Loss of wife and astrology.

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Loss of wife and Phaldeepika.

If the lord of the 7th house occupies the 5th, the native will lose his wife or he will become sonless. If the lord of the 5th or the 8th be in the 7th, the wife of the native does not survive. If the weak Moon be in the 5th and the malefics occupy the Ascendant, 7th and 12th houses the person concerned will be without wife and children. If the Sun and Rahu occupy the 7th house, the native will suffer loss of wealth through association with women.

The native loses his wife if there are any of the following disposition of planets present at brith:—

(a) Venus in Scorpio in the 7th house.

(b) Mercury in Taurus in the 7th house.

(c) Jupiter in Capricorn in the 7th house.

(d) Saturn in Pisces in the 7th house.

(e) Mars in Pisces in the 7th house.

However, if Mars and Saturn occupy the 7th house identical with Cancer the native will be blessed with a wife who is beautiful and of good character.

The native is deprived of his wife if the 7th house or its lord be associated with or aspected by malefics, hemmed in beetween malefics, be in his sign of debilition or an inimical sign or be eclipsed by the Sun’s rays.

The native will lose his wife or will have a crippled wife, when Venus in conjunction with malefic occupies the 7th, 5th or 9th house.

The native will have illicit relations with other people’s wives if Venus be in the Varga of Mars or Saturn or be aspected by these planets.

Stree jatak( female horoscopy)effect of planets in houses

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Stree jatak( female horoscopy)effect of planets in houses

Female horoscopy as per Stree jatak.

Female horoscopy – planets in various houses and effects.


Ravi in 1 – produces hot body, heat diseases, bad temper, leanness, ingratitude,

fond of dining at others’ places and repulsive complexion.

Ravi in 2 – deprived of corn. and coin, harsh tongue, debility, fond of quarrels,

hatred, mischief, friendless.

Ravi in 3 – always happy, healthy body, handsome, nice face, full busts. Three

things in a woman add to her beauty: fine teeth, handsome eyes and well formed


Ravi in 4 – unhappy, sickly body, ugly teeth, repulsive body, hateful and

troublesome behaviour.

Ravi in 5 – few issues, leadership, religious observance, stout face and teeth,

dutiful. to parents, agreeable conversation and faith in Brahmins and priestly class

are indicated.

Ravi in 6 – importance, victory over enemies, clever among females, good conduct,

righteous deeds, wealth, generous and handsome.

Ravi in 7 – neglected by husband, unhappiness, terrible to deal with,

Unsympathetic, phlegmatic diseases, sinful deeds and deformed body.

Ravi in 8 – relations suffering from poverty and sorrows, crooked acts of charity, suffering from excessive blood passing.

Ravi in 9 – pretending charities, fond of sinful deeds, poverty, many enemies,

excessive anger, fine sources of comfort.

Ravi in 10 – crooked charities, unattractive, hatred towards husband, dark body,

fond of walking and travelling.

Ravi in 11 – gains, children and grandchildren. command over passions, great skill

in arts, patience, commanding, respect from relations.

Ravi in 12 – expenditure on evil work, rough, extravagance, fond of sinful deeds,

cruel, fondness for all articles, irreligious tendencies.


Chandra in 1 – handsome; when the Moon is on the wane, slender body, sickness,

quarrelsome and fond of crooked deeds.

Chandra in 2 – great wealth, polite, principled among females, charitable, devoted

to husband, righteous, and respect to good Brahmins.

Chandra in 3 – diseases from excessive phlegm and wind, disagreeable

conversation, crooked views, dependency on mean masters, non-regard, for justice,

bad conduct, miserliness, ungrateful.

Chandra in 4 – happiness, valuable ornaments, steadiness, following strictly

religious codes. great enjoy ment, devotion to God and preceptors.

Chandra in 5 – good children, good conduct, great activity, happiness, truth, control

over passions, love for husband, handsome.

Chandra in 6 – small heart, bold, rude, fickle-minded, wounds, various kinds of

diseases, emaciated body.

Chandra in 7 – skill, love to husband, generosity, prudence, pleasant speech,

wealth, attraction and good conduct.

Chandra in 8 – cruel, envious eyes, ill-developed breasts and sexual organ, lack of

ornaments, unclean body, anger, wonderful scandals.

Chandra in 9 – pious, good waist, fond of enjoyment, liberal, agreeable, faithful

servants, good issues and happy.

Chandra in 10 – gold ornaments, good respect, not fond of sense engagements, good social position, high rank among relations, charitable, fond of meritorious

deeds and truthful.

Chandra in 11 – much gain, agreeable, attractive, prudence and foresight, control

over passions, easily pleased, charitable, lawful and healthy.

Chandra in 12 – spend thrift, windy diseases, active habits, humble mind, impatient,

unreasonable, poverty.


Kuja in 1 – red complexion, sorrowful body, disrespect, rejected by husband,


Kuja in 2 – irreligious, poverty, crooked husband, excessive, expenditure,

passionate, anger, many diseases, few hairs.

Kuja in 3 – prosperity, patience, agreeable relations, respect for good men,

impotence; health and dignity.

Kuja in 4 – disappointments, steady devotion, unhappiness, widowhood, houseless,

rejected by relations and highly irritable.

Kuja in 5 – crooked issues, immodest, bad company, fond of sinful deeds, issueless

and few relations.

Kuja in 6 – happy with husband, foeless, great wealth, friendship with good

persons, learned, healthy.

Kuja in 7 – early widowhood, bad character, poverty, repulsive body and

mischievous tendencies.

Kuja in 8 – many diseases, emaciated body, without guardian, poverty, cuts and

scars, repulsive, fond of tormenting others.

Kuja in 9 – impious, unhappy, sickness, poverty, offensive to good people, and fond

of flesh and drinking.

Kuja in 10 – crooked works and views, irreligious and fond of unholy work,

shameless, ignorance.

Kuja in 11 – large gains, indifferent to possession of articles, good temper, various

enjoyments, fond of husband and righteous conduct.

Kuja in 12 -fond of red grains, misdeeds, expenditure on sinful acts, fond of

drinking, cruel, always suffering from some complaint and weak constitution


Budha in 1 – handsome, devoted to husband, righteous, broad eyes, plenty of food

and drink, always loving, truthful,

Budha in 2 – wealth, purity, handsome, fond of God and Brahmins, and sacrificial

rites, prosperity, and desire to read and hear Puranas or religious works.

Budha in 3 – riches, devoted to God and religious men, children, self-respect,

obliging and good social position and authority.

Budha in 4 – happiness, good and pious friends, servants, devotion to God and holy

priests, respectable family, and fondness for charitable deeds.

Budha in 5 – few issues, poor eater, ordinary wealth, quarrelsome, objectless or

non-profitable travelling, objectionable conduct, poverty and hatred for good


Budha in 6 – hating enemies. kind-hearted, long life, active habits, excessive

passion, and unwillingness to help others.

Budha in 7 – dignified, skilful in all works, fond of sastras, feasts and religious rites,

good reputation, and loving fellow-creatures.

Budha in 8 – ungrateful and forgetting help, unsympathetic, uncharitable,

misunderstandings among people, always sickness, timidity.

