Why Jupiter exalts in cancer and Venus in Pisces some astrological reasoning.

Astrological musings on Jupiter and Venus exaltation.

The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology is known as GURU, BRIHASPATI, and DEVAGURA. In Sanskrit these names mean, “teacher, lord of light, and teacher to the gods.”

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer there are 3 different Nakshatras Jupiter could occupy within the 30° arc of Cancer, namely, Punarvasu (20°00′ Gemini to 3°20 Cancer), Pushya (3°20′ to 16°40′ Cancer), and Ashlesha (16°40′ to 29°59′ Cancer). Since Jupiter is exalted at 5° Cancer this placement signifies his true exaltation in Pushya Nakshatra. The Nakshatra Devata of Pushya is Bṛhaspati, the teacher of the Gods.Jupiter will not give his full exaltation effects when he is posited in a Nakshatra besides Pushya although he is still generally exalted in the sign of Cancer

Jupiter is a brahmin planet.
Jupiter exalts in sign- Cancer,the first sign of moksha trikona .
Why ?
Sign cancer–adaptable, changeable,always moving,appreciation,sympathetic decisive actions ,deepmeditation,sleep desires to be active, expanding,difficulty with inaction,elasticity,emotion,internally insecure
loves guidance & teachers loves ,protection movable,feminine, watery,picturesque localities,silently watches
strong grasp, hard to leave sustenance,sympathetic,appreciation uncertain of own potential ,very religious watery places,lakes, beaches.

Sign Cancer– Represents the opening ( dwar) to this world ,it represents mother and nourishment of moon.
Chasm with water Channel Watery – sign Pristodaya Movable Even Dwara – Rasi Mineral Soft Female
North Heart Night White Brahmin Jala – Tatwa -Watery Animals
Jupiter–protection, benevolence affluence, fame astrology, councilors,advisors ,religiousness, belief in god
priests, teachers, judges,children, guardianship’s,charity, generosity,contentment, laziness fat,expansion, largeness devotion, faith, hope higher aspect of intelligence fairness, justice, honesty financial dealings
foreign affairs god’s grace in this world honor, lawfulness master of knowledge & wisdom insurance, legal matters medicine, occult science, physicians liver (purification of blood) morality, conservative optimism, peace, opulence performance of sacrifices perpetuation of established codes philosophy, pilgrimage religious vocations reputation, trust scriptures, vedas.
Guru (Jupiter)
Issues absolute brahman-spiritual knowledge intuition and abstract thinking-yoga practice-concentration
and meditation-divine knowledge-spiritual leadership astamaha siddhi-preaching intellectual involution intelligence,inquiry and experiment -governing and ministerial management-royal patronage-titles and
paraphernalia and honours-shruti (veda)-smrithi (traditional law)-scripture -ethical and moral codes philosophical reseraches-patience- devas and brahmins-conquerring of the senses-(jithendriya)-unifying
process from diversity to unity-psychism-genius and mental-prodigy-Sanskrit eternal truth and justice-self
reliance-orginality-town lifenorth-east-roots and plantains-gold and sapphire-catseyes-sweet-bengal gram sacred rivers and places of worship-treasury-money lending and banking-yellow-fataswath tree (Pipal
Tree)-astrologer-preceptor-sanyasi chief-pigeon-horse-swan-one month-satva guna-akasha tatva-hemantha
ritu (margashira-pushya)-hearing (panchendria)-marks on shoulder-30 years-fruit bearingtrees-malerigveda-
medium cloth-circular-shape sindhu thrithiya and astami and thrayodashi-thavarga (Alphabets from
tha to na)-numeral-3; 81 miles-Sambashive (both Iswara and Parvathi)-cocoanut tree, Angirasa gotra-brainyouth-tall-cool drink and food-right ear (nava dwara)-day strong-stomach.Owns dhanus and meena-0 to 10 degrees of dhanus is moolatrikona. Exalted in Kataka (highest) point 5  degrees.

The planet Venus is known as SUKRA in Vedic astrology. Sukra means “white”, or “bright” in Sanskrit. Venus is a first rate benefic in Jyotish (predictions). Venus rules over the two sidereal signs of Taurus and Libra.

Venus is exalted in the mercurial constellation of Revati, in Pisces, the 12th sign showing Venus’s importance in final liberation or moksha.
Watery place, sea; watery animals; Ubhayodaya; common; even; Garbha  soft; female; North; blue; feet; night; fish; Brahmin; Jala Tatwa; fishing and other low pursuits; watery diseases such as ascites (Jalodara)

Venus is the vibratory field of resonance between ego and soul, outer appearance and inner life, unit and universe  Wisdomis suggestive of the “exaltation” of Venus in the Piscean dimension of evolution Venus is the brightest planet in the night sky. It shines like a silvery star. Venus is a planet that inspires great hope, love and desire. It is the planet of beauty. It is the force of attraction in the universe thus bringing things together to form a perfect whole. This force is Love.


