Some disease forming astrological combination as per- Brihat jataka.

Diseases and astrology.

  • Stanza 7-Chapter-23- If venus and mars join the 7th house aspected by malefics there will be a serious danger from dysentery.
  • If moon is in kark (cancer)or scorpio navamsa and is in conjunction with malefic the person will have a disease in private parts.

          Note-Moon should be with malefic in rashi or navamsa.

  • Chandra should be in lagna ravi should be in 7th , Kuja and shani should be in 2nd  and 12th  to produce white leprosy or Vitiligo
  • If Saturn is in 2nd from sun and moon be in 10th house.mars in 7th from lagna the man will have defect of limbs
  • Stanza 8-  When the sun is in capricon and moon between two malefics the person gets asthma,consumption,enlargement of spleen,carbuncle or abdominal tumors.
  • If the sun and moon exchange their places in rasi or amsa  the person gets phthisis
1. A disease characterized by the wasting away or atrophy of the body or a part of the body.
2. Tuberculosis of the lungs. No longer in scientific use.

  • Stanza-9-If moon occupies the 5th amsa of sagitarius or pisces,cancer,capricon ,aries and is aspected by or is in conjunction with saturn or mars the person will suffer from leprosy.
  • If Scorpio ,Capricorn ,Taurus or cancer become one of the trines aspected by or in conjunction with evil planets the person suffers from leprosy.