Budha in 9 – virtuous. charitable, polite, wealth, reputation, strength, great

patience, truthful.

Budha in 10 – righteous conduct, devotion to husband, prosperity, wealth,

handsome, just and polite.

Budha in 11 – contented, great gains, good temper, virtuous, popular.

Budha in 12 – perverted and ignorant, Indifferent, quarrelsome, disordered, emaciated body and subject to criticisms from good people.


Guru in 1 – truthful, good enjoyment, dignified speech, good company, beautiful,

respect and leadership among females.

Guru in 2 – great wealth, good marital life, agreeable, just, fond of good deeds,

good social position, disinterested and without mishaps.

Guru in 3 – want of self-respect, many sins, disgrace, and suffering always from

some disease or nervous complaints in the limbs.

Guru in 4 – great happiness. and various foods and drinks, many servants and

maids, rich ornaments, fine reputation, handsome features and blessed with

virtuous conduct.

Guru in 5 – good and prosperous children, bereft of sinful deeds (this means she

will do good), agreeable temperament, fond of religious performances, truthful,

respected in all assemblies and gatherings.

Guru in 6 – siding enemies, virtuous, suffering -from various troubles and worries,

timid and fearing, engaged in unimportant or trivial works, insincere attentions

and politeness.

Guru in 7 – good temperament, meritorious deeds, bright understanding, few

enemies, love and regard to husband, desirable reputation.

Guru in 8 – untruthful, houseless, loss of husband. pains in hands and feet, great

sorrow, poor meals and many complaints in the body.

Guru in 9 – religious faith, truthfulness, pleasure from building tanks, wells and

other charitable works, agreebleness, reputation, love for. holy men, riches,

faithful and good servants and gratefulness.

Guru in 10 – works which give reputation, good qualities, amiability, many

servants, politeness, loveliness, engaged in virtuous wonderful works.

Guru in 11 – control over passions, unsullied reputation, wealth, fond of skilful

works, truthfulness, praised for her amiable qualities.

Guru in 12 – spending money on sinful acts, sickly body, few gains, doing irreligious

acts, bad temperament and fond of other religious systems. This means that she

will neglect her own religion and faith and join different faiths in antagonism to

her normal religion. This is considered to be hateful in the eyes of her coreligionists.


Sukra in 1 – agreeable husband., good married life, skilful in work, great wealth,

pure body, conquest over enemies, amiable nature.

Sukra in 2 – great wealth, skilful works, dependent, appearances of grandeur, love

of charity, good nature, respectable deeds and sweet speech.

Sukra in 3 – poverty. defeated relations, great sorrow, pride and speech in low


Sukra in 4 – great happiness and wealth, jolly tempera ment, Iove of charitable

deeds, control over passions, an ornament to her family.

Sukra in 5 – wealth in coins and kind, many daughters, grand dress, good company,

and leader in her family.

Sukra in 6 – meanness, irritable, cruel temperament, con quest over enemies,

rejected by children and husband.

Sukra in 7 – greatness through wealth, love of husband, fond of scientific

knowledge, general proficiency and cleverness, fond of Brahmins, helping people.

Sukra in 8 – pride, sorrow, want of comforts, unsympathetic, cheating others, illselected

clothing, un-righteous conduct.

Sukra in 9 – fondness for meritorious work. leader among females, varieties of

wealth and clothes, luxurious food contentment. agreeable to husband.

Sukra in 10 – respect and reputation, great wealth, body worthy of respect by good

deeds, great power, beauty, truthful.

Sukra in 11 – great gains, fond of scientific knowledge, great influence, many

houses and furniture.

Sukra in 12 – expenditure on evil deeds, sorrow, hard bodily organs, deceitful,

dissimulative talk, disease, dull.


Sani in 1 – ugly and deformed body, great discomforts, insignificant, stout bones,

teeth and hairs, uninviting eyes, windy complaints, constipation and piles, fiery

temperament, stubborn.

Sani in 2 – poverty, insignificant among the females, rejected by others,

unsympathetic, cruel temper, unrighteous, irritable, harsh language.

Sani in 3 – great capacity, leader among ladies, grateful, many issues, charitable and

protective temperament, friendship among good people.

Sani in 4 – unhappiness, want of intelligence, ungrateful, capricious, poor

surroundings, always fond of doing evil deeds and keeping company with

undesirable people, questionable morals.

Sani in 5 – want of children, unkind, very proud, prostitute behavior, friendship

with wicked people, perverse views.

Sani in 6 – dull, leader among women, many issues, many jewels and clothes, good

character, love for children.

Sani in 7 – widowhood, insignificant, many diseases, fond of drinking, evil

company, many sins and un-desirable associates.

Sani in 8 – committing sinful acts, cruel temper, untruthful and unrighteous,

thievish habits, deceitful nature, early dangers and ‘accidents’.

Sani in 9 – mean acts, extravagant, friendship with misers, uneducated, rough,

bereft of polite manners.

Sani in 10 – fond of evil deeds, feminine temper, love for filthy literature, poverty

and bad conduct.

Sani in 11 – good issues, great wealth, handsome personality; luxurious food, great

gains, bold.

Sani in 12 – bloody complaints, excess of wind and phlegm, diseases from these

sources, stupidity, perverse nature, sorrowful and rejected by many. Results have

been explained from the constellations, lunar influences, sign peculiarities and

influences of planets in the different Bhavas. These are specially applicable to



Astrology of sports and competitiveness.

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killer instinct /competitive spirit astrology.

Astrology of combat sports.

killer instinct–A ruthless determination to succeed or win.

To succeed in life, you must have the courage and tenacity to finish the job quickly and cleanly – that is the killer instinct, the root of Black Heart. Every great man/woman and every great villain has it.
Killer instinct is a tenacity and determination to hold on to even the faintest glimmer of hope till the very end and if by any means you are unsuccessful in your attempt to return back with more resources,determination and preparedness to triumph over previously undefeated elements and men.  
Astrological factors- 
Planet mars is for action .( signs Aries and Scorpio– here Scorpio would be more appropriate as its a fixed sign)
Mercury for stamina and lung power and as significator of nervous system it would mean response to the opponent and quick thinking( playing strategies)
Saturn is significator of skeletal system and sometimes is considered for muscles as well.Its cold and calculative,disciplined and hardworking.
Signs- Aquarius,Capricorn,Scorpio,Leo and Sagittarius.
Nakshtras of Mars and Saturn.
Nakshatras in signs of mars.
Moon in nakshatras of malefics.
Mars as 3rd lord or its aspect on 3rd lord.
Malefics aspecting  on 3rd house.
Mars/ Saturn connection.
3rd house- For mental strength,fighting ability,courage ,energy and firmness.
5th house-Achievements, competitive activities.
6th house- Competitions ,enemies and rivals
8th house – Research on opponents modus operandi
10th house – athletics,material achievements,knees,livelihood etc.

Another common factors in all charts is that Jupiter is not in exalted position in any of the 10 charts of champions,that means malefic s by and large are responsible for success in sports,competitions and wars.
Let us examine the same through the charts of  Boxing champions.

