Quiz on Female diseases of astrosage won by me .

Won the medical quiz again the second quiz on medical astrology earlier had won quiz number 12 also.This makes it 2/2.

Astrology Quiz 14: What could be the name of native’s disease?

Hey friends, we are back for all of you with our Astrology quiz 14. Participate in it and try your luck. Maybe this time the title of the winner belongs to you. And yes, don’t forget to check your name in the ‘AstroSage Quiz Hall of Fame‘.
Test your astrology skills


From around 2007, the native is not well because of some disease. What do you think the disease could be? Explain with astrological reasons.
Answer options:
  • (A) Back ache
  • (B) Lever malfunction
  • (C) Some sexual problem
  • (D) Blood pressure
Birth Details:
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 30 December, 1985
  • Time of Birth: 05:30
  • Place of Birth: Dabhaura, M.P., India
  • Longitude: 81:19 E
  • Latitude: 25:09 N


Astrology quiz14 birthchart for north
Astrology quiz14 birthchart for south
Detailed chart (Kundli) is shared on following URL – http://k.astrosage.com/quiz14


  1. Please support your answer with an astrological reasoning. Answers without reasoning will be disqualified.
  2. Entries will be considered till 19/05/2014.
  3. Answer will be announced on 20/05/2014
  4. You can give your answer either in the comment box below or can email us on quiz@astrosage.com Answer given at any other place other than the above mentioned one, will not be considered.
  5. If there are more than one winner, only one will be selected randomly for the prize. But, the names of all the winners will go to the ‘AstroSage Quiz Hall of Fame’.


AstroSage had asked you an astrological question in its fourteenth quiz. As per the provided birth chart, the question asked was: From around 2007, the native is not well because of some disease. What do you think the disease could be? Explain with astrological reasons.
Right answer is Option (C) – Some sexual problem
Many contestants gave right answer, but 6 of them gave the right explanation. Their names are: Nikhil Saini, Jatinder Sandhu, Kirtun Kumar Nehenny, Lalit Sharma, Jatinder Modi, CS Yadav, Rasagna and Anita Sharma. .

My Answer—-
Dear concerned.
The answer as per me is
  • (C) Some sexual problem
The astrological reasoning behind this is as following.
1. 6th /12 th axis is Aries/libra- 6th/ascendant  lord mars is in Libra indicating generative and reproductive organs in females including kidneys etc,the lord of the 12th and 7th venus is combust and in star of ketu. 
2.MD lord ketu and 1st/6th lord mars is conjunct in 12th and in star of rahu swati indicating the disturbance in matters of sexual/generative organs.
3.Lagna is hemmed between malefic s( Paap Kartaari) while lagna lord goes to house of loss indicating weak health system and loss of health.
4.6th and 8th lord both conjunct/ under heavy malefic influence again pointing to female sexual disorders.
5. A  relation among Ascendant and/or its lord, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth houses and/or their lords as also Moon and Venus afflicted by malefics like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Sun may result in female diseases. Venus also signifies the ovary of the female body as also the genetic organ which is also signified by the seventh house and its lord as well as the sign Libra.
Lord of 4th is in ascendent conjunct 8th lord  and sign scorpio ruled by sixth lord mars which is conjunct ketu the Md lord while venus lord of 7th is in star of ketu and combust ,more so sixth lord and ketu are in sign libra owned by venus .
6.Saturn in scorpio conjuct the 8th lord mercury is again a pointer towards genital/sexual disease/disorder.
7. Eighth lord / house  / debilitated / set / Hammed between evil / bad aspect of the joint and identify the uterus/sexual problems in females
8. Taking a western astrology purview of outer planets  we have Pluto  in Libra pointing to a renal angle,Uranus in Scorpio pointing to venereal disorders and Neptune in Sagittarius some trouble in thigh area.