Astrology of sports and competitiveness.

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killer instinct /competitive spirit astrology.

Astrology of combat sports.

killer instinct–A ruthless determination to succeed or win.

To succeed in life, you must have the courage and tenacity to finish the job quickly and cleanly – that is the killer instinct, the root of Black Heart. Every great man/woman and every great villain has it.
Killer instinct is a tenacity and determination to hold on to even the faintest glimmer of hope till the very end and if by any means you are unsuccessful in your attempt to return back with more resources,determination and preparedness to triumph over previously undefeated elements and men.  
Astrological factors- 
Planet mars is for action .( signs Aries and Scorpio– here Scorpio would be more appropriate as its a fixed sign)
Mercury for stamina and lung power and as significator of nervous system it would mean response to the opponent and quick thinking( playing strategies)
Saturn is significator of skeletal system and sometimes is considered for muscles as well.Its cold and calculative,disciplined and hardworking.
Signs- Aquarius,Capricorn,Scorpio,Leo and Sagittarius.
Nakshtras of Mars and Saturn.
Nakshatras in signs of mars.
Moon in nakshatras of malefics.
Mars as 3rd lord or its aspect on 3rd lord.
Malefics aspecting  on 3rd house.
Mars/ Saturn connection.
3rd house- For mental strength,fighting ability,courage ,energy and firmness.
5th house-Achievements, competitive activities.
6th house- Competitions ,enemies and rivals
8th house – Research on opponents modus operandi
10th house – athletics,material achievements,knees,livelihood etc.

Another common factors in all charts is that Jupiter is not in exalted position in any of the 10 charts of champions,that means malefic s by and large are responsible for success in sports,competitions and wars.
Let us examine the same through the charts of  Boxing champions.

Chart of Mohammed Ali – boxing champion and hall of fame boxer.
Profession first–
10 th lord with ( 7th and 8th lord) ,10th lord connected to fifth lord ( 10th lord is also lord of 5th)
11 th lord venus is also connected to 5th and 10th lord mars as its in nakshatra of Mars ( dhanistha) .6th lord in 11th also relates to earning through combat sport. Malefic in 2nd house is just another indication.7th and 8th lord conjunct 5th and 10th aspects 2nd lord ,3rd lord,ascendent lord,11th lord.

Killer instinct— Lagna in pushya nakshatra ,3rd,5th,6th,7th,8th,10th and 11th,12th lords are connected By PAC and relation through nakshatras as well.
Saturn/mars connection .
Conclusion– Nabasha yogas are kind of good for sports person here 7 planets in 3 signs its a soola yoga.

Chart of George Foreman– Boxing champion.

Profession— Lord of 10th and 3rd venus with 5th/8th  lord and ascendant lord sun,12th lord is dispositor for 10th lord here ,11th lord mer and 9th lord mars are dispositors of 6th and 7th lord. Rahu in 9th and saturn in first are in maran karaka sthaan.Lord of 2nd and 11th in 6th with lord of 9th and 4th .Lord of 6th/7th aspects lord of 12th, both the dispositors of 6th lord are in nakshatra of 12th lord moon.
Again a Nabhasha yoga here- Kedara.( seven planets in 4 Rasis.)

Killer Instinct– Lord of 3rd ,5th,8th, 10th and ascendant in conjunction in 5th house .aspected by Rahu from 9th.Ketu is dispositor of 3rd lord here.
.Saturn mars connection, connection of 11th/2nd  with 6th and 7th lord.
Lagna- In venus nakshatra venus is lord of 3rd and 10 th here.
Moon in nakshatra of sun the ascendent lord.

Boxing Champion- Joe Louis.

Lord of ascendant with 3rd lord,Jupiter and mars are debilitated and in mutual aspect ,sat /mars connection,mars is lord of 11th and 6th ,while Saturn is lord of 8th and 9th ,Saturn is conjunct with 12th lord Venus  PAC connection between 6/8/12 lords .
Profession- 6th/11th lord in connection with 7th and 10th lord
Nabhasa yoga- paasha here 7 planets in 5 rashis.

Robin Williams suicide an astrological introspection

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Robin williams case of acute depression leading to suicide from point of view of astrology.

Robin Williams suicide an astrological introspection.


Depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain. Brain-imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have shown that the brains of people who have depression look different than those of people without depression. The parts of the brain involved in mood, thinking, sleep, appetite, and behavior appear different. But these images do not reveal why the depression has occurred. They also cannot be used to diagnose depression.

Some types of depression tend to run in families. However, depression can occur in people without family histories of depression too. Scientists are studying certain genes that may make some people more prone to depression.

Depression — Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

For major depression, you may experience a sad or depressed mood, or an inability to feel pleasure, plus five or more of the following symptoms, for at least a two-week period

  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, or hopelessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, including sex
  • Difficulty concentrating and complaints of poor memory
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Appetite changes, which may include weight gain or loss
  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Slow speech; slow movements

6-7. DEATH BY HANGING ETC. ( Saravali)
If the Moon in Capricorn, or Aquarius be hemmed between benefics, death will be due to 
hanging, fire, or fall, which is doubtless according to Chanakya. The same effect will come to 
pass, if the 5th and 9th Houses are occupied by malefics in aspect to malefics. If the drekkana 
of the 8th House be one of Pasa, Sarpa and Nigala, death will be reticent. 