Chart of Mohammed Ali – boxing champion and hall of fame boxer.
Profession first–
10 th lord with ( 7th and 8th lord) ,10th lord connected to fifth lord ( 10th lord is also lord of 5th)
11 th lord venus is also connected to 5th and 10th lord mars as its in nakshatra of Mars ( dhanistha) .6th lord in 11th also relates to earning through combat sport. Malefic in 2nd house is just another indication.7th and 8th lord conjunct 5th and 10th aspects 2nd lord ,3rd lord,ascendent lord,11th lord.

Killer instinct— Lagna in pushya nakshatra ,3rd,5th,6th,7th,8th,10th and 11th,12th lords are connected By PAC and relation through nakshatras as well.
Saturn/mars connection .
Conclusion– Nabasha yogas are kind of good for sports person here 7 planets in 3 signs its a soola yoga.

Chart of George Foreman– Boxing champion.

Profession— Lord of 10th and 3rd venus with 5th/8th  lord and ascendant lord sun,12th lord is dispositor for 10th lord here ,11th lord mer and 9th lord mars are dispositors of 6th and 7th lord. Rahu in 9th and saturn in first are in maran karaka sthaan.Lord of 2nd and 11th in 6th with lord of 9th and 4th .Lord of 6th/7th aspects lord of 12th, both the dispositors of 6th lord are in nakshatra of 12th lord moon.
Again a Nabhasha yoga here- Kedara.( seven planets in 4 Rasis.)

Killer Instinct– Lord of 3rd ,5th,8th, 10th and ascendant in conjunction in 5th house .aspected by Rahu from 9th.Ketu is dispositor of 3rd lord here.
.Saturn mars connection, connection of 11th/2nd  with 6th and 7th lord.
Lagna- In venus nakshatra venus is lord of 3rd and 10 th here.
Moon in nakshatra of sun the ascendent lord.

Boxing Champion- Joe Louis.

Lord of ascendant with 3rd lord,Jupiter and mars are debilitated and in mutual aspect ,sat /mars connection,mars is lord of 11th and 6th ,while Saturn is lord of 8th and 9th ,Saturn is conjunct with 12th lord Venus  PAC connection between 6/8/12 lords .
Profession- 6th/11th lord in connection with 7th and 10th lord
Nabhasa yoga- paasha here 7 planets in 5 rashis.

Robin Williams suicide an astrological introspection

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Robin williams case of acute depression leading to suicide from point of view of astrology.

Robin Williams suicide an astrological introspection.


Depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain. Brain-imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have shown that the brains of people who have depression look different than those of people without depression. The parts of the brain involved in mood, thinking, sleep, appetite, and behavior appear different. But these images do not reveal why the depression has occurred. They also cannot be used to diagnose depression.

Some types of depression tend to run in families. However, depression can occur in people without family histories of depression too. Scientists are studying certain genes that may make some people more prone to depression.

Depression — Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

For major depression, you may experience a sad or depressed mood, or an inability to feel pleasure, plus five or more of the following symptoms, for at least a two-week period

  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, or hopelessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, including sex
  • Difficulty concentrating and complaints of poor memory
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Appetite changes, which may include weight gain or loss
  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Slow speech; slow movements

6-7. DEATH BY HANGING ETC. ( Saravali)
If the Moon in Capricorn, or Aquarius be hemmed between benefics, death will be due to 
hanging, fire, or fall, which is doubtless according to Chanakya. The same effect will come to 
pass, if the 5th and 9th Houses are occupied by malefics in aspect to malefics. If the drekkana 
of the 8th House be one of Pasa, Sarpa and Nigala, death will be reticent. 

Jataka Parijatham 5 84 death due to hanging       8rd lord + saturn + rahu / ketu in 8th / 6th / 12th


73 Jataka Parijatham 5 84 death due to hanging   3rd lord + saturn + rahu / ketu in 8th / 6th / 12th

Astrological combination of  suicide.

If the lord of Lagna be in the 2nd alongwith the

lords of 3rd and the 11th, and the lord of 8th be in the

8th, the native will die by committing suicide. The

reason is that in these dispositions, the 8th house and

its lord and the lord of Lagna fall under the influence

of planets who make the native himself responsible

for taking his own life. In other words his own arms

represented by the lords of the 3rd and the 11th


become the instruments causing his death.

Different Combination for Sudden Unnatural Deaths

Death by suicide:

  1. If the ascendant/8th house, their lords and Sun are afflicted by Mars/Saturn/Ketu.
    2.    If the Sun, Moon, Mercury [soul, mind and thinking] are afflicted by Rahu and Ketu or nodes.
    3.    Association of Mars and Saturn.

Death by weapon:

  1. If Moon, Mars and Saturn in 8th house.
    2.    If Mars in 6th/12th and Saturn in 8th house.

Death by assassination:

  1. Naural malefic in 8th house afflicted badly with Mars either by association or by conjunction.
    2.    Moon and Mars either aspects 8th house or situated in it.

If Saturn in ascendant with no benefice aspects and the Sun/Rahu/Waning Moon combine the     native is either stabbed or shot dead.
If the Sun and Mars exchanges signs and quadrant to the 8th lord the native may be        sentenced to death by the Government.
Rahu in 6th/8th/12th may cause death through conspiracy.
If the 9th house is occupied with malefic, death is painful due to disease, accident, murder or     suicide.
If the ascendant and 8th lords are weak and Mars is in conjunction with 6th lord, the native may be killed in war.

Examining the chart for afflictions of houses and planets related to mental faculties.

In this chart lord of 4th and 5th ( Mind- peace of mind and wisdom is posited in 12th house under aspect from lord of 6th and 3rd,mercury the natural karka of intelligence is hemmed in malefics and under aspect from 6th lord ,dispositors of mercury are mars and saturn.Mars and saturn are in mutual aspect here mars is owner of both the maraka houses (2nd and 7th),lord of 8th and ascendent  venus is conjunct ketu ( nakshatra Purv phalguni of venus) 5th house has Moon/rahu conjunction in sign aquarius denoting the expansion of ideas and emotions no doubt his comedy went overboard during his club comedian days .
Lets examine the chart for psychological problems like depression etc

  • Lord of ascendent is afflicted and hemmed.
  • Lord of 4th and 5th badly placed in 12th .
  • Moon as karak of mind afflicted.
  • Mercury as karak of intelligence is hemmed in malefics and under aspect from lord of 6th conjunct gulik and sun.
  • Mercury is lord of 64 navamsa and 22nd drekana.
  • Ascendent is aspected by Rahu.
  • Saturn in 12th
  • In navamsa you have a saturn/moon combination again in 12th ( sat+moon is often responsible of melancholy and depression)
  • He was addicted to psychotic drugs /narcotics  and alchohol  ( sat under aspect from 6th lord ,moon rahu abd mars in rahu’s nakshatra,sat/mars in mutual aspect.

As per vedic astrology readings, the planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the real culprits in regard to the problem of drug abuse. These planets also obstruct in drug addiction rehab and the native may not get proper help for drug addiction treatment. If any of these planets is having negative relationship with first, second or sixth house of the horoscope; and at the same time the second house is also troubled – the chances of the person being addicted to drugs are very strong.


