disease with memory loss due to Dementia and Alzheimer's illness as a medical icon of an autumn season  tree shaped as a human head and brain losing leaves as a concept of intelligence decline. - stock photo
Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline. A neuro degenerative type of dementia, the disease starts mild and gets progressively worse.


Like all types of dementia, Alzheimer’s is caused by brain cell death.3 It is a neurodegenerative disease, which means there is progressive brain cell death that happens over a course of time.
1. Worsened ability to take in and remember new information, for example:
  • “Repetitive questions or conversations
  • Misplacing personal belongings
  • Forgetting events or appointments
  • Getting lost on a familiar route.”
2. Impairments to reasoning, complex tasking, exercising judgement:
  • “Poor understanding of safety risks
  • Inability to manage finances
  • Poor decision-making ability
  • Inability to plan complex or sequential activities.”
3. Impaired visuospatial abilities (but not, for example, due to eye sight problems):
  • “Inability to recognize faces or common objects or to find objects in direct view
  • Inability to operate simple implements, or orient clothing to the body.”
4. Impaired speaking, reading and writing:
  • “Difficulty thinking of common words while speaking, hesitations
  • Speech, spelling, and writing errors.”
5. Changes in personality and behaviour, for example:
  • Out-of-character mood changes, including agitation; less interest, motivation or initiative; apathy; social withdrawal
  • Loss of empathy
  • Compulsive, obsessive or socially unacceptable behaviour.
Astrological factors-
  • Planet Moon— for mind
  • Planet mercury for intelligence and tridosha significator.
  • Planet saturn—For degeneration and constriction and for chronic diseases.
  • Lords of 4th,6th,8th and 12th.
  • Combust or afflicted mercury is generally responsible for nervous disorder.
  • Signs of mercury Gemini,virgo
  • Aries and Cancer Sign.
Significations of the houses generally correspond to the signs of zodiac in seriatim. Similarly read the various body parts governed by various
houses. Afflictions to houses likewise cause diseases of the connected parts.
If the dispositor of the lord of a Bhava is in dustana , then the particular bhava will be in great danger. This rule is very useful in medical
astrology to detect diseases in various parts of the body.
*bodily diseases can be ascertained by an examination of (a) the 6th and  8th house, (b) the lord of the 6th and 8th, (c) the planet who aspects the 6th and  8th,  and (d) the planet which occupies the 6th and 8th. The strongest of these will cause the disease pertaining to the dosha under its domain and in the particular organ governed by the zodiacal sign it afflicts.

*Three seats of disease are recognised, viz., if the Lagna is movable and in Urdhvamukha Rasi (3,6,9,12 from sun), then the disease can be seen above the neck ; if fixed and Thiryugmukha (2,5,8,11 from sun), the disease is below the neck and above the waist, and if it is common and Adhomukha (1,4,7,10, from sun) the disease will be below the waist.

  • Adhomukha Rasi – is the Sign that Sun currently in.
  • Urdhwamukha Rasi – is the Sign that Sun was last in.
  • ThiryugMukah Rasi – is the sign that Sun will next move to.

General rules; benefics in trine or quadrants are health promoting , malefics in trine or quadrants often cause health problems. Upachayas; 3, 6 and 11 are houses of resistance to disease and relate to the immune system. Malefics here destroy disease and increase our immunity. Benefics do not do well in the sixth, but are not bad in the third and eleventh.The lords of houses 3 and 11 can also cause health problems. 2 & 7 are marakas; (end of 3 & 8) negative generally only in old age.

Here seat of disease is established above neck as  the sign of ascendent is moveable and is 6th from Sun.Thus the disease is above neck. Lord of sixth is in sign aries or head of cosmic zodiac man.Mercury is combust and badly placed so is lord of ascendent. There is exchange between 8th and 9th lords establishing contact with 8th house . Moon the significator of mind is in 12th house of hospitalization ,loss and incapacitation  aspected by Rahu . Dispositor of moon is ketu and in sign cancer.Being retrograde Mercury also establishes contact with 6th lord .8th lord Saturn is hemmed between Sun and Ketu and is conjunct Saturn lord of 4th or 5th ,being in contact with 8th lord establishes a chitta roga as per ayurveda.Venus and saturn are in nakshatra of jupiter the lord of 6th and 3rd.