( Twelve) 12 kinds of children and astrological combinations of each( as per Brihat Jataka)

12 Kinds of children as per brihat jataka–

  1. Aurasa— Born to lawful wife.
  2. Kshetraja- Born to one’s wife with consent of Husband.
  3. Datta- Given in Adoption.
  4. Kritima- nursing anyone as ones child.
  5. Adhama Prabhavan-One born to a wife without husbands knowledge  by a low cast man
  6. Ghudhothpanna– One born to wife in a similar way as above but from a man of equal caste.
  7. Apaviddha- ONe neglected after birth.
  8. Pounarbhava- A child born from second husband after the wife renounces the first husband.
  9. Kanina—-Born to an unmarried girl
  10. Sahoda– Born to a second wife
  11. Kritaka- A child purchased while first is living.
  12. Dasi prabhava-Born of illegimate connection.
  • Unless the Guru apects lagna,chandra or surya either in rasi or amsa the legitimacy of child has to be suspected.
  • If the 5th house from Lagna or Chandra whichever is more powerful has a beneficial aspects the person will have lawful children.
  • If 5th falls inin one of sanis houses aspected by budha  the child will resemble shani,if guru kuja and ravi aspect the same child will be blind
  • If 5th house belongs to budha aspected by shani kshetraja is born.( Example – Pandvas)
  • If the 5th house belongs to sani with shani in 5th and is aspected by chandra ,the sun will be adopted or datta.
  • If 5th house joins kujas saptamsa with shani there and is unaspected by other planets the child will kritima.
  • If 5th house falls in sanis varga with ravi there aspected by kuja  the child will be  Adhama prabhava.
  • If the 5th joins kujas amsa with chandra there aspected by sani unaspected by other planets the child will be gudhotpanna.
  • If 5th joins sanis varga with kuja there aspected by ravi Apaviddha will be born.
  • If 5th falls in Shanis Vargas with shani and chandra aspected by shukra and ravi  the child will be Punarbhava.
  • If the 5th falls in cancer conjoined or aspected by sun the child will be Kanina.
  • If the 5th falls in ravi or chandras divisions  with ravi or chandra in it aspected by shukra the child will be sahodha.
  • If the 5th falls into malefic signs aspected by powerful malefics unaspected by benifics the person will have no children.
  • If the 5th house falls in shukras navamsa  aspected by shukra the children will be from concubines.