Brain problems and astrology.

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Astrology of a brain disorder.

Astrology Quiz 17: What Is The Disease Of The Native By Birth?

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Astrology Quiz helps in analysing your knowledge in astrology.

Quiz 17 Question:

Native is suffering from a disease since birth. What is the name of the disease? Explain with astrological reasons.
Answer options:

  • (A) Under developed brain
  • (B) Limb disability
  • (C) Mute
  • (D) Blind

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…
Birth Details:

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: May 13, 2003
  • Time of Birth: 11:30am
  • Place of Birth: Delhi, India
  • Longitude: 77:13 E
  • Latitude: 28:40 N

Birth Chart

Astrology quiz17 birthchart for north in English
Astrology quiz17 birthchart for south in English

Detailed chart (Kundli) is shared on following URL –

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please support your answer with an astrological reasoning. Answers without reasoning will be disqualified.
  2. Entries will be considered till 19/08/2014.
  3. Answer will be announced on 20/08/2014
  4. You can give your answer either in the comment box below or can email us on Answer given at any other place other than the above mentioned one, will not be considered.
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Quiz #17 Results had asked you an astrological question in its seventeenth quiz. As per the provided birth chart, the question asked was: What Is The Disease Of The Native By Birth? Give valid reasons for your answer.
Right answer is Option (A) – Under-developed Brain
Many contestants gave right answer, but eight of them gave the right explanation. Their names are: Vinay Jauhri, Akash Gupta, Siddhant Dua, D.S. Nageshwar, Rajiv Singh, Jayendra Pandya, Jatinder Sandhu, and Mero Kalo Chasma (as provided in the answer).

My answer ——-

Dear concerned,

The answer as per me is underdeveloped brain.

Lord of 6th in ascendent ,aspected by lord of 5th and 10th ( wisdom and karma)

As per Sarvartha Chintamani Mental disorder happens when ( Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th) This condition is fulfilled here.

Mercury the karka of intelligence and nervous system is combust  in sign aries the head of kaal pursha ,jupiter as 6th lord is in lagna again signifying the head area ,mars aspects both the sign aries and the ascendent..
Combust mercury often denotes nervous disorders.
Karka of mind moon  and 4th house lord of natural zodiac is under the aspect of rahu .
The dasha sequence is Moon -Saturn- Rahu ,yogini sequence is Rahu – Mer – ven.
Vimosattari dasha Moon in nakshatra of moon– Saturn in Mrishira – nakshatra of mars- Rahu in kritika the nakshatra of sun.
Maha dasha lord  moon is lord of ascendent.Saturn the Ad lord  is 7th and 8th lord placed in 12th..

Lord of 64th navamsa is mars,22nd drekana is venus.

In navamsa 4th lord venus is vargottam ,Moon and mars are in 6th house denoting some trouble ,mars also aspects 6th lord mercury from 6th house.

in D6 ascendent lord saturn is again under aspect from mars conjunct jupiter the lord of 6th  in D1 along with lord of ascendent of D1 moon .

This all indicates under developed brain here.

Jatinder sandhu

Why Is Option (A) The Right Answer?