Jataka Parijatham 5 84 death due to hanging       8rd lord + saturn + rahu / ketu in 8th / 6th / 12th


73 Jataka Parijatham 5 84 death due to hanging   3rd lord + saturn + rahu / ketu in 8th / 6th / 12th

Astrological combination of  suicide.

If the lord of Lagna be in the 2nd alongwith the

lords of 3rd and the 11th, and the lord of 8th be in the

8th, the native will die by committing suicide. The

reason is that in these dispositions, the 8th house and

its lord and the lord of Lagna fall under the influence

of planets who make the native himself responsible

for taking his own life. In other words his own arms

represented by the lords of the 3rd and the 11th


become the instruments causing his death.

Different Combination for Sudden Unnatural Deaths

Death by suicide:

  1. If the ascendant/8th house, their lords and Sun are afflicted by Mars/Saturn/Ketu.
    2.    If the Sun, Moon, Mercury [soul, mind and thinking] are afflicted by Rahu and Ketu or nodes.
    3.    Association of Mars and Saturn.

Death by weapon:

  1. If Moon, Mars and Saturn in 8th house.
    2.    If Mars in 6th/12th and Saturn in 8th house.

Death by assassination:

  1. Naural malefic in 8th house afflicted badly with Mars either by association or by conjunction.
    2.    Moon and Mars either aspects 8th house or situated in it.

If Saturn in ascendant with no benefice aspects and the Sun/Rahu/Waning Moon combine the     native is either stabbed or shot dead.
If the Sun and Mars exchanges signs and quadrant to the 8th lord the native may be        sentenced to death by the Government.
Rahu in 6th/8th/12th may cause death through conspiracy.
If the 9th house is occupied with malefic, death is painful due to disease, accident, murder or     suicide.
If the ascendant and 8th lords are weak and Mars is in conjunction with 6th lord, the native may be killed in war.

Examining the chart for afflictions of houses and planets related to mental faculties.

In this chart lord of 4th and 5th ( Mind- peace of mind and wisdom is posited in 12th house under aspect from lord of 6th and 3rd,mercury the natural karka of intelligence is hemmed in malefics and under aspect from 6th lord ,dispositors of mercury are mars and saturn.Mars and saturn are in mutual aspect here mars is owner of both the maraka houses (2nd and 7th),lord of 8th and ascendent  venus is conjunct ketu ( nakshatra Purv phalguni of venus) 5th house has Moon/rahu conjunction in sign aquarius denoting the expansion of ideas and emotions no doubt his comedy went overboard during his club comedian days .
Lets examine the chart for psychological problems like depression etc

  • Lord of ascendent is afflicted and hemmed.
  • Lord of 4th and 5th badly placed in 12th .
  • Moon as karak of mind afflicted.
  • Mercury as karak of intelligence is hemmed in malefics and under aspect from lord of 6th conjunct gulik and sun.
  • Mercury is lord of 64 navamsa and 22nd drekana.
  • Ascendent is aspected by Rahu.
  • Saturn in 12th
  • In navamsa you have a saturn/moon combination again in 12th ( sat+moon is often responsible of melancholy and depression)
  • He was addicted to psychotic drugs /narcotics  and alchohol  ( sat under aspect from 6th lord ,moon rahu abd mars in rahu’s nakshatra,sat/mars in mutual aspect.

As per vedic astrology readings, the planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the real culprits in regard to the problem of drug abuse. These planets also obstruct in drug addiction rehab and the native may not get proper help for drug addiction treatment. If any of these planets is having negative relationship with first, second or sixth house of the horoscope; and at the same time the second house is also troubled – the chances of the person being addicted to drugs are very strong.

On suicide– Dasha sequence at death- Ketu – mer ,ketu is conjunct lord of ascendent and lord of 8th ,mer is lord of 12th and 9th conjunct gulik and Sun lord of 11 th.Ketu is 7th from moon and mer is 6th from moon. mer is lord of 64th navamsa and lord of 22nd drekana as well.The 3rd and 6th lord jupiter is nakshatra of mercury the AD lord here ,while ketu with ascendent and 8th lord venus .So in a fit of depression he ended his own life by his own hands .

Transits- Sat+Mars in asc , (Sun,jup.mer ven over natal sun and mer) lhere sun is lord of 11th in natal mer 9th and 12 th jupiter 3rd and 6th ,venus asc and 8th.

Rahu over natal saturn, Ketu over natal  jupiter.
Moon over natal moon and rahu

Kota chakra at the time of williams death- See both the nodes in garbh sthaan ,kota swami( lord of durg) saturn outside fort lord is supposed to be inside .Ford guard mars is in the interior fort guard is supposed to be outside, all natural benific’s are on the way ( trying to get in) it was an impulsive decision followed to its end during a bout of  depression.You see lord of 3rd/6 Hands/courage and lord of ascendent/8th in pushya nakshatra of saturn. Ketu was in revati ,sun and mer in ashlesha again nakshatra of mercury the joint lord of 22nd drekana and 64th navamsa. Association of 3rd/6/1st/8th house lords led him to take his own life by hanging.Please refer to to combination of death by hanging for better clarity. may he rest in peace.