On suicide– Dasha sequence at death- Ketu – mer ,ketu is conjunct lord of ascendent and lord of 8th ,mer is lord of 12th and 9th conjunct gulik and Sun lord of 11 th.Ketu is 7th from moon and mer is 6th from moon. mer is lord of 64th navamsa and lord of 22nd drekana as well.The 3rd and 6th lord jupiter is nakshatra of mercury the AD lord here ,while ketu with ascendent and 8th lord venus .So in a fit of depression he ended his own life by his own hands .

Transits- Sat+Mars in asc , (Sun,jup.mer ven over natal sun and mer) lhere sun is lord of 11th in natal mer 9th and 12 th jupiter 3rd and 6th ,venus asc and 8th.

Rahu over natal saturn, Ketu over natal  jupiter.
Moon over natal moon and rahu

Kota chakra at the time of williams death- See both the nodes in garbh sthaan ,kota swami( lord of durg) saturn outside fort lord is supposed to be inside .Ford guard mars is in the interior fort guard is supposed to be outside, all natural benific’s are on the way ( trying to get in) it was an impulsive decision followed to its end during a bout of  depression.You see lord of 3rd/6 Hands/courage and lord of ascendent/8th in pushya nakshatra of saturn. Ketu was in revati ,sun and mer in ashlesha again nakshatra of mercury the joint lord of 22nd drekana and 64th navamsa. Association of 3rd/6/1st/8th house lords led him to take his own life by hanging.Please refer to to combination of death by hanging for better clarity. may he rest in peace.

Why Jupiter exalts in cancer and Venus in Pisces some astrological reasoning.

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Why Jupiter exalts in cancer and Venus in Pisces some astrological reasoning.

Astrological musings on Jupiter and Venus exaltation.

The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology is known as GURU, BRIHASPATI, and DEVAGURA. In Sanskrit these names mean, “teacher, lord of light, and teacher to the gods.”

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer there are 3 different Nakshatras Jupiter could occupy within the 30° arc of Cancer, namely, Punarvasu (20°00′ Gemini to 3°20 Cancer), Pushya (3°20′ to 16°40′ Cancer), and Ashlesha (16°40′ to 29°59′ Cancer). Since Jupiter is exalted at 5° Cancer this placement signifies his true exaltation in Pushya Nakshatra. The Nakshatra Devata of Pushya is Bṛhaspati, the teacher of the Gods.Jupiter will not give his full exaltation effects when he is posited in a Nakshatra besides Pushya although he is still generally exalted in the sign of Cancer

Jupiter is a brahmin planet.
Jupiter exalts in sign- Cancer,the first sign of moksha trikona .
Why ?
Sign cancer–adaptable, changeable,always moving,appreciation,sympathetic decisive actions ,deepmeditation,sleep desires to be active, expanding,difficulty with inaction,elasticity,emotion,internally insecure
loves guidance & teachers loves ,protection movable,feminine, watery,picturesque localities,silently watches
strong grasp, hard to leave sustenance,sympathetic,appreciation uncertain of own potential ,very religious watery places,lakes, beaches.

Sign Cancer– Represents the opening ( dwar) to this world ,it represents mother and nourishment of moon.
Chasm with water Channel Watery – sign Pristodaya Movable Even Dwara – Rasi Mineral Soft Female
North Heart Night White Brahmin Jala – Tatwa -Watery Animals
Jupiter–protection, benevolence affluence, fame astrology, councilors,advisors ,religiousness, belief in god
priests, teachers, judges,children, guardianship’s,charity, generosity,contentment, laziness fat,expansion, largeness devotion, faith, hope higher aspect of intelligence fairness, justice, honesty financial dealings
foreign affairs god’s grace in this world honor, lawfulness master of knowledge & wisdom insurance, legal matters medicine, occult science, physicians liver (purification of blood) morality, conservative optimism, peace, opulence performance of sacrifices perpetuation of established codes philosophy, pilgrimage religious vocations reputation, trust scriptures, vedas.
Guru (Jupiter)
Issues absolute brahman-spiritual knowledge intuition and abstract thinking-yoga practice-concentration
and meditation-divine knowledge-spiritual leadership astamaha siddhi-preaching intellectual involution intelligence,inquiry and experiment -governing and ministerial management-royal patronage-titles and
paraphernalia and honours-shruti (veda)-smrithi (traditional law)-scripture -ethical and moral codes philosophical reseraches-patience- devas and brahmins-conquerring of the senses-(jithendriya)-unifying
process from diversity to unity-psychism-genius and mental-prodigy-Sanskrit eternal truth and justice-self
reliance-orginality-town lifenorth-east-roots and plantains-gold and sapphire-catseyes-sweet-bengal gram sacred rivers and places of worship-treasury-money lending and banking-yellow-fataswath tree (Pipal
Tree)-astrologer-preceptor-sanyasi chief-pigeon-horse-swan-one month-satva guna-akasha tatva-hemantha
ritu (margashira-pushya)-hearing (panchendria)-marks on shoulder-30 years-fruit bearingtrees-malerigveda-
medium cloth-circular-shape sindhu thrithiya and astami and thrayodashi-thavarga (Alphabets from
tha to na)-numeral-3; 81 miles-Sambashive (both Iswara and Parvathi)-cocoanut tree, Angirasa gotra-brainyouth-tall-cool drink and food-right ear (nava dwara)-day strong-stomach.Owns dhanus and meena-0 to 10 degrees of dhanus is moolatrikona. Exalted in Kataka (highest) point 5  degrees.

The planet Venus is known as SUKRA in Vedic astrology. Sukra means “white”, or “bright” in Sanskrit. Venus is a first rate benefic in Jyotish (predictions). Venus rules over the two sidereal signs of Taurus and Libra.

Venus is exalted in the mercurial constellation of Revati, in Pisces, the 12th sign showing Venus’s importance in final liberation or moksha.
Watery place, sea; watery animals; Ubhayodaya; common; even; Garbha  soft; female; North; blue; feet; night; fish; Brahmin; Jala Tatwa; fishing and other low pursuits; watery diseases such as ascites (Jalodara)

Venus is the vibratory field of resonance between ego and soul, outer appearance and inner life, unit and universe  Wisdomis suggestive of the “exaltation” of Venus in the Piscean dimension of evolution Venus is the brightest planet in the night sky. It shines like a silvery star. Venus is a planet that inspires great hope, love and desire. It is the planet of beauty. It is the force of attraction in the universe thus bringing things together to form a perfect whole. This force is Love.


Venus rules the constellation of Bharani. In this constellation we see Venus’s power to grant life or death. Venus key like shape relates to its ability to unlock the gates of death, which is how Venus is viewed by the hermetic orders . Venus is associated with Bharani’s symbol the vulva representing birth, fertility , primal sexuality. Venus rules semen and sexuality and is directly related to conception and birth. Venus’ rulership of the constellation of Purvaphalguni, manifests in the delight for procreation and creativity. In Purva Ashadha, Venus is the high priestess, the bride of heaven, the immortal one, the sheer delight to be alive, to live forever, the healing powers of the waters of life,the spirit of rejuvenation. Venus thus rules the 2nd, 11th, and 20th constellation.

