Breast cancer through vedic astrology.

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Breast cancer astrology .

Astrology of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the development of cancer from breast tissue.Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin, fluid coming from the nipple, or a red scaly patch of skin. In those with distant spread of the disease, there may be bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, or yellow skin.
Risk factors for developing breast cancer include obesity, lack of physical exercise, drinking alcohol, hormone replacement therapy during menopause, ionizing radiation, early age at first menstruation, and having children late or not at all About 5–10% of cases are due to genes inherited from a person’s parents, including BRCA1 and BRCA2 among others. Breast cancer most commonly develops in cells from the lining ofmilk ducts and the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. Cancers developing from the ducts are known as ductal carcinomas, while those developing from lobules are known as lobular carcinomas In addition, there are more than 18 other sub-types of breast cancer. Some cancers develop from pre-invasive lesions such as ductal carcinoma in situ. The diagnosis of breast cancer is confirmed by taking a biopsy of the concerning lump. Once the diagnosis is made, further tests are done to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the breast and which treatments it may respond to.
Cancer combinations– Look out for combined influence of two or more indicators signified below.
  • Conjunction/ aspect of Sat on  moon or  venus.
  • Saturn and mars aspect or vice versa
  • Malefic lord of 6th in ,6th,8th 10th or 12th.
  • Lord of 6th in 6th ,8th 1oth and 12th.
  • Jupiters aspect on waning moon .
  • Weak benifics trigger- Vata dasha diseases like cancer.
  • Venus or moon in Rahu ,ketu axis aspected by saturn ,mars or jupiter.
  • Planet moon ruling the lymphatic system and venus as ruler of some other body fluids not in moons purview if in malefic aspect ,badly placed often act as catalysts.
  • Maha dasha or antar of Rahu .
  • Moon in nakshtra of saturn or other malefics.( malefic dasha operaat birth
  • According to Indian  astrology following are the indicators of Lympatic System:
    1. The Chandra (Chandra (Moon)).
    2. The Karka rashi (Cancer sign).
    3. The Mina rashi (Pieces sign).
    4. The 4th house rules lymphatic system.
Cancer the dreaded killer disease,what causes it ?which planetary combinations are responsible?

  • Jupiter stands for expansion here it helps expand the diseased cells in cancer its called jeeva in nadi texts and is  a vital body force.
  • Mercury – rules the endocrine and nervous system ,being a significator of all three vata,pitta and kapha it denotes immunity.
  • Saturn– denotes chronic ,degenerative and wasting diseases.
  • Mars- Denotes Acute diseases and surgery.
  • Rahu- Radiation,posions  and difficult to diagnose diseases ,it is significator of poisons and viruses.
Example chart number 1
6th lord venus  in 8th under aspect from retrograde saturn ,venus is combust ,8th lord moon in ascendent conjunct ketu and under retrograde aspect of saturn,fourth house and lord under aspect of saturn,mars the significator of surgery also aspects the fourth house here mars is also lord of 12th ,hospitals and institutions.Mars also aspects moon the lord of 8th and owner of natural house 4th and sign cancer. 6th lord venus is also under aspect from jupiter from  5th house  indicating expansion of  cancerous cells.This chart here is a clear cut case of breast cancer.
6th lord is moon in exchange with  11th lord and under aspect from rahu which is conjunct saturn ,saturn aspects venus  the 4th lord here ,8th lord mercury is combust here ,mars aspects the ascendent and 4th house  ,jupiter  also aspects  8th lord from its position in 6th ,here also 4th house,4th lord ,sign cancer and moon all are under malefic aspect . Both venus and moon  are under aspect from saturn/rahu conjunction ,this is also a clear cut case of breast cancer.

Cesarean section astrology

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Astrology of Caesarean section delivery.