Venus rules the constellation of Bharani. In this constellation we see Venus’s power to grant life or death. Venus key like shape relates to its ability to unlock the gates of death, which is how Venus is viewed by the hermetic orders . Venus is associated with Bharani’s symbol the vulva representing birth, fertility , primal sexuality. Venus rules semen and sexuality and is directly related to conception and birth. Venus’ rulership of the constellation of Purvaphalguni, manifests in the delight for procreation and creativity. In Purva Ashadha, Venus is the high priestess, the bride of heaven, the immortal one, the sheer delight to be alive, to live forever, the healing powers of the waters of life,the spirit of rejuvenation. Venus thus rules the 2nd, 11th, and 20th constellation.

Venus is a brahmin planet and associated with Shukra Charya , the guru of the demons. Venus bestows profound knowledge, which cannot be accessed through the intellect alone. But When Venus and Mercury combine it is the alchemical marriage.

Venus is a great benefic, and the Aswini Kumaras could not have harnessed the power to raise the dead without receiving Venus’ great blessings, so it is understood that Venus, though unspokenly is closely related to the first constellation Ashwini, just as Venus is strongly related to the last constellation Revati. Venus is the first and the last, birth,death, and beyond…

Venus signifies water element. Venus is exalted in Pisces. The degree of exaltation is 27 degrees. Pisces is a dual sign with water element. Unlike, Moon in Scorpio when there is excess water which is stagnated in fixed sign, the excess water element with Venus in Pisces is free flowing in dual sign. Venus in Pisces signifies infinite love and our infinite appreciation of beauty and passion.

Although Jupiter rules sound and ears, it is Venus which is the living potency of sound, thus Venus is related to the saying of mantras.

Now lets answer the why of why jupiter exalts in cancer and venus in pisces.

Starting from caste of planets- Both are brahmins and gurus for devas( Gods) and asurs.( demons).

Powers- Jupiter has power to protect , Venus has power to resurrect ( to bring the dead back to life through mrit sanjeevani vidya)

Mantras and sound–Although Jupiter rules sound and ears, it is Venus which is the living potency of sound, thus Venus is related to the saying of mantras.

Cancer ,Scorpio and Pisces are the three signs belonging to moksha trikona.( Moksha is the ultimate goal of personal spiritual development it means freedom from birth cycle)

Now what would a learned brahmin want — The answer is enlightenment and spiritual completeness.

Caste of Moksha trikona signs– All the three signs are Brahmin signs.

Cancer represents – Dwara ( door) the door leading to this world, your mother.

Scorpio represents–Bhaya (Exit or outside)

Pisces represents — Garbha ( inside or in womb  )

Sex of Moksha trikona- All the three are female signs.

Element— The element is water for all three.

Cancer- Free flowing water( sacred rivers)

Scorpio- Fixed stagnant water .

Pisces- Large water bodies sea,lake etc.

Direction – all three represent north direction.

Qualities– Cancer- nourish and protect,Scorpio- Research and physical sufferings( death etc) , Pisces- Final resting place the end of cycle.
Sign cancer and Pisces both represent water beings ( Crab and fishes) while the sign scorpio represents keeta sign or insects.

Now Jupiter exalts in cancer constellation pushya the diety is brihaspati or jupiter himself, sitting here in north direction with free flowing sacred water jupiter is at ease as such it tries to ensure and impart the very first spiritual guidance through the mother .Jupiter protects and provides the conducive environment for development.Jupiter is sound and hearing .

Venus exalts in Pisces- While Jupiter protects Venus resurrects and cures ,venus exalts in revati nakshatra the diety is pushan the duty of pushan is to conduct souls to other world,it is also responsible for marriages meetings and journeys.Venus in the last sign of zodiac represents getting ready for last journey ,venus is living potency of sound and related to all mantras recitation,at one end its epitome of all comforts physical and carnal on the other it is also the last guide before the final journey.Pisces is a dual sign representing the dual nature of Venus.

The sign in between the cancer and Pisces is Scorpio the middle sign of moksha trikona.

Now why is this sign ignored by both Brahmans ?

This one rashi is of fixed modality would offer less freedom ,more so it represents stagnant water ,though the sign represents inquisitive and research aptitude this has been left for mortals to raise their understanding about the moksha  through occult medidation as raising the kundalini shakti from the root chakra to third eye. it also represents the outside or exit. This rashi as such represents the 8th house of natural zodiac representing both  longevity and death..Sign scorpio is owned by violent and fighting Mars the commander of  armies of devas. Brahmans shun voilence of any kind,they like freedom and peace to meditate and carry on their duties to protect and resurrect.Talking about the other signs cancer is owned by moon the nourisher,the mother representation, pisces is owned by jupiter so if venus goes to abode of another brahman he will find the place to his liking.

Some more about the 8th sign is as following.


Hole or cavity; reptile or centipede; Shirodaya; fixed; even; Bahya Rasi; vegetable; soft; female; North; brown; well; sex organs; day; scorpion; Brahmin; Jala Tatwa; hunters profession; diseases of spleen, jaundice and sprue