Venus is a brahmin planet and associated with Shukra Charya , the guru of the demons. Venus bestows profound knowledge, which cannot be accessed through the intellect alone. But When Venus and Mercury combine it is the alchemical marriage.

Venus is a great benefic, and the Aswini Kumaras could not have harnessed the power to raise the dead without receiving Venus’ great blessings, so it is understood that Venus, though unspokenly is closely related to the first constellation Ashwini, just as Venus is strongly related to the last constellation Revati. Venus is the first and the last, birth,death, and beyond…

Venus signifies water element. Venus is exalted in Pisces. The degree of exaltation is 27 degrees. Pisces is a dual sign with water element. Unlike, Moon in Scorpio when there is excess water which is stagnated in fixed sign, the excess water element with Venus in Pisces is free flowing in dual sign. Venus in Pisces signifies infinite love and our infinite appreciation of beauty and passion.

Although Jupiter rules sound and ears, it is Venus which is the living potency of sound, thus Venus is related to the saying of mantras.

Now lets answer the why of why jupiter exalts in cancer and venus in pisces.

Starting from caste of planets- Both are brahmins and gurus for devas( Gods) and asurs.( demons).

Powers- Jupiter has power to protect , Venus has power to resurrect ( to bring the dead back to life through mrit sanjeevani vidya)

Mantras and sound–Although Jupiter rules sound and ears, it is Venus which is the living potency of sound, thus Venus is related to the saying of mantras.

Cancer ,Scorpio and Pisces are the three signs belonging to moksha trikona.( Moksha is the ultimate goal of personal spiritual development it means freedom from birth cycle)

Now what would a learned brahmin want — The answer is enlightenment and spiritual completeness.

Caste of Moksha trikona signs– All the three signs are Brahmin signs.

Cancer represents – Dwara ( door) the door leading to this world, your mother.

Scorpio represents–Bhaya (Exit or outside)

Pisces represents — Garbha ( inside or in womb  )

Sex of Moksha trikona- All the three are female signs.

Element— The element is water for all three.

Cancer- Free flowing water( sacred rivers)

Scorpio- Fixed stagnant water .

Pisces- Large water bodies sea,lake etc.

Direction – all three represent north direction.

Qualities– Cancer- nourish and protect,Scorpio- Research and physical sufferings( death etc) , Pisces- Final resting place the end of cycle.
Sign cancer and Pisces both represent water beings ( Crab and fishes) while the sign scorpio represents keeta sign or insects.

Now Jupiter exalts in cancer constellation pushya the diety is brihaspati or jupiter himself, sitting here in north direction with free flowing sacred water jupiter is at ease as such it tries to ensure and impart the very first spiritual guidance through the mother .Jupiter protects and provides the conducive environment for development.Jupiter is sound and hearing .

Venus exalts in Pisces- While Jupiter protects Venus resurrects and cures ,venus exalts in revati nakshatra the diety is pushan the duty of pushan is to conduct souls to other world,it is also responsible for marriages meetings and journeys.Venus in the last sign of zodiac represents getting ready for last journey ,venus is living potency of sound and related to all mantras recitation,at one end its epitome of all comforts physical and carnal on the other it is also the last guide before the final journey.Pisces is a dual sign representing the dual nature of Venus.

The sign in between the cancer and Pisces is Scorpio the middle sign of moksha trikona.

Now why is this sign ignored by both Brahmans ?

This one rashi is of fixed modality would offer less freedom ,more so it represents stagnant water ,though the sign represents inquisitive and research aptitude this has been left for mortals to raise their understanding about the moksha  through occult medidation as raising the kundalini shakti from the root chakra to third eye. it also represents the outside or exit. This rashi as such represents the 8th house of natural zodiac representing both  longevity and death..Sign scorpio is owned by violent and fighting Mars the commander of  armies of devas. Brahmans shun voilence of any kind,they like freedom and peace to meditate and carry on their duties to protect and resurrect.Talking about the other signs cancer is owned by moon the nourisher,the mother representation, pisces is owned by jupiter so if venus goes to abode of another brahman he will find the place to his liking.

Some more about the 8th sign is as following.


Hole or cavity; reptile or centipede; Shirodaya; fixed; even; Bahya Rasi; vegetable; soft; female; North; brown; well; sex organs; day; scorpion; Brahmin; Jala Tatwa; hunters profession; diseases of spleen, jaundice and sprue


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We provide some important combinations of Rahu and Ketu with other planets. There can be many such combination but it is difficult to provide all of them
1. If the Sun along with Rahu be in 7th house, the woman will have many husbands.
2. If Sun is associated with Rahu or Venus is posited in 2nd house, the native will be harsh in speech, and his wealth will be insignificant.
3. Rahu posited in the lst house along with Sun, Saturn and Moon having 9th aspect of Jupiter is the best position.
4. Rahu with 7th lord in Sagittarius or Pisces makes one adulterous and if Sun joins with them, one will have sexual relations with women of high born families.
5. Conjunction of Rahu and Sun in 4th house indicates financial troubles, fear of enemies, and failure of plans. There may be problems of children also. Finally the native will leave for another town or country.
6,’ Conjunction of Rahu and Sun in 10th house brings elevation in one’s life, but political career will be a failure. Many ups and downs in life. this conjunction in 9th will give higher learning and foreign travels.
7. Conjunction of Rahu and Sun is unfavorable in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. Sun conjunct Ketu destroys the house where they are placed.
8. Conjunction of Rahu and Sun in 1st. 3rd, 5th and 12th, also in Leo are favorable resulting fame, dignity, finances and social elevation. But relations with father will not be cordial.
9. lf Rahu or Ketu conjuncts Sun and is afflicted, placed in malefic houses or aspected by malefic planets, causes loss of profession and prestige. Diseases of venereal nature and of hand, feet and mouth are indicated. Comforts of children are denied and one will face frustration .
10. Rahu in square aspect to Saturn, Sun, Moon and Jupiter, a politician is born; Jupiter in trine aspect to Rahu causes one to be administrator.
11. Rahu in 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th from Saturn, Sun, Moon and Jupiter makes the native politician and administrator.

1. The lord of lagna or the waning Moon occupying 8th house and being aspected by or conjoined with Rahu will cause native’s death in 7th year.
2. When Rahu associated with malefic aspects the weak Moon or when the lord of sign occupied by the Moon is eclipsed (or occupies 7th house), the native will die in 6th or 8th year.
3. The lagna lord occupying in conjunction with Rahu in 7th house causes certain death in 21 days, months or years.
4. If Rahu conjoins Moon in 3rd house, one will have no brother or sister and will not have much wealth.
5. If Moon, Saturn and Rahu occupy 5th house, one will suffer from wind disease, a severe spleen pain, worm disease respectively.
6. The best position of Rahu is to be posited in the 1st house along with Saturn, Sun and Moon having 9th aspect of Jupiter.
7. Rahu with Moon and Saturn in 6th, 8th or 12th house and aspected by the lord of ascendant causes death in bad and mysterious circumstances.
8. Rahu and Moon in 9th house and Jupiter in 10th indicates lucky and beautiful children.
9. Jupiter and Moon in 12th house are unfortunate, but if Rahu or Ketu joins, then one is fortunate.
10. Moon, Mars and Rahu or Moon, Saturn, Rahu or Mercury, Mars, Rahu or Mercury, Saturn, Rahu conjoins and specially in Aries. Sagittarius and Scorpio or in the constellations ruled by Mars or Saturn is not auspicious unless there are beneficial aspects. During the dasa periods of these planets, one will meet with frustration, disappointments, will be head strong, restless, have ill controlled tempers and inclines the person to go to extremes.
11. Rahu and Moon in 3rd house indicates death of mother in early age.