The native is born under Cancer ascendant and the zodiac sign of Virgo. Moon’s constellation is Hasta and the ascendant’s is Aslesha. Hence, Moon is in its own Nakshatra (constellation), whereas ascendant is in the Nakshatra of Mercury. It is natural that the native will be more influenced by the Moon and Mercury. Jupiter is the lord of the house of ailments, and is positioned in the zodiac sign of Moon as well as in the constellation of Saturn. Hence, here again, along with Moon, Saturn is influencing the native. Due to the impact of Saturn, we can say that the native’s problem will be of long term. It means that situation may not be kept under control easily. Additionally, Jupiter’s situation is showing that either the native will be a genius or his intelligence might face obstruction. This will be due to the exalted position of Jupiter, which indicates that the native will be an epitome of knowledge; although, it might only occur when ascendant or lord of ascendant are in a good position. Additionally, the position of their (ascendant and ascendant lord) lord of the sign as well as constellation should be good.
In this case, roles of Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are coming into the limelight; where Moon is posited in the sign of Mercury, while Mercury is combust as well as retrograde. Moon doesn’t have the effect of any favorable planet. On the other hand, Moon is aspected by Rahu. Mercury is combusted after being retrograded, whereas Saturn is in twelfth house. Here, Jupiter is just providing intelligence, but this intelligence would be of any use only when the native’s body (ascendant) will be having the power to bear it.
In Vedic astrology, inauspicious or troublesome situations are considered from the D-30 chart. Capricorn is the ascendant of D-30. Hence, Saturn is the lord of D-30. It has gone into Aries, which is not auspicious. Significator of good health, Sun is also in Libra, which is slightly negative. Hence, the native is indicated to be suffering from an ailment.
Moon and Mercury are the significators of mind and brain. Their affliction may cause obstruction to all the processes of brain. As the native has got this disease by birth, it is very important to check the planetary conditions at birth time. The native was born under the major period of Moon and the sub-period of Saturn. The conjunction of Moon-Saturn is considered as Vish Yoga (poisonous combination). Even if Moon and Saturn are not in conjunction here, but their periods at the same time may affect the native’s entirely life very adversely. It is believed that people suffering from Vish Yoga gets disappointed from the life. Disappointment comes when brain doesn’t work properly and intellect faces obstruction. If I have to summarize it, Vish Yoga gives lack of reasoning power. This states that the native born in the major period of Moon and sub-period of Saturn is not expected to face favorable effects in life. So, the native is likely to face mental disturbances. If we take an in-depth consideration of the birth-chart, we can find that Saturn and Moon is posited in the sign of Mercury. Mercury symbolizes intelligence, which is retrograde and combust. Hence, affliction of Mercury and Moon caused mental problems or instability to the native; whereas, Saturn made it incurable.

Astrological combination for mental problems

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Mental problems and astrology

Mental disorder

Astrological combination for mental problems.

  • Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Mental – insanity Saturn in lagna + mars in 5th / 9th / 7th
  • Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Mental – insanity weak moon + saturn in 12th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental aberration moon + mars in the 6th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental aberration – Lunacy Moon in 12th along with Rahu and malefic& a benefic in 8th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Saturn in Lagna + Mars in 7th or trikona
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Sun + Moon in Trikona
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter & Saturn in Kendra + Birth on Saturday /Truesday
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Moon & Mercury in kendra without benefic navamsa
  • Jatakaadesha 8 Mental derangement Sun + Moon in lagna / trikona & Jupiter in Apoklima +Birth on Tuesday / Saturday
  • Jatakaadesha 8 Mental derangement Moon + Mercury in Kendra without the association of any other planet and NOT aspected by their lord
  • Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder – over exitment Sun in Gemini / Virgo aspected by Jupiter (budha rasahu dinabhartari drishte gurunaa mahonmaadaH)
  • Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder – over excitement Venus in Cancer navamsa
  • Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder – over excitement Moon in Cancer / Taurus / Aries in Lagna
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental trouble Lord of lagna + 6th lord + Mercury
  • Jatakaadesha 8 Mental Unhappiness ? Very Strong Moon aspecting Very weak Lagna Lord +Birth in shukla paksha


Mental disorders and astrology.

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Mental defects and vedic astrology.

Mental disorders and astrology.


Testing a dictum—

Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th
Observation—-Association/ conjunction or aspect of  mars,jupiter is predominant in brain diseases aand disorders.( specificaly if jupiter is lord of 6th ,that happens in case of cancer ascendent)
Mercury is for intelligence and nervous disorders,afflicted ,weak,combust mercury should be evident.
Moon is mind so affliction or weakness can be predominant in these charts.
Sign aries stands for brain and head area any affliction here would definately enhance brain disorder chances.
Fourth house for mind,fifth for intelligence.
Lets examine some charts.

Brain defect

Mercury is hemmed between sun and saturn,sign aries is tenanted by moon under aspect from 6th lord jupiter and mars.We have sun and venus in ascendent .fourth house and fifth house are also afflicted ,fifth lord is in conjunction with lord of 6th and under aspect from rahu.The native had a serious brain defect from birth.
In navmsa the ascendent of d1 is placed as 6th house.