Cesarean section astrology

Caesarean section (often C-section, also other spellings) is a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother’s abdomen (laparotomy) and uterus (hysterotomy) to deliver one or more babies. The first modern Caesarean section was performed by German gynecologist Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer in 1881.
A Caesarean section is often performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby’s or mother’s life or health at risk. Some are also performed upon request without a medical reason to do so, which is a practice health authorities would like to reduce.
C-sections result in a small overall increase in bad outcomes in low risk pregnancies.The bad outcomes that occur with C-section differ from those that occur with vaginal delivery. Established guidelines recommend that caesarean sections not be used before 39 weeks without a medical indication to perform the surgery.
In many countries, caesarean section procedures are used more frequently than is necessary, and consequently governments and health organizations promote programs to reduce the use of caesarean section in favor of using vaginal delivery. The countries which report overuse of this procedure are not finding ways to decrease use of the procedure as much as they would like.
Astrological significators.
Mars/ ketu — Surgery
Lord of 5th house as karak house for first child.
jupiter as karak for 5th house and lord of 5th house.
Lord of 7th as incision is made in lower abdomen are and significator venus.
Lord of 6th ,12 th for hospital procedure.
Example chart.
Lord of 5th moon is conjuct  lord of 6th ,7th and 12th,under aspect from 2nd and 9th lord mars ,ketu is dispositor of 5th lord ,lord of ascendent and putra karak or natural significator of 5th house is retrograde and aspects the 5th house . Ketu in 5th and mars in 11th are significator of surgeries and procedures , 11th and 12 lord saturn is in mutual aspect with mars.The native had four c section deliveries.

Diseases and mode of death ( Phaldeepika)

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Diseases and mode of death ( Phaldeepika)

Diseases, Death, Past and Future births


  1. All matters relating to diseases should be ascertained from (a) the planets in the 6th house, (b) the planets in the 8th house (c) the planets in the 12th house, (d) the lord of the 6th house and (e) the planets associated with the lord of the 6th house. The particular disease may be predicted if the same happens to be indicated by two, three or more independent planetary dispositions.
  2. The Sun is the significator for following diseases and troubles (1) bile, (2) high fever, (3) burning in the body, (4) epilepsy, (5) heart diseases, (6) eye troubles (7) stomach troubles, (8) skin diseases (9) lecorrhea, (10) danger from enemies, (11) danger from wood, fire, weapon and poison, (12) distress from wife and sons, (13) danger from thieves or quadrupeds, (14) danger from snakes (15) danger from the king, the God Yama and God Shiva.
  3. The Moon’s significations in this chapter are (1) Excessive sleepiness or sleeplessness, (2) laziess, (3) phelgmatic affliction, (4) dysentry or diarrhoea, (5) carbuncle, (6) typhoid fever, (7) danger from horned or watery animals or creatures, (8) loss of appetite, (9) indigestion (10) tastelessness, (11) trouble from women (12) jaundice, (13) impurity of blood, (14) danger from water, (15) mental fatigue (16) fear from Balagrahas, the Goddess Durga. kinnaras, the God yama, snakes, and female Yaksha.
  1. Mars can be the cause of following diseases and troubles (1) Excessive thirst, (2) morbid irritation due to billious fever, (3) fear or danger from fire, poison or weapon, (4) leprosy, (5) eye trebles, (6) appendicitis, (7) epilepsy, (8) injury to the marrow, (9) itch in the body, (10) roughness of the body, (11) bodily deformities, (12) fear from the king, fire and thieves, (13) quarrels with brothers, sons or enemies, (14) fighting with the enemies, (15) diseases in the upper part of the body and (16) fear from evil spirits, gandharva and frightful demon.
  2. Mercury is concerned with the following diseases and troubles (1) mental confusion (2) harsh speech or trouble in vocal organs, (3) eye troubles, (4) diseases of the throat, (5) trouble in the nose or nasal affliction, (6) fever caused by imbalance of the three humours — wind, bile and phlagm, (7) ill effects from poisoning (like food poisoning), (8) skin diseases, (9) jaundice, (10) itchning and bad dreams, (11) fear from fire. (12) hard labour, (13) diseases or evil caused by gandharvas etc.
  3. Jupiter is responsible for the following diseases and troubles (1) Appendicitis, (2) fever due to infection in intestines, (3) fainting, (4) diseases of the ear, (5) troubles in connection with temple matters, (6) Distress due to curse of Brahmin (7) troubles due to hoarded wealth, (8) oppression caused by Vidyadhara, Yakhsa, kinnaras, Gods, Serpents etc. (9) Punishment due to show of disrespect to preceptor, respected and elderly persona and deviation from duty towards them. This is suffered during the Antar Dasa of Jupiter. This is so determined by the Divine.
  4. The diseases and troubles caused by Venus are as follows-(1) Pale complexion due to Anaemia, (2) Eye troubles, urinary obstruction, diabetes, diseases of the generative organs due to imbalance of phlegm and wind, (4) lack of vitality, (5) inability to have sexual inter course (impotency), (6) Pale complexion, lack of lustre and weakness due to excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse, (7) rickets, (8) fear from witches, female ghosts and female deities (9) break in friendship with dear friends.
  5. Saturn is likely to be the cause of the following diseases and troubles (1) diseases caused by wind and phelgm, (2) Pain in the legs or becoming lame, (3) fatigue due to excessive labour, (4) mental aberration, (5) Stomach ache, (6) Excessive heat in the body, (7) troubles from servants, (8) distress due to wife and children, (9) injury to some part of the body, (10) mental anguish (11) oppression by ignominious goblin and the like, (12) injury from a blow from a piece of wood or stone (13) misfortune.
  6. The diseases and troubles attributed to Rahu are as follows : (1) Heart 9. The diseases and troubles attributed to Rahu are as follows : (1) Heart diseases, (2) theart of burning, (3) leprosy, (4) abarration of mind, (4) diseases caused by poisoning, (5) pain in the legs or injury, (6) distress from wife and children or distress caused on their account, (7) trouble from goblins, serpents or enemies.

