Astrology of Brain/cerebral Hemorrhage/stroke.


Brain stroke astrology.

Difference between a brain aneurysm, a stroke and a cerebral hemorrhage
An aneurysm is a bulging or ballooning out of a weak place on the wall of blood vessel, usually an artery.
Stroke is the death of or damage to brain cells from lack of oxygen, caused by disruption of blood flow to the brain.
cerebral haemorrhage (also spelled hemorrhage; aka intracranial hemorrhagecerebral hematomaintracranial hematoma) is a subtype of intracranial hemorrhage that occurs within the brain tissue itself. It is alternatively called intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). It can be caused by brain trauma, or it can occur spontaneously in hemorrhagic stroke. Non-traumatic intracerebral hemorrhage is a spontaneous bleeding into the brain tissue.

A stroke can be caused by a blood vessel that hemorrhages. This in turn can be caused by a burst aneurysm, trauma or disease.
A stroke can be caused by, among other things, a cerebral hemorrhage, which can be caused by, among other things, an aneurysm.

Astrology indicators–
Ascendent and lord ,sign aries – as all represent head or cerebral area.
Mars as lord of aries and blood .
Moon for blood circulation.
Saturn for disruption and blockage.
Jupiter blockage due to fats etc.
Lord of 6th ,8th and 12th.
6th- gives sickness and diseases, 8th of serious kinds,12th house from any bhav indicates loss of that bhav.

Examining chart–

Jupiter is lord of 3rd and 6th placed in ascendent a full quality functional malefic for libra ascendent. As a retrograde lord of 6th it further enhances its power to give disease.Jupiter is nakshatra of mars and mars is in nakshastra of jupiter ,their is exchange of nakshatras here.Mars is a quality marak and malefic here as lord of 2nd and 7th both marak houses.Mars also establishes  relation with jupier the 6th lord through aspect from rahu conjunct  mars and saturn ( the significator of blockage and chronic illnesses) Mars indicates blood and saturn blockage.Ascendent lord which also happens to be lord of 8th is combust ,along with 12th and 9th lord mercury ,mercury is a also defeated planet here in grah yudhha and its dispositors are three quality malefics in 9th . The native suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in 91-92 in the Maha dasha of ascendent lord venus in bhukti of venus and antara of moon lord of 10th ( moon is in nakshatra of 6th lord),venus is in nakshatra of mars a marak here.