1. If Rahu occupies his own sign Virgo and if Mars, Venus and Mercury be together in 10th house, fortune and ill luck are only momentary and not of long standing. If malefics occupy 2nd, 3rd and 7th houses, and Jupiter be in the 5th, the person will be of bad behavior.
2. If Mars occupies 6th house, Rahu 7th and Saturn the 8th, the native will have misfortune of losing his partner and becomes dependent on another.
3. If Sun occupies the 7th, Mars in 10th and Rahu in 12th, the yoga causes destruction of parents; if Rahu and Jupiter should occupy, the 6th, 1st or the 4th (with the Sun in 7th and Mars in 10th). the demise of the parents will have to be declared to happen within 24 years.
4. Mars in 4th house aspected by Saturn and Rahu, and if the aspect of Moon should also fall on the bhave, the mother of the child will be unchaste
5. When 7th or 8tb house is occupied or aspccted by Mars, Saturn and Rahu, tbe person concerned will be bitten by dogs, serpent and the like. Or one will surely suffer from a very bad poisonous disease.
6. Mars and Saturn combined with Rahu in 8th house, the native meets with premature death through weapons ets. Even a benefic in the 8th house if aspected by inimical and malefic planets will cause death in battle.
7. Mars in. 11th with Rahu and Sun in 5th makes the native chief of the town.
8. Rahu conjunction Mars and Saturn in Ascendant causes diseases of the generative system.
9. Rahu, Mars and Saturn conjunction makes one accident prone. The position of the house will indicate the part of the body to be afflicted or shatters the prosperity of that house.
10. Rahu, Saturn and Mars in 8th house makes the person cruel perverse and immoral There will be sudden rise and fall.
11. Rahu, Mars and Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12th house indicate displeasure of the ruler.

1. Rahu conjuncting Jupiter in 7th house and Mercury in 9th house, one will leave his country and may reside in foreign lands.
2 Rahu aspected by Saturn, Venus and Mercury becomes very powerful to do good. Although Rahu is stated to be friend of Mercury,Venus and Saturn, but the conjunction with these planets causes more affliction than otherwise. In fact, Rahu is no one’s friend.
3. Rahu and Mercury in 12th house, J upiter an~ Saturn in 5th house is bad for longevity of the native.
4. Rahu 8th from Mercury, the parents will be sickly and unfortunate.
5. Rahu Mercury in 4th house gives gain of money, high position and good socia1 status. But in Pisces sign indicates sorrows due to relations, friends and children.
6. Rahu and Venus in 4th will give comforts and pleasures, but, if Mercury joins them, one will indulge in sexual excesses damaging his health and wealth.
7. Rahu conjunctingJupiter in 7th house and Mercury in 9th house, the persons will leave his place of birth and lives in the foreign lands.
8. Rahu in an angle (1-4-7-10) with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury,the native will be healthy with good children, honor etc. And long lived.
9. Mercury with Ketu or Rahu in 6th or 12th house and heavily afflicted gives rise to a disease which cannot be diagnosed and cured. Even nervous breakdown or insanity is caused.
10. Combination of Rahu, Mercury. Saturn in the 10th house may sometimes causes amputation of legs.
11. Rahu combined with Ascendant lord and Mercury causes white leprosy.

1. Jupiter, Sun, Rahu and Saturn occupy the 1st, 6th or 5th house,the yoga will only prove adverse to the parents. If all the malefics occupy 10th, 3rd, 7th and 12th houses, the native will always be suffering
through some troubles or others in the body.
2. Rahu and Jupiter in Leo blesses the native with long age. Same results are indicated if Rahu alone is posited in Aries or Virgo.
3. Saturn conjuncting Rahu or Ketu, but under benefic fays of Jupiter, produces a great yogi.
4. Rahu in square or trine to Jupiter or in trine to Sun creates writers.
5. Rahu and Jupiter in 8th house indicates stomach ailments and also a birth mark near the naval.
6. Rahu and Venus in 10th bouse and Jupiter in Aries indicate prosperous and fortunate person. He will enjoy some sort of authority also.
7. Rahu Jupiter in 4th house with benefic aspects makes one God fearing and religious, one will he blessed with power, authority, wealth and prosperity. One may be a distinguished lawyer.
8. Jupiter Rahu posited in any house destroys the fruits of that house.
9. Jupiter Ketu posited in 1st. 5th, 9th or Jupiter aspeeting Rahu when placed in 1st, 9th or 10th house blesses the native with very high position, finances and respect.
10. Rahu Jupitcr in 5th house indicates loss of issues or abortions.
11. Rahu 4th to Jupiter and Venus 4th to Rahu for a Capricorn ascendant makes the native rich, lucky, prosperous, name and fame. There will be fluctuations in life also.

1. If at birth of a child, Rahu Venus, Sun, Saturn and Mercury occupy the 2nd house, the father will have died before the birth of child, and this yoga will prove good to the mother.
2. Venus conjuncling Ketu gives perverse sex outlook.
3. Venus conjuncting Rahu in 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is bad, but good in other houses, Venus trines Rahu gives the native excellent moral character.
4. Rahu Venus In 4th house confers the nat ive with money and lands. Domestic peace, hormony and comforts. Relations and fri ends will be of great help.
S. Saturn Ketu in 3rd house, Rahu if aspects Venus in 51h house, causes fascination for the opposite sex.
6. Venus in 7th house aspcclcd by Rahu, the nalive may suffer from cholera and diarrhoea.
7. Venus in Ascendant and Rahu in 8th causes a mark on head or left car.
8. Rahu in 12th house, Saturn in 3rd and Venus in 5th indicate defective right eye.
9. Venus in good aspect 10 Rahu makes the native very susceptible to the admiration of the opposite sex.
10. Venus in conjunction to Rahu or parallel indicated that t one will be fond of opposite sex and pleasure particularly to young females and oft en forms illicit connections with them even after the marriage. This also happens when Rahu is posited in the sign of Venus.
11 . Venus when strong and in good aspect to Rahu, the native falls an easy prey to the beauty of the female sex and there may be several love affairs even after marriage.