Ketu is the cause of (1) Trouble through dispute with Brahmins and Kshatriyas.

The troubles due to Gulik are (1) fear from seeing dead bodies (2) poison, (3) bodily pain, (4) sorrow due to the death of a near relation, (5) fear from evil spirits.

  1. If the Moon and the Sun occupied the 2nd and 12th houses associated with or aspected by Mars and Saturn, the native will suffer from eye diseases.

Notes – If the planetary disposition described above is concerned with the 12th house, the left eye will be affected. Similarly if any amongst the Sun and the Moon is posited in the 2nd or the 12th house and is aspected by Saturn or Mars, such Sun or Moon is in the 2nd house, the right eye will get afflicted. The left eye will be adversely affected if their disposition be in the 12th house. If the Sun be in the 2nd aspected by or associated with Mars or Saturn and the Moon be in the 12th aspected by or associated with Mars or Saturn, both the eyes will get afflicted and may even make the native blind.

If the 3rd and 11th houses and Jupiter be associated with or aspected by Mars or Saturn, the native will suffer from diseases of the ears.

The native will suffer from stomach ache if the Mars be posited in the 5th house and be associated with the lord of the 6th or the 8th house.

Rectal disease, will be caused to the native if the lords of the 6th or the 8th house be posited in the 7th with a malefic or the lord of the 6th be in the 8th alongwith a malefic.

Venus under the above condition will make the native suffer from a disease in the private parts (veneral diseases).

  1. If the 6th or 8th house be occupied by the Sun, there would be fear of fever, if by Mars or Ketu, the danger will be from injury or ulcer; if by Venus, it  will be through a disease in the private parts, if Jupiter should occupy the 6th or the 8th house, the native will be afflicted with consumption; if Saturn be in such a position, the native will suffer from nervous diseases. If Rahu aspected by Mars be in the 6th or the 8th, the person concerned will suffer from carbuncle. Should Saturn alongwith the Moon posited in 6th or the 8th, native will suffer from enlargement of the spleen. If the waning Moon should occupy the 6th or the 8th house identical with watery sign, in conjunction with malefic; the person will suffer from watery diseases or consumption.
  2. I now proceed to explain the manner in which a person meets with his death and the cause of the same.

