Eczema from astrological viewpoint

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Astrology of Eczema

Eczema from astrological viewpoint

Eczema medical information gathered from link below

Eczema is a term for several different types of skin swelling. Eczema is also called dermatitis. Most types cause dry, itchy skin and rashes on the face, inside the elbows and behind the knees, and on the hands and feet. Scratching the skin can cause it to turn red, and to swell and itch even more.

Eczema is not contagious. The cause is not known. It is likely caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Eczema may get better or worse over time, but it is often a long-lasting disease. People who have it may also develop hay fever and asthma.

The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis. It is most common in babies and children but adults can have it too. As children who have atopic dermatitis grow older, this problem may get better or go away. But sometimes the skin may stay dry and get irritated easily.

Treatments may include medicines, skin creams, light therapy, and good skin care. You can prevent some types of eczema by avoiding

  • Things that irritate your skin, such as certain soaps, fabrics, and lotions
  • Stress
  • Things you are allergic to, such as food, pollen, and ——

——-Factors Responsible for Skin Disorders

  • Ascendant: general mental and physical health
  • 2nd house: represent face, pimples on face, facial scars
  • 6th house: sickness
  • Saturn: natural significator of skin, age related problems, eczema, incurable diseases
  • Moon: blood impurity, anaemia
  • Venus: beauty of skin
  • Mercury: stress in life, skin problems
  • Mars: boils, rashes, allergies, measles

. Jupiter influence on 11th house or lord or both ( Jupiter rules metabolism and toxicity)

. Mercury Saturn link.
. Moon and jupiter in case of weeping eczema and other blistering skin diseases.

Saturn provides for the drying of the surface epidermis, the prevention of excessive blood flow and the slowing down of nerve signals (such as pain, pressure, vibration, proprioception).

Lord of 6th happens to be mercury and is involved in exchange with lord of ascendant or physical self  .8th lord sun is in ascendant with 5thand 10th lord venus or significator of beauty of skin and mercury significator of ski problems or skin.There is exchange of 6th lord with ascendent and 2nd lord significator of skin,the relationship thus established is a clear indicator of some skin related problem here its eczema.


Here lord of ascendent mercury is in6th conjunct lord of 3rd and in rahu ketu axis,saturn as 8th lord aspects mercury the ascendent lord in 6th house ,thereby establishing a relationship of saturn and mercury often the chief indicator of skin problems ,venus is also in Saturn sign ,moon under the influence of 6th lord. Here the disease happens to be the weeping eczema due to involvement of jupiter and moon as indicated in the astrological pointers for eczema above.

Bypass surgery and astrology

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Bypass surgery and astrology

Coronary artery bypass astrology

Photo from – Medicine

Medical informaion from–

What Is Heart Bypass Surgery?

Heart bypass surgery, also known as coronary artery bypass surgery, aims to replace damaged arteries in the heart. A surgeon uses blood vessels from another area of the body to repair the damaged arteries.

Why You May Need Heart Bypass Surgery

When plaque, which is a material in the blood, builds up on the walls of the arteries, there’s less blood flow to the heart muscle. Since the heart is not receiving adequate blood, the muscle is more likely to tire and fail. This type of damage most often affects the left ventricle, the heart’s primary pump.

Doctors recommend heart bypass surgery if your coronary arteries become so narrowed or blocked that you run a high risk of a fatal heart attack. This condition is called coronary artery disease, or atherosclerosis. Bypass surgery is performed when the blockage is too severe to be managed with medication or other treatment.

Conditions that can cause complications include:

  • diabetes
  • emphysema
  • kidney disease
  • peripheral artery disease

4th house or the 5th house or both the 4th and the 5th houses are involved.
Sign leo–: Sun
 upper back, spine, spleen, heart, aorta, circulation. heart problems, hardening of the arteries, high or low blood pressure, spinal and back problems, blood disorders

Sun as the significator of heart is consistent so far as indications about the heart are concerned or there are other planets like Moon that governs blood and Mars blood vessels which deserve to be studied also for determining heart ailments. The trigger of a heart ailment could be in any part of the body but the heart undisputedly is in the vicinity of the 4th house and affects the adjoining region-3rd house and the 5th house, the most.

Saturn for blockage in blood carrying arteries.

