Astrology of brain disorders.

Brain disorders and astrology- By Jatinder pal singh sandhu


Role of Jupiter and Mars in Brain disorders.

Brain disease – Brain is part of neurological system that includes spine, nerves and neurons .Brain disorders occur when brain is damaged due to injury, disease or health conditions. The brain is indicated by first house, first sign Aries, sun and moon. Mars as lord of sign Aries is important here. Mercury governs intelligence and communication, Jupiter wisdom and higher intelligence.

Types of brain disorders-

  1. Brain tumors.
  2. Brain injuries.
  3. Mental heath conditions.
  4. Congenital or inherited conditions.
  5. Degenerative diseases.

The  following  information on  brain disease  Is culled from—-

Brain disease due to infections

  • Encephalitis
  • Brain abscess
  • Meningitis

Brain diseases due to seizures.

Brain diseases due to trauma .

  • Intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury.

Brain diseases due to tumor, abscess etc.

  • Brain tumor
  • Normal pressure hydrocephalus- Dementia etc
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Glioblastoma
  • Pseudotumor cerebri

Brain diseases due to vascular conditions.


  • Ischemic stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  • Transient ischemic attack (TIA)

Astrological dictums as present in astrological classics.

  • Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Mental – insanity Saturn in lagna + mars in 5th / 9th / 7th
  • Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Mental – insanity weak moon + saturn in 12th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental aberration moon + mars in the 6th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental aberration – Lunacy Moon in 12th along with Rahu and malefic& a benefic in 8th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Saturn in Lagna + Mars in 7th or trikona
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Sun + Moon in Trikona
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter & Saturn in Kendra + Birth on Saturday /Truesday
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Moon & Mercury in kendra without benefic navamsa
  • Jatakaadesha 8 Mental derangement Sun + Moon in lagna / trikona & Jupiter in Apoklima +Birth on Tuesday / Saturday
  • Jatakaadesha 8 Mental derangement Moon + Mercury in Kendra without the association of any other planet and NOT aspected by their lord
  • Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder – over exitment Sun in Gemini / Virgo aspected by Jupiter (budha rasahu dinabhartari drishte gurunaa mahonmaadaH)
  • Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder – over excitement Venus in Cancer navamsa
  • Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder – over excitement Moon in Cancer / Taurus / Aries in Lagna
  • Sarvartha Chintamani Mental trouble Lord of lagna + 6th lord + Mercur
  • Jatakaadesha 8 Mental Unhappiness ? Very Strong Moon aspecting Very weak Lagna Lord +Birth in shukla paksha
  • Kemadruma Yoga – This is a condition occurs when the moon has no planets in either of the signs surrounding it. When there is no planet in the 2nd or the 12th from the moon, the soundness of the mind may become an issue. Again, the entire chart needs to be viewed.
  •   Afflictions to the Moon (mind), Mercury (nervous system) and Jupiter (maturity / wisdom). Particularly, when all three of these planets are afflicted, conditions leading to mental illness are highly possible.

Here we are going to explore the role of Jupiter and mars in mental or brain disorders.

The dictum given in Sarvarth chintamani is as following.


Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th

But we will extend it to conjunction, aspect and relation as well.

Observation—-Association/ conjunction or aspect of mars, Jupiter is predominant in brain diseases and disorders.( specifically if Jupiter is lord of 6th ,8th or 12th ) or Mars as lord of 6th ,8th or 12th.

Chart number  1.  Taken from quiz question no17 posted by ( won By Me )


Lord of 6th in ascendent ,aspected by lord of 5th and 10th ( wisdom and karma)

As per Sarvartha Chintamani Mental disorder happens when ( Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th)This condition is fulfilled here.

Mercury the karka of intelligence and nervous system is combust  in sign aries the head of kaal pursha ,jupiter as 6th lord is in lagna again signifying the head area ,mars aspects both the sign aries and the ascendent..

Combust mercury often denotes nervous disorders.

Karka of mind moon  and 4th house lord of natural zodiac is under the aspect of rahu .

Jupiter is lord of 6th  and 10th  here and mars is lord of 5th and 10th.

Chart 2


Chart number 2 is of native having brain defect from birth-

Mercury is hemmed between sun and  Saturn ,sign Aries is tenanted by moon under aspect from 6th lord jupiter and mars.We have sun and venus in ascendent .fourth house and fifth house are also afflicted ,fifth lord is in conjunction with lord of 6th and under aspect from rahu.The native had a serious brain defect from birth.
In navmsa the ascendent of d1 is placed as 6th house.

Jupiter as lord of 6th and 9th is conjunct 5th and 10th lord Mars here in 4th house.

Chart 3

Chart  taken from astrodata bank .

Chart number three belongs to Martel brian who suffers from bipolar disorder and had killed his one son on Jan 2004 while injuring the other  after he stabbed both of them.

Jupiter as lord of 6th and 3rd in opposition with retrograde mars lord of 7th and 2nd .

Jupiter and mercury are combust ,4th and 5th lord Saturn is also opposite mars and aspected by rahu ,ascendant lord is hemmed in malefic and under aspect of mars , moon the karka of mind  is in 6th house .All these factors ascendant lord,4th,5th lord ,conjunct 6th lord Jupiter ,mercury is combust ,moon is weak and badly placed here led  to brain disease .

In navamsa  Jupiter, mars again are in opposition.

Chart 4- mental disability, lack of speech, delayed development, epilepsy, unable to

Perform his day to day activities – like toilet needs & eating, un-ability to express his needs/ feeling etc.

Jupiter and mars are conjunct in sign cancer of 9th house of horoscope.

Moon is debilated ,ascendant lord is debilated even though Jupiter is exalted and fulfills one condition of neech bhanga. 4th lord Saturn is in 8th house, aspecticng 8th lord mercury .

In navamsa we have have Jupiter in opposition to mars.

Chart 5—Dementia-



.6th lord venus is in ascendant ,moon is badly placed ,mercury is conjunct rahu ,4th lord sun ascendant and 6th lord venus . Jupiter is 8th lord and retrograde placed in 8th itself. Mars as 12th and 7th lord is conjunct ,9th and 10th lord along with 3rd lord .

Here mars establishes relationship with Jupiter through the 3rd aspect of Saturn.

In navamsa we have Jupiter in opposition to mars.

Chart  6 Brain cancer at birth—

Jupiter and mars are conjunct in 5th house.

Lord of 6th Jupiter is conjunct, 4th and 5th lord.

Moon is under the aspect of 6th lord ,mercury is badly placed and Aries is tenanted by debilitated Saturn as lord of 7th and 8th.