killer instinct /competitive spirit astrology.

Astrology of combat sports.

killer instinct–A ruthless determination to succeed or win.

To succeed in life, you must have the courage and tenacity to finish the job quickly and cleanly – that is the killer instinct, the root of Black Heart. Every great man/woman and every great villain has it.
Killer instinct is a tenacity and determination to hold on to even the faintest glimmer of hope till the very end and if by any means you are unsuccessful in your attempt to return back with more resources,determination and preparedness to triumph over previously undefeated elements and men.  
Astrological factors- 
Planet mars is for action .( signs Aries and Scorpio– here Scorpio would be more appropriate as its a fixed sign)
Mercury for stamina and lung power and as significator of nervous system it would mean response to the opponent and quick thinking( playing strategies)
Saturn is significator of skeletal system and sometimes is considered for muscles as well.Its cold and calculative,disciplined and hardworking.
Signs- Aquarius,Capricorn,Scorpio,Leo and Sagittarius.
Nakshtras of Mars and Saturn.
Nakshatras in signs of mars.
Moon in nakshatras of malefics.
Mars as 3rd lord or its aspect on 3rd lord.
Malefics aspecting  on 3rd house.
Mars/ Saturn connection.
3rd house- For mental strength,fighting ability,courage ,energy and firmness.
5th house-Achievements, competitive activities.
6th house- Competitions ,enemies and rivals
8th house – Research on opponents modus operandi
10th house – athletics,material achievements,knees,livelihood etc.

Another common factors in all charts is that Jupiter is not in exalted position in any of the 10 charts of champions,that means malefic s by and large are responsible for success in sports,competitions and wars.
Let us examine the same through the charts of  Boxing champions.

Chart of Mohammed Ali – boxing champion and hall of fame boxer.
Profession first–
10 th lord with ( 7th and 8th lord) ,10th lord connected to fifth lord ( 10th lord is also lord of 5th)
11 th lord venus is also connected to 5th and 10th lord mars as its in nakshatra of Mars ( dhanistha) .6th lord in 11th also relates to earning through combat sport. Malefic in 2nd house is just another indication.7th and 8th lord conjunct 5th and 10th aspects 2nd lord ,3rd lord,ascendent lord,11th lord.

Killer instinct— Lagna in pushya nakshatra ,3rd,5th,6th,7th,8th,10th and 11th,12th lords are connected By PAC and relation through nakshatras as well.
Saturn/mars connection .
Conclusion– Nabasha yogas are kind of good for sports person here 7 planets in 3 signs its a soola yoga.

Chart of George Foreman– Boxing champion.

Profession— Lord of 10th and 3rd venus with 5th/8th  lord and ascendant lord sun,12th lord is dispositor for 10th lord here ,11th lord mer and 9th lord mars are dispositors of 6th and 7th lord. Rahu in 9th and saturn in first are in maran karaka sthaan.Lord of 2nd and 11th in 6th with lord of 9th and 4th .Lord of 6th/7th aspects lord of 12th, both the dispositors of 6th lord are in nakshatra of 12th lord moon.
Again a Nabhasha yoga here- Kedara.( seven planets in 4 Rasis.)

Killer Instinct– Lord of 3rd ,5th,8th, 10th and ascendant in conjunction in 5th house .aspected by Rahu from 9th.Ketu is dispositor of 3rd lord here.
.Saturn mars connection, connection of 11th/2nd  with 6th and 7th lord.
Lagna- In venus nakshatra venus is lord of 3rd and 10 th here.
Moon in nakshatra of sun the ascendent lord.

Boxing Champion- Joe Louis.

Lord of ascendant with 3rd lord,Jupiter and mars are debilitated and in mutual aspect ,sat /mars connection,mars is lord of 11th and 6th ,while Saturn is lord of 8th and 9th ,Saturn is conjunct with 12th lord Venus  PAC connection between 6/8/12 lords .
Profession- 6th/11th lord in connection with 7th and 10th lord
Nabhasa yoga- paasha here 7 planets in 5 rashis.