Astro data from Astro data bank

Jennings, Waylon

Waylon Jennings
natal chart (Placidus)
natal chart English style (Equal houses)

Jennings, Waylon Gender: M
Birthname Waylon Arnold Jennings
born on 15 June 1937 at 10:30 (= 10:30 AM )
Place Littlefield, Texas, 33n55, 102w19
Timezone CST h6w (is standard time)
Data source
Quoted BC/BR
Rodden Rating AA
Astrology data   24°08′   22°54 Asc. 25°25′

add Waylon Jennings to ‘my astro’


American country-western singer who became a definitive “outlaw” figure. Charismatic with a strong voice and personality, along with Willie Nelson he spearheaded country away from bland to exciting, gritty and more personal. After upsetting the Nashville regime, he directed his own band, “The Waylors.” Innovative production and heavier instrumentation with a rock approach have resulted in years of hits and a long career for both him and his band.

Prior to his success, he worked with Buddy Holly as a bassist. In an ironic twist of fate, it was he who gave up his seat to the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) for the tragic plane crash on 2/03/1959 that killed Holly, Richardson and Ritchie Valens. Jennings first entered the music industry at the age of 12 when he got a job as a D.J. The son of a truck driver, he played guitar in his teens. The interest that he held at the time for pop music gradually shifted to country.

On drugs for 21 years, he had a $1,500 a day habit by the time he’d had enough. When he quit, he’d burned out on all burners and took three-four years to get to where he cared enough to sing again – or even could sing. He looks back as a man might who had walked away from a burning crash, in awe that he survived with the love of a good woman and a career that survived. Jessi Colter, his singing partner and wife from 1969, have a son, born in 1980.

On 12/12/1988 he had a triple by-pass heart operation. With diabetes, he had an infection on his left foot that led to amputation on 12/19/2001, Phoenix, AZ. He died in his sleep 2/13/2002, a country singer with a rock’n’roll heart and the kind of self-depreciating humor to write such songs as “Too Dumb for New York City, Too Ugly for L.A.”

Link to Wikipedia biography

Ruler of health be both sun and  moon ,it means the horoscope be judged from both sun and moon for medical reasons .Ascendent and moon horoscope both are same as moon is placed in ascendent.Jupiter is lord of 5th house signifying arteries and 8th house signifying chronic ailments.Saturn is lord of 6th and 7th ,disease indicator as 6th lord and maraka as 7th lord. Saturn also is significator of blockage its 10 aspect on 5th house of arteries indicates a blockage in the same.Thre is exchange between 3rd and 10th lord venus and mars as lord of 9th and 4th .

4th house is afflicted due to rahu .Jupiter and mars both are retrograde so their influence should be taken fro previous house as well.Mars as significator of surgery is aspecting lord of 5th and 8th jupiter and 5th house as well if we consider previous house influnce due to retrogession.

Dasha sequence –  Jupiter – Moon- Saturn at the time of triple bypass surgery in dec 1988.

Jupiter is lord of 5th ,(circulation,arteries,heart) moon- chest area as per western astrology authors and significator of blood and heart as per indian authors/Saturn- The significator of blockages .
64th navmsa lord- Moon
22nd drekana lord- Jupiter
From sun -6th and 11th lord happens to be mars,8th lord happens to be saturn ,5th lord happens to be venus  ,which is in exchange with 6th lord mars.
Jupiter is 7th lord and 10th lord from sun.moon is 2nd lord from sun.

Diabetes- He also had Diabetes.

  • To summarize, the Astrological Symptoms for Type 1 Diabetes are:
  • Afflicted Venus (connected to a dusthana, or debilitated or retrograde, or in Papakaratari ….)
  • Afflicted Mars (connected to a dusthana, or debilitated or retrograde, or in Papakaratari ….)
  • Afflicted 5th house/lord
  • Rahu afflicts both Venus and Mars in one way or the other
  • Venus, Mars and Rahu are connected to one another, in some way or the other in Rasi, D6 and D30

Since the sign of Cancer rules the pancreas astrologically we can begin to see a picture of inherited disease perhaps triggered by viral infection at age three. It is said a strict diet can sometimes reduce one’s dependence on insulin. According to astrology there are strong chart indicators against the success of any remedial medical action. So take the help of astrology in advance.

