Yantroddharaka Hanumath Stotra

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Yantroddharaka Hanumath Stotra
[Prayer to Hanuman who Removes Fetters]
By Sage Vyasaraja Theertha*
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[*Vyasaraja theertha is a great saint of Madhva Order. He is supposed to be an avatara of the great Prahlada.]

Namami dhootham, ramasya sukhadam, suradrumam,
Peena vrutha maha bahum, sarva shatru nivaranam. 1

I salute that emissary,
Who brought pleasure to Rama,
Who is the wish giving tree of the devas,
Who has long slender arms,
And who drives away all enemies.

Nanarathna samayuktha kundaladhi virajitham,
Sarvada abheeshta datharam, satham vai drudamahave. 2

(I salute that emissary),
Who wears ear studs made of,
A collection of precious gems,
Who always fulfills desires,
And who is steadfast in battlefield.

Vaasinam chakra theerthasya, dakshniastha girou sada,
Thungaboditha rangasya, vathena parishobithe. 3

(I salute that emissary),
Who resides on the hill to the south,
Of the holy Chakra theertha,
And which is made shining by the breeze,
Flowing over the waves of river Thunga.

Nana desa gathai sadhbhi, sevyamanam nrupothamai,
Dhoopa dheepadhi naivedhyai, pancha khadyaischa shakthitha. 4

(I salute that emissary),
Who is served by people from various countries,
And also great kings by incense,
Light and five types of food offering,
For tasting, enjoying, being satisfied, lapped and drunk.

Bhajami hanumantham hema kanthi sama prabham,
Vyasa theertha yatheendrena poojitham cha vidhanatha. 5

I worship that Hanuman,
Who shines like gold (Lord Vishnu),
And is properly worshipped by,
The king of Sages Vyasa theertha.

Trivaram ya paden nithyam, bhkthya dwijothama,
Vanchitham labhathe abeeshtam, shanmasabhyanthare kalu. 6

The good twice born reading,
This prayer thrice a week,
Would get all that he wishes,
Within a period of six months.

Puthrarthi labhathe puthram, yasorthi labhathe yasa,
Vidhyarthi labhathe vidhyam, dhanarthi labhathe dhanam. 7

The one who wants son would get a son,
The one who wants fame would get fame,
The one who wants knowledge would get knowledge,
And the one who wants wealth will get wealth.
The one who wants disciple would get disciple,
The one who wants bliss would get pure bliss,
The one who seeks ethereal knowledge would get it,
And the one who seeks spiritual wealth will get it.

Sarvadha maasthu sandeho, hari sakshi jagatpati,
Ya karoth yathra sandeham, sa yathi narakam dhruvam. 8

Let it never be doubted that,
Hari the lord is the witness of universe,
And he who doubts this eternal truth,
Would surely go to hell.
Let it never be doubted that Hari,
Who is the lord of the universe is witness to this,
And the one who doubts this,
Would certainly go to hell.