I. Should all the planets be posited in kendra house. .. , or if only the malefics the Sun. Sat urn, Mars. Rahu, Ketu, Waning Moon and Mercury when combined with these i.e. all except Jupiter and Venus occupy the 2nd, 51h and 91h houses, (here will be destruction of entire family and make the native indigent
2 . Saturn and Rahu posited in 5th house and arc supplemented by bad aspects indicate loss of children.
3. If Rahu along with Saturn, Venus and Mars is posited in Virgo. the native will be wealthy.
4. If Saturn or Rahu along with a female planet occupy the 2nd. The person will lose his wealth through his association with wicked peoples,courtezans, singers, actors and the like.
5. Salurn conjoined with Rahu in the 3rd house will destroy both the elder and the younger brothers.
6. Rahu or Ketu and Saturn in 6th house bless the native with wealth.
7. If Saturn and Rahu are posited in 7th bouse, wife of native will die of diseases caused by water or worms, through quadruped or through female imps and goblins.
8. Rahu 2nd from Sun and 9th from Saturn confers spirituality and turns the native into a religious leader.
9. Saturn in the constellation ofRahu and Ketu i,or the constellation of Saturn, involving in 8th house indicates paralysis afflicting the native.
10. Rahu or Ketu witb Saturn and 4tb house ruler posited in 8th house indicates stomach and digestion troubles.

11. Rabu in 10th house and 10th lord with Saturn in 3 rd house indicates that one will be wealthy, religious and learned.

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Shravana nakshtra and the puranic story.

Understanding Shravana nakshatra.

Demon King Bali had conquered the three worlds  the devtas were no match for this powerful Asur king so they requested Lord Vishnu to help them out .Lord vishnu disguised himself as Vamana small brahmin boy and approached King Bali while he was performing a yagna ,he asked King Bali for three steps of land ,the demon king readily agreed for this but the demon guru shukracharya saw through the design of Lord Vishnu,therefore he tried to dissuade King Bali but could not make him to agree so he blocked the spout of water vessel of King Bali, Vaman the vishnu avataar  took out a sharp blade of grass to clear the obstruction.  As he poked towards the pot’s spout, the blade of the grass destroyed one of Shukracharya’s eyes, and this is the reason why Shukracharya is seen to have one eye ever since.

With the obstacle successfully removed and the ritual over, it was time for the Vaman  to take his 3 strides worth of land. But suddenly, the vaman boy’s size started to increase in size until  no one could  see his head anymore.  In one stride, he took both the netherworld/hell and the earth, and in the 2nd stride, he took heaven. Then Vaman avataar of  Vishnu Ji turned around towards Bali and asked “Now where do I put my 3rd foot?” Bali  offered  his own head for the vaman jis third stride.

At this Bali was immediately transported into the lowest among the 14 lokas.  And Vishnu ji  had now restored the earth to humans and the heavens to the gods.  Lord  Vishnu very pleased with Bali’s magnanimity, so he decided to confer upon him the status – of doorkeeper of “the outer-most universe.


This story,  reveals  the nature , functioning and quality of Shravana nakshatra.  Vishnu in his Vamana form as the brahmin boy relates to the amiable and innocent front projected by this nakshatra. The natives of this  nakshatra are  clever in achieving their  goals and are  very good in execution skills in  same way as Vishnu.


Shravana borns are known to be  very good executors.

On the astrological front,  Venus/Sukracharya doesn’t like to be placed in this nakshatra due to being blinded in one eye by vaman ji ,the natives of this nakshtra also become susceptible  to eye injuries and ailments if venus is in any way connected to this nakshatra.


Dhanishtha nakshatra through puranic story about 8 ( eight) Vasus.

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The collective power,atonement,sacrifice and suffering.


The eight vasus are the eight demi-gods Anala, Anila, Soma, Ahas, Dhara, Dhruva, Pratyoosha and Prabhasa. Together, they represent the very elements of the Mother Nature.

Once, the wife of Prabhasa persuaded her husband to get her a cow which actually belonged to Rishi Vashisht. Prabhasa was initially reluctant to ask for anything from a Brahmin but disarmed by the usual weakness of a man towards his wife, he agreed to steal the cow for her. With the help of his seven brothers, the eight vasus purloined away Vashisht’s cow for Prabhasa’s wife. Rishi Vashisht, through his ascetic powers, figured out that the stealth was an act of the vasus. He cursed the eight vasus to be born on earth as mortals and suffer the pain like all mortals do.

The eight vasus begged Rishi Vashisht for mercy, but as I mentioned here, a curse could not be taken back. It could, at best, be modified. Rishi Vashisht granted some relief to the seven vasus that their lifetime on earth would be short and after that they could ascend to paradise. But the eighth vasu, Prabhasa, who instigated the other seven to steal the cow out of his passion for his wife would suffer the pain of the account of all the seven vasus.

He who committed a crime out of desire for his wife will never know the pleasure of a woman. Even without a wife and sons, he will spend his entire life struggling to serve his household. And in the end he will die at the hands of a woman, for his desire for a woman made him turn vasus into criminals.

This explains — Dhanistha star in general—means a collective sacrifice or penance . Dhanishta allows us to bring the resources of people together.

Dhanishta is ruled by the Vasus, the Gods of abundance. Its power is to give abundance and fame (khyapayitri Shakti). Its basis above is birth. Its basis below is prosperity. These three give the power to bring people together.

Persons born under this star are hostile to women. Because they lack adequate sex power. If Saturn is the lord of the 7th house and also in this star—any other planet in the 7th house and associated with this star will also do—the native will be sexually weak. It has to be noted that Saturn himself is eunuch. The native of the Star seldom marries or marriage is difficult for him, if married conjugal relation is seldom happy.


The eight vasus then went to the Mother of all beings, Ganga to help them keep their stay on earth short. Ganga, who too was cursed by Brahma to suffer as a mortal on earth promised them that she would give them birth through her own womb and will drown them in the waters of Ganga to set them free from the curse the moment they would be born. Ganga drowned the seven vasus immediately on their birth, but Rishi Vashisht’s curse came true when she was about to drown Prabhasa and she was stopped by Shantanu. It was Prabhasa who grew up as Devavrata, later to be known as Bheeshma for his terrible oath, the oath that will be the cause of all his suffering and also, in a way, the cause of the Kurukshetra war.



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There are four sets of planets as follows :
1. NATURAL BENEFICS-Those that are good by nature and they are Guru,
Shukra, Budha without the conjunction of natural malefics and Waxing Moon (Shukla Paksha Chandra).
As per our N.T.P. and Western Astrologr we classics.
 Sunas mostly a Natural Benefic.
‘Budha with natural malefics, Waning Moon (Krishna Paksha Chandra), Kuja, Shani, Rahu and Ketu.
3. FUNCTIONAL BENEFICS-All planets (whether natural benefics or malefics) owning houses (Bhavas) other than 3, 6, 8 and 12 (Dustanas).
4. FI.FUNCTIONAL MALEFICS-AJl planets (whether natural benefics or malefics)
owning 3, 6, 8 and,12 bhavas.
Here after we use the following abbreviations for brevity :
N. B. -Nahrral Benefics
N. M.’ -Natural Malefics
F. B. -Functional Benefices
F. M. -Functional Malefics