Type 2 diabetes – It is a well-known fact that pancreas produce insulin and in Astrology Venus is the karaka for pancreas. Hence, an afflicted Venus could indicate defective or under efficient pancreas. Hence, one could find a weak and afflicted Venus in this case also. But it is not mandatory as an individual with healthy pancreas could possibly get Type 2 diabetes. Hence, it is important to look for other symptoms which are mandatory for Type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance plays an important role in Type 2 and is a mandatory condition. Doctors say that the primary treatment for insulin resistance is exercise and weight loss. According to Vedic astrology exercise could be read as strengthening Mars. Weight Loss (manage body weight) could be read as reduce the malefic effect of Jupiter.

Drug abuse combinations–

Paralysis in light of vedic astrology

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Paralysis and astrology
Astrology of paralysis.
Paralysis in light of vedic astrology
Paralysis and the medical astrology

Image from—–

Paralysis is the loss of muscle function in part of your body. It happens when something goes wrong with the way messages pass between your brain and muscles. Paralysis can be complete or partial. It can occur on one or both sides of your body. It can also occur in just one area, or it can be widespread. Paralysis of the lower half of your body, including both legs, is called paraplegia. Paralysis of the arms and legs is quadriplegia.

Most paralysis is due to strokes or injuries such as spinal cord injury or a broken neck. Other causes of paralysis include

Polio used to be a cause of paralysis, but polio no longer occurs in most parts of world.

Causes of paralysis

The four most common causes of paralysis are stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.


A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to your brain is disturbed.

Like all organs, the brain needs a constant supply of blood that contains oxygen and nutrients to function properly.

If the blood supply is restricted or stopped, brain cells will begin to die, which can lead to brain damage that often results in paralysis.


Head injury

A severe head injury can cause brain damage. The brain’s surface can tear or bruise as it bumps against the skull, damaging blood vessels and nerves.

Paralysis can occur if a part of the brain that controls specific muscles is damaged during a severe head injury.

Damage to the left side of the brain can cause paralysis on the right side of the body, and damage to the right side of the brain can cause paralysis on the left side of the body.


Spinal cord injury

The spinal cord is part of your central nervous system. It is a thick bundle of nerves that runs from your brain, down through the neck and spine, inside a canal of vertebrae.

Its main function is to transmit signals to and from the brain and body. For example, the spinal cord passes nerve signals, such as hot or cold sensations, back to the brain.

If the neck or spine is injured, the spinal cord can also be damaged. This means the brain may no longer be able to transmit signals to the muscles, causing paralysis.

The exact location where the spinal injury occurs can have a significant effect on how severe and wide-ranging the paralysis is. The higher up the spine the injury occurs, the worse the paralysis will be. For example, an injury in the middle of the spine will usually cause paraplegia (paralysis of the lower limbs).

A neck injury, such as a broken neck, will usually result in tetraplegia (paralysis in all four limbs, also known as quadriplegia), as well as loss of normal lung function, which means the person will need to use a ventilator to breathe.

Read more about how the level of spinal cord injury is determined.

The most common causes of spinal cord injury are:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • accidents while working
  • accidents during sports or other types of activity
  • falls
  • spinal cord paralysis caused by disease rather than injury

The nature of these causes means that most spinal cord injuries occur in men (who account for 80% of all cases) and younger people. It is estimated that half of all spinal cord injuries occur in people who are 16 to 30 years of age.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition where nerve fibres in the spinal cord become damaged by the immune system (the body’s natural defence against infection and illness).

The immune system mistakenly attacks a substance called myelin, which surrounds nerve fibres and helps with the transmission of nerve signals.

In MS, the myelin around the nerve fibres becomes damaged, which disturbs the messages coming to and from the brain. This can result in paralysis.

Less common causes of paralysis

There are also a number of less common causes, which are listed below.


Cancers that develop in the brain, such as a high-grade brain tumour, can cause paralysis, usually on one side of the body.

Alternatively, cancers can spread (metastasise) from other parts of the body into the brain or spinal cord, leading to paralysis.

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a set of neurological conditions (those that affect the brain and nervous system) that affect a child’s movement and co-ordination.

Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage, which usually occurs before, during or soon after birth. Some possible causes of cerebral palsy include:

  • infection during early pregnancy
  • a difficult or premature birth
  • bleeding in the baby’s brain
  • abnormal brain development in the baby

The most severe type of cerebral palsy is called spastic quadriplegia, where a person has such a high degree of muscle stiffness (spasticity) in all of their limbs that they are unable to use them.