The death is caused through the diseases caused by the strongest of the planets occupying or aspecting the 8th house.

If there be no planet occupying or aspecting the 8th house, the death will be caused by the diseases signified by the 8th house or those indicated by the house in which the lord of the 8th house is placed.

If any of the planetary disposition do not exist, it may be declared with certainty that death will be caused by the diseases caused by the lord of the 8th house, or by the lord of the 22nd decanate (counted from the Lagna decanate).

  1. When the 8th house is occupied or aspected by a planet, death should be declared to be caused by diseases relating to that planet. When there are no planets occupying or aspecting the 8th house, death is caused through diseases arising from the nature of the sign representing the 8th house.

14-15. The diseases or means through which death is caused by the various planets are as under :—

(1) The Sun — fire, high fever, bile or weapon

(2) The Moon — Cholera, watery diseases or pulmonary disease

(3) Mars — fire, magical spells, witchcraft and weapons.

(4) Mercury—Anaemia, bloodlessness, and similar diseases and giddiness.

(5) Juipter — Causes death without much trouble or through phelgm.

(6) Venus — Veneral diseases or similar ones caused by association with  Women.

(7) Saturn — Wind diseases or a dangerous fever like typhoid.

(8) Rahu — Leprosy, food poisoning, venomous bites, smallpox and the like.

(9) Ketu — Unnatural death like suicide, assassination as a result of hatred of enemies or through worms etc.

  1. The death should be predicted through the evil effect arising from the 8th house reckoned from the Lagna or through the evil effect of the sign representing Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 8th house.

17-19. The diseases caused by the planets have already been described earlier. Now are detailed the diseases and troubles caused by the various signs which may ultimately become the media of death of the native.

(1) Aries — fever due to excess of bile, diseases caused by heat like stroke etc., liver or gastric trouble.

(2) Taurus — Diseases caused by the imbalance of the three humours bile, phlegm and wind, injury by weapon or fire.

(3) Gemini — Catarrah, asthema, or sharp pain such as colic.

(4) Cancer — Insanity, windy diseases, loss of appetite etc.

(5) Leo — fatal injuries caused by wild animals, fever, boils, enemies.

(6) Virgo — Troubles caused by women, veneial diseases, fall from a height.

(7) Libra — Brain fever and typhod.

(8) Scorpio — Diseases of the spleen, dyspepsia and jaundice.

(9) Sagittarius — Injury caused by fall from a tree (or by tree falling of or varga

(10) Capricorn— Stomach-ache, loss or appetite or aberation of mind etc.

(11) Aquarius — cough, fever, consumption etc.

(12) Pisces — Watery diseases such as Jalodara, drowning, etc.

  1. If the lord of the 8th house be a malefic and 8th house be a malefic the death will be by weapon, fire, tiger or snake.If two malefics posited in kendras aspect each other, the death will be due to displeasure of the king, through a weapon, poison or fire.
  2. If In any nativity, the lord of the 12th house be In a sign or Navamsa of a benefic or be associated with a benefic or the 12th house be occupied and owned by a benefic, the native will meet with his death without any anguish or suffering. The death will be painful if the lord of the 12th be posited in the sign or Navamsa of a malefic and be associated with a malefic, or the 12th may’be occupied or owned by a malefic.
  3. If the lord of 12th house be posited in his sign of exaltation, a friendly sign or a varga of a benefic planet or be associated with a benefic planet, the native after his death goes upwards to heaven. If he is posited in his sigh of debilition, in an inimical sign or in the varga of a malefic planet, he after his death goes to hell. Some interpret this as a result of the native of the sign (of the 12th house) i.e. heaven if the sign is a shirshodaya one and hell if it be a prishtodaya one.

Notes – Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius are Shirshodaya signs. Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn are Prishtodaya signs. Pisces is an Ubhayodaya sign.

