Mental defects and vedic astrology.

Mental disorders and astrology.


Testing a dictum—

Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th
Observation—-Association/ conjunction or aspect of  mars,jupiter is predominant in brain diseases aand disorders.( specificaly if jupiter is lord of 6th ,that happens in case of cancer ascendent)
Mercury is for intelligence and nervous disorders,afflicted ,weak,combust mercury should be evident.
Moon is mind so affliction or weakness can be predominant in these charts.
Sign aries stands for brain and head area any affliction here would definately enhance brain disorder chances.
Fourth house for mind,fifth for intelligence.
Lets examine some charts.

Brain defect

Mercury is hemmed between sun and saturn,sign aries is tenanted by moon under aspect from 6th lord jupiter and mars.We have sun and venus in ascendent .fourth house and fifth house are also afflicted ,fifth lord is in conjunction with lord of 6th and under aspect from rahu.The native had a serious brain defect from birth.
In navmsa the ascendent of d1 is placed as 6th house.