Friedreich’s ataxia

Friedreich’s ataxia is a rare genetic condition that affects around 1 in every 25,000 people in England. It is caused by a mutation in a gene known as the GAA gene.

The mutation results in the body not producing enough of the protein frataxin. Frataxin is thought to play a role in the regulation of iron levels inside nerve cells.

Because of the lack of enough frataxin being produced, the level of iron and other toxic substances starts to build up inside the nerve cells, damaging them.

Many people with Friedreich’s ataxia experience a gradual increase of paralysis in their legs. They will eventually need to use a wheelchair or another type of mobility aid.

Guillain-Barré syndrome

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare and poorly understood condition caused by peripheral nervous system damage. The peripheral nervous system is the network of nerves that controls the body’s senses and movements.

In Guillain-Barré syndrome, the body’s immune system attacks the nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which causes them to become inflamed.

This nerve damage results in a tingly, numb sensation in the arms and legs, which can eventually lead to temporary paralysis of the arms, legs and face.

Most people with Guillain-Barré syndrome make a full recovery in a few weeks or months and do not experience any other associated problems.


Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks.

Ticks are small arachnids that feed on the blood of mammals, including humans. The ticks release bacteria that can damage the nerves, leading to temporary paralysis of the face.

Motor neurone disease

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a rare, incurable condition. Over time, the nerves in the brain and spine gradually lose function (neurodegeneration).

Nerve cells known as motor neurones are affected by MND. Motor neurones are specialised nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movements, such as walking. MND causes progressive muscle weakness, which eventually leads to total body paralysis.


Spina bifida

Spina bifida is a term that describes a series of birth defects that affect development of the spine and nervous system.

Myelomeningocele is the most serious type of spina bifida, occurring in 1 in every 1,000 births. It causes extensive damage to the nervous system, which can often result in partial or total permanent paralysis of the lower limbs.

Astrological Indicators-
Mercury – nervous system
Saturn- Wasting degenerative diseases, blockage and skeletal system.
Sun- Spine,heart and blood pumping system

Moon – Fluids,blood,mind,circulation.
Mars- Injuries, surgeries ,blood, muscles and movement.

Lords of 6,8 and 12.
6th lord for diseases ,accidents and 8th lord for critical illness and sudden events/accidents.

Diseases of the Dhatu of the afflicted lord of Lagna.


When lord of the Lagna be weak, be aspected by malefics and be not aspected by or conjoined with benefics, the native suffers from some affliction of the Dhatu of that plarret (who is lord of the Lagna).

For example, the Sun would in such a position cause some kind of bone disease and the Moon in similar position would be the cause of some blood disease. The other planets if they are disposed likewise would give diseases related to their Dhatus. Mars wili be responsible for disease of the muscles, Mercury of

skin or nerves, Jupiter of bone marrow and liver, Venus of semen and urine and Saturn and Rahu of nerves.

Saturn in the constellation of Rahu and Ketu ,or in  the constellation of Saturn,involving in 8th house indicates paralysis afflicting the native.

As per Vedic astrology the dhatus as assigned to planets is as below

Planets Dhatu/Upadhatu
Sun Asthi (Bones)
Moon Rakta (Blood)
Mars Majja (Bone Marrow)
Mercury Twacha (Skin)
Jupiter Vasa (Adipuse tissue)
Venus Shukra (Semen/Sperm)
Saturn Snayu (Muscle)

Example chart–

Chart no1- Lagna lord is com-bust and retrograde in 12th ,

This chart fulfills the condition  of Ptolemy of luminaries being conjunct and afflicted. 

Mars lord of sixth is in second  house is aspected by saturn from 12th house .

The paralysis in this case happened due to a stroke in 2010. Mercury the signifactor and lord of lagna is combust ,afflicted and in association with luminaries and saturn lord of 8th here.Moon is blood ,saturn blockage ,mercury nerves,sun  bones and spine,saturn muscles and skeltal system ,mars movement and muscles . Dasha sequence at the time of stroke Mercury – Venus – jupiter.

Mercury is lagna lord ,venus lord of 12th of hospitalisation and incapication ,jupiter suffers from kendraadhipati dosha and happens to be lord of 7th al;so so a maraka.The clutter of significators  of this disease in 12th and trigger of the said disease by maraka and lord of 12th clearly led to this diease in 2010.