Medical astrology table of diseases

Diseases,astrology and diseases,illness ,sickness and astrology. Medical astrology

                                                                                DEVATAS AND PARTS OF BODY
Face Agni
Nostrils Vayu
Eyes Surya and Chandrama (Sun and Moon)
Feet & Legs Vishnu
Ears Dishanatha (Directional lords)
Stomach N adi and Sagar (Samudra)

(Rivers and Sea)

Heart Chandrama (Moon)
Hairs Sasya devtas and Vanaspathi
Skin Vayu
Excretory organs Mitra
Navel Mrithyu
Jaws and Tongue Varuna
Generative organs Prajapathi
Buddhi Bramha
Ahankar Rudra
                                                                                                  PLANETS AND PARTS OF BODY
Sun and Moon rule 2 eyes.
Mercury and Venus rule nostrils.
Saturn and Mars rule ears
Jupiter rules speech.
Rahu and Ketu rules excretory organs.
Signs/bhavas Body parts Planet Body parts
1 Head ,  Brain Physical body ,Headaches Sun Heart, eye-sight, general body, constitution, general health, eyes.
2 Face, Tongue, Teeth, Eyes, Tonsils, Voice Moon Breast, mind, head, chest, kidney, water

in body, heart.

3 Neck, Throat, Ears, Shoulders, Hands, Arm bones Mars Blood, marrow, genitals, rectum, veins, head, female organs, Fore-head, nose

vitality, pregnancy problems, blood

pressure, emotions, anger, aggression,

menstrual cycle.

4 Heart, Lungs, Chest, Accident, (Vehicular) Mercury Tongue, arms, mouth, chest, spinal cord,

gall bladder, nerves, skin, memory.

5 Womb, Black magic, Pregnancy, Gall bladder, Intestines, Back bone. Jupiter Fat, kidney, liver, tongue, right ear,

higher mental plane, diabetes.

6 Stomach, Indigestion, Liver, Nervous. Saturn All types of joints, particularly knee cap

and knee joints, arthritis, muscular


7 Semen, Female organs, Ovaries, Urinary, Female Diseases, Kidneys Venus Eye trouble, pigmentation causing

ugliness, problem of teeth, legs, hair,

bones, sweat glands, limbs, fatigue,

weakness, ageing, wrinkles, disease

causing acute sorrow, piles.

8 Private parts, Piles, Hernia, Anus, Menstrual, Contagious Rahu Bad teeth, dental problems, commit

suicidal mind, murderous acts, Maniac,

excretory organs, genitals

9 Thighs, Limbs Ketu Feet, excretory organs (anus), impotency.
10 Knees. Bones, Flesh
11 Shanks, Legs, Left ear.
12 Feet, Left eye
Planet Part of the body It denotes Diseases it causes
Sun Stomach, bone, right eye, heart, skin, belly, head constitution of body. Trouble in right eye, high fever, disease of heart, stomach and skin, bone fracture, leprosy, internal fever, brain trouble, diseases in head and all past diseases.
Moon Heart, lungs, mind, blood, left eye, breast, alimentary canal, water in body. intestines, lymph,
Diseases of heart, lungs, left eye, uterus, sleepness inertia, asthma, diarrhea, anemia, poisoning of blood, diseases from water, vomitting, kidney trouble, diabetes, menstrual dis-order, dropsy, appendicitis, diseases of breasts and mammary glands, cough and cold, hydrocele.
Mars Blood, marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitals, red matter in blood, rectum veins, female organs and vitality, nose. Diseases of head, poisoning, cuts, wounds, sore eye, leprosy, itches, blood pressure, loss of energy, diseases of female organs, bone fracture urinal diseases, boils, tumours, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcer, dysentery, rectal diseases, chicken pox, mumps, fistula, hernia.
Mercury Chest, nerves, skin, navel, nose, spinal system, gall bladder, veins, lungs, tongue, arms, mouth, hair Diseases of chest and nerves, chicken-pox, epilepsy, diseases of navel, nose and gall bladder, poisonous diseases, bone fracture, typhoid, madness, paralysis, fits, ulcers, indigestion, cholera, skin and mouth diseases, neurofibroma, vertigo.
Jupiter Thighs, fat, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, ear, memory, tongue and spleen, semen. Diseases of liver, kidneys, lungs and ears, diabetes, lack of memory, malady of tongue, thighs, pancreas spleen and dropsy, jaundice, tumours, albumin in urine, blood poisoning, dyspepsia, abscesses.
Venus Face, eye-sight, genital organs, semen urine, luster of body, throat, water in body    and glands, chin. Diseases of face and eye, venereal diseases, fading away of bodily luster, fits, indigestion, throat trouble, diabetes, sexual incompetence, impotency, dropsy, fever and diseases of glands. gonorrhea, syphilis, goiter, gout, cysts, anemia, urethral diseases, hernia, general debility.
Saturn Legs, joint bones, muscles, limbs, teeth, skin and hair. knees, ears, spleen. Weakness, stomach pain, damage and loss of  limbs, bone fracture, diseases of bones, teeth, skin and legs, rheumatic pains, blindness, ugly hair, mental worry, wounds, muscle pains, paralysis, hysteria, deafness, tumors, baldness.
Rahu Feet, breathing, neck. Lung problems, disease in feet, ulcers, boils, Leprosy, difficulties in breathing, enlargement of spleen, cataract and hydrocele, varicose veins, hiccoughs, stammering, poisoning, pains.
Ketu Belly, feet Lung problems, fever, eye-pain, stomach pain, boils, pains in body, diseases from unknown  causes, intestine worms, low blood pressure, defect in speech and ear, brain diseases, phobias.