We classify the effects of these planets as follows :
(a) N.B. – do good to the bhavas they conjoin or aspect while so far as their karakatwas are concerned
they go good while in good bhavas and bad when in Dustanas except in the case of 3 and 6 called Upachayas where gradual good can be seen.
(b) N.M. – spoil the effects of all the bhavas they conjoin or aspect while their karakatwas prove to be good
when in good bhavas and badwhen in 8 and 12 bhavas giving gradual good, when in 3 and 6 the Upachaya
(c) F.B. – when in good bhavas do good to the bhava it owns while in Dustanas spoil the good of the bhava it owns.
(d) F.M. – when in good bhavas attain strength to increase the bad effects of the bhava it owns, while in
Dustanas get weakened to do bad and subsequently cause what is known as’ Viparitha Raja Yoga meaning sudden and surprise good effects coming quite unexpectedly and without trials. But this attainment may be after hurdles disappointments and death of some one. Please note that in the case of (c) and (d) we have confined to the effects of the bhava it owns and not said of the bhava he conjoins or aspects for which the tests of (a) and (b) only should be applied.
How to read the combined effects of both Natural and Functional ?
This is easy. Read the effects of each separately and narrate both the effects. Sometimes it may seem to give
contradictory effects. Those differential effects have to be read out during their periods separately.
(e ) Any planet in exaltation is supposed to be naturally strong and so its Natural karakatwas go good.
But the good or bad ensuing from Functional character has to be read out as has already been explained’. F.B.exalted does good to the bhava it ovvns, while
F.M. in exaltation harms the bad bhava it owns meaning that it increases the bad effects of that bad bhava.
(f) Whether Benefic or Malefic, Natural or Functional,in own house does always good to the bhava it owns.
(g) As position in bhava is more important than the Rasi in which it is, F.B. in good bhava though neecha
etc, retains its good of the bhava it owns-may be of less degree. The same planet though exalted in Dustana will be of no avail.
(h) F.B. should not be related with F.M.
(i) Enemies by nature should not be related even though they are F.8., for their powers to do good will be
lessened by counter action.
i) In the case of malefic function of 8th bhava exception is made for Sun and Moon. In my experience
this may hold good for maraka effect only (death inflicting) and not for Yoga (material prosperity). Even for maraka other planets may cause death during their bhukties in the Dasha of such as Sun or Moon.
Thus you see that Adhipathya (Functional) is more important than krakatwa (Natural). Nature arrd Function
should both be mixed up in all cases and results read out by correlating the two.
EXAMPLE : Guru is the owner of the eighth house for Vrishabha lagna. Even supposing that this Natural
Benefic occupies lagna (a powerfrrl and auspicious bhava for him) he will give miserable and disastrous results in his Dasha. As a benefic by natrre he will give knowledge,piety, name, ordinary earning etc., so far as his Karaka powers are not repugnant to his functional powers.
5. Mesha onwards and lagna onwards the organs  of kala Purusha and the Native are distributed from head
to foot .
PIease note that outward or superficial part of body are connoted by Rasis ,while deep rooted inner diseases are to read from bhavas.In both cases the karaka planet needs to be considered for final evaluation.

Example,’ Meena Rasi is Kala Purusha’s Feet.Suppose Rahu is there (or any malefic) then predict that
the feet is afflicted outwardly. How to read out the nature of the afflicting planet ? If Rahu is there Eczema,
or skin diseases. Then look to Rahu who is karaka for feet. If he is there the disease is confirmed on the outer part of leg. Suppose it is also Mesha lagna then Meena becomes the twelfth Bhava when again the inward part of feet is situated. Now you can say that both the inward and outward parts of feet are affected.

Pimps and astrology

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Pimps and astrology.

Astrology of pimps.What planetary combination is responsible for pimping profession.

Pimp-Procuring or pandering is the facilitation or provision of a prostitute in the arrangement of a sex act with a customer. A procurer, colloquially called a pimp (if male) or a madam (if female), is an agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings. The procurer may receive this money in return for advertising services, physical protection, or for providing, and possibly monopolizing, a location where the prostitute may engage clients. Like prostitution, the legality of certain actions of a madam or a pimp vary from one region to the next.
Examples of procuring include:
  • trafficking a prostitute into a country for the purpose of soliciting sex
  • operating a prostitution business
  • transporting a prostitute to the location of their arrangement
  • deriving financial gain from the prostitution of another
Astrological indicators—
 For earnings and desires we need to explore the kaama trikona or triangle comprising of houses and lords of  3rd,7th and 11th.

Sex and astrology combinations
The Moon denotes antahkarana, Mercury stands for intelligence, Judgement, an open and amusing nature, the Sun denotes soul and character and Jupiter denotes Samyak Gyana. Under such an affliction the Moon may give a perverted outlook and evil habits. Mercury agonize under similar conditions indicate selfish and mean motive, a peevish nature. Similarly, Jupiter afflicted by Mars-Saturn-Rahu indicates shrewd intelligence, ignorance, overindulgence and complacence. Afflicted saturn denotes mean and leading character and inclination towards illegal acts in a personal secret way. Afflicted Mars is adamant, ill-tempered, murderous, furious and stubborn. Afflicted Rahu is vindictive, ferocious, violent, jealous, a smuggler, lustful and reckless in mood. The nature of afflicted Ketu is to causing harm without reason,find fault with others and always wanting to go ahead with secret plans of an obnoxious kind. When the first, the fourth, the fifth, the ninth and the tenth houses are involved under such malefic afflictions and the karaka planets are evilly disposed without any neutralizing effect, the person may turn into a liar, cheat, criminal, ill-tempered, sensual, a thief, hypocrite and an out and out imposter and murderer. Afflictions on the Seventh, the Eighth or the twelfth house may cause a corrupt sex life.
Sexual Immorality & Perversion
Sexual perversion is outcome of affliction on various planets governing various factors.   A person  (ascendant) will be perverted if his emotional aspect (Moon 5H/L) is under affliction to create excessive lust for lascivious pleasures (Venus, 7H/L, 8H/L, 12H/L) secretly (12 H/L). He / she will have extra courage (Mars, 3L, 3H) also to break the socially accepted norms (Rahu, affliction on 5H/L and involvement of 8H/L) for sexual act (7H/L) in multiplicity (11H/L).  Besides, there would be noticeable degradation in character of such person (affliction on Sun and influence on Saturn on above factors).  These factors form various combinations that may show sexual immorality of native. 
  • Moon in 11th house or with some connection to 11th house or lord.- Indicates earning through women ( it can also mean trading in items related to women)
  • Mercury badly placed and under malefic aspect or in paap kataari yoga( hemmed in between malefics)
  • Venus/mercury/moon connection.
  • Jupiter/mercury connection- remember Mercury was sired by moon through wife of jupiter as per vedic astrology.
  • 7th /8th lord connection.
  • 10th lord/11th lord connection.
Let us examine a chart of Pimp and gigolo( male prostitute)
Let us see how the conditions as listed above match.
Jupiter /mercury are conjunct in 3rd house.
10th lord moon in 11th house.
Jupiter and mercury hemmed in malefics.
Mars in 8th lords venus sign.
Jupiter and mercury are conjunct while venus is in negative sign of jupiter pisces.

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