  1. The refuge after death is indicated by (1) the planet or planets posited in the 12th house, (2) the planet occupying the Navamsa of the 12th house, or the palnet or planets with which the lord of the 12th be connected.

If the Sun or the Moon be such planet the abode of the soul after death will be Kailash. If Mars be the planet concerned, the native takes birth on the Earth immediately after death. If Mercury be the planet In question, the next world for the native will be Vaikuntha. Jupiter takes the native’s soul to Brahmaloka, Saturn to the abode of Yama, Rahu to other islands and Ketu to hell.

  1. It is from the lord of the 9th that all is ascertained about the native’s past birth and all information about his future birth is signified by the lord of the 5th house. The particular caste, country and the direction of the person concerned in his past and future births should be deduced from the lords of the 9th and the 5th houses respectively.25. If the planets referred to above be in their sign of exaltation, the abode should be declared as that of Gods (Devaloka). If they be in their sign of debilitation or in an inimical sign, the abodes of past and future birth should be declared to be foreign islands. If the above patents be in their own sign, friend’s sign or a neutral’s sign, such place would be India alone.
  2. The parts of India covered by the various planets are as under:—

(1) The Sun — Mountains and forests.

(2) The Moon — Tracts watered by the holy rivers (like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari, etc.).

(3) Mars — Keekat Desha now known as Bihar.

(4) Mercury — All scared places.

(5) Jupfler—Aryavarta bordered in the North by Himalayas, in the South by Vindhya, and which extends to oceans in the East and the West

(6) Venus —The same places as have been indicated for the Moon.

(7) Saturn — Prohibited places like those inhabited by Mlechhas (non-Hindus).

  1. If the planets referred to in verse 24 (lords of the 9th and the 5th). are posited in a fixed sign or Navamsa which is Prishtodaya and Adhomukha along with malefics, the past and future briths of the native should be taken as trees, plants and the like. If the lords of the 9th and the 5th houses occupy a Shirshodaya and an Urdhvamukha sign or a moveable sign or navamsa, and be associated with benefics, the past and future birth will be of an animal kind.
  2. If the lord of the 9th or the 5th be in the sign of exaltation or own sign the lord of the Lagna, it would mean that the native’s previous or the future birth (as the case may be) will be that of a human being.

If the lord of the 9th occupied a sign neutral to the lord of the Lagna, the native in the past birth was born as an animal.

If the lord of the 5th be in a sign neutral to the lord of the Lagna. the native in his future birth will be born as an animal.

If the lord of the 9th occupies the sign of debilitation of the lord of the Lagna  or in an inimical sign, the native was born as a bird in his previous birth.

If the lord of the 5th be in such a situation, the native will be born as a bird in his next birth.

All these may also be declared with reference to the appearance of the decanates occupied by the lord of the 9th or the 5th.

  1. If the lords of the 9th and the 5th be in the same sign, the past birth was in his own country and the future birth will also take place there.

If these two planets be of equal strength, the past and future birth would be in the same caste.

The colour and quality will also be similar to these belonging to the lords of the 9th and the 5th houses.

Prediction regarding all the rest should be similarly made by a reference to what has been stated in the Samgnadhyaya.

Notes — What has been stated about past and future birth in Venus 21-29 are of no practical utility though they make interesting reading because it is impossible to verify the correctness of such conclusions.

Body part ruling planets By DR BV Raman.

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Body parts as per Dr BV raman.

Body parts Ruler ship as per Dr BV Raman.

Sun— Spleen ,heart.

Moon—Esophagus, elementary canal.

Mars- genitals, left cerebral hemisphere, red coloring matter in blood ,bone marrow, rectum.

Mercury—mercury ,right cerebral hemisphere, cerebrospinal system, bronchial tubes, ears ,tongue

Jupiter- Liver, suprarenal’s.

Venus- Throat kidneys, uterus, ovaries.

Saturn—Teeth ,skin, vagus nerve

Rahu- Pituary body.

Ketu- Pineal glands.

He said  the  above allocation is largely based on his own experience and is not exhaustive and is open to research .

( source 300 important combinations)