Natural diseases and planets.

Diseases and planets.

The natural diseases ascribed to planets are :
(a) Sun – Fever dominated by liver and heat,Eye Disease, Dental trouble, Neuralgia (Nervous pain)
(b) Moon – Sleeping Disease, Drowsiness, Diseases of the Lungs (Asthma and consumption), Diarrhoea,
Lunacy, Phlegmatic complaints, Tastelessness, Debility,Indigestion, Jaundice, Impurity of blood, Balagraha
peeda, Danger from water, Cholera and watery diseases.
(c) Kuja – Bilious Fever, injury in the marrow of the bone, Heat complaints, small-pox, ulcers.
(d) Budha – Mental disease, Skin diseases, Anaemia,Liver complaints & intestinal complaints.
(e) Guru – Appendicitis, phlegmatic diseases,anaemia, liver complaints, ear trouble
(g Shukra – Anaemia, liver and bilious complaints,jaundice, seminal disorder, urinary diseases, diseases in the genital organ, Trouble in or by co-habitation’Exudation of semen, Loss of bodily splendour by intercourse with women.
(g) Shani – Windy and phlegmatic complaints,belly’- ache, paralysis and rheumatism, dyspepsia indigestion], bodily deformity, cerebral disorder front and larger part of brain.
(h) Rahu and Ketu : Epidemics, hysteria,venomous and poisonous complaints, epilepsy,dyspepsia
carbuncle, cancer, dropsy, eczema and other skin diseases, leucoderma and leprosy.
Rahu specially causes palpitation of the Heart,leprosy, aberration of the mind, danger from poison, pain in the legs, trouble from goblins and serpents.
Ketu specially causes all poisonous diseases especially consumption, scorpion bite and typhoid.