Pancha Mukha Anjaneya Kavacham


Pancha Mukha Anjaneya Kavacham
[Armour of Hanuman with Five Faces]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[I am quoting in extenso from the learned article on Pancha Mukha Anjaneya from the Wikipedia: “Sri Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami was the main deity of Sri Raghavendra Swami. The place where he meditated on this five-faced form of Hanuman is now known as Panchamukhi, wherein a temple for him has been built. There is also a shrine for Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, India. A 40 feet (12 m) tall monolithic green granite murti of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman has been installed in Thiruvallur, also in Tamil Nadu. This place was known as Rudravanam in olden times when many saints and seers had blessed this place with their presence. The Panchamukha Hanuman Ashram itself was established by a saint called Venkatesa Battar.
Hanuman assumed this form to kill Mahiravana, a powerful rakshasa black-magician and practitioner of the dark arts during the Ramayana war. Mahiravana had taken Lord Rama and Lakshmana captive, and the only way to kill him was to extinguish five lamps burning in different directions, all at the same instant. Hanuman assumed His Panchamukha form and accomplished the task, thus killing the rakshasa, and freeing Rama and Lakshmana.
This form of Hanuman is very popular, and is also known as Panchamukha Anjaneya and Panchamukhi Anjaneya. (Anjaneya, which means “son of Anjana”, is another name of Hanuman). One of the most famous places of Pligrimage in central India is claimed to be the Resting Place of Shiri Hanuman Ji is Chitrakoot. The Hanuman Dhara Temple is situated on the peak of mountain where there is natural rock formation image of Shri Hanuman inside the cave and a natural stream of water falling on the tail. It is believed that after the coronation of Lord Ram, Hanuman requested for a permanent place to settle in the Kingdom of Lord Ram, where his Injury of burns on his tails will be cured. Lord ram then with his arrow spurred a stream of water on the tip of mountain and asked hanuman to rest there and water of the stream will fall on his tail to cool down burning sensation on his tail.
The access to the cave temple is through stairs starting from bottom of the mountain to its top. It takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes to reach the temple. Over time the temple has gained a new name, namely Hanuman Dhara. The most fascinating thing about the temple is that the cave temple is located on the top of the mountain and water comes in the stream throughout the year, although the mountain has no permanent source of water on it like Glaciers or snow coming from the covered mountains of Himalayas.
Other places where statues of Lord Hanuman can be found are:
A 67 foot Murti of Lord Hanuman Ji has been installed at Sankat Mochan Shri Hanuman Mandir, located in the Punjab town of Phillaur.
A 40 foot Murti of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman has been installed at Tiruvallur, near Chennai,India.
A 36 foot Murti of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman has been installed at Panchavatee,Pondicherry, called Viswaroopa Jayamangala Panchamukha Sri Anjaaneyaswamy.
A 32 foot Murti of Adhivyadihara Sri Bhaktha Anjaneyaswamy, Nanganallur, Chennai which is molded out of a single rock.
Every Face of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman has significance –
Sri Hanuman faces east. He grants purity of mind and success.
The Narasimha faces south. He grants victory and fearlessness.
The west facing Garuda removes black magic and poisons.
The north facing Varaha, showers prosperity, wealth.
The Hayagriva mukha faces the Sky. But since we cannot see it, it is usually tilted and shown above Hanuman’s face. Hayagriva gives Knowledge and good children.”

This Kavacham is addressed to this fierce form of Hanuman. To tell the fact as I understood, it is not Sthothra in the normal sense of the word. It gives large amount of Thanthric manthras aimed at protection. Some people believe that this sloka should not be recited but used to worship the five faced Hanuman. It is written at the end of the stotra that it was taught by Rama to Sita as per her request. But the first few lines show that this is a version was taught by Garuda, where he mentions that it was created by the Lord of lords. The original Devanagari text of this great stotra can be found in sanskritdocuments.org/doc_1_index.html]

,Om Asya Sri Pancha Mukha Hanumath kavacha maha manthrasya Brahma Rishi, Gayathri Chanda, Pancha mukha virat Hanuman Devatha, Hreen bheejam Sreem Shakthi, Kroum keelakam, Kroom kavacham, Kraim asthraya phat.Ithi Digbanda

Om for armour of the great armour of the five faced Hanuman, sage is Brahma, Gayathri is the meter, God addressed is the regal five faced Hanuman, Hreem is the root, Sreem is the power, Kroum is the nail. Kroom is the armour and Kraim is the arrow. Thus all directions are tied.

Sri Garuda Uvacha:-
Sri Garuda said:-

Adha Dhyanam pravakshyami, srunu sarvanga sundari,
Yath krutham deva devena dhyanam hanumatha priyam. 1

I am now reciting the meditative chant, Oh pretty lady,
Which is created by God of Gods and is dear to Hanuman,

Pancha vakthram Maha bheemam, tripancha nayanair yutham,
Bahubhir dasabhir yuktham, sarva kamartha sidhidham. 2

Who has five faces, who was greatly gross, who had fifteen eyes,
And had ten hands and would grant all desires.

Poorvam thu vanaram vakthram, koti soorya sama prabham,
Damshtra karala vadanam, brukuti kutilekshanam. 3

In the east is the face of the monkey, with the brilliance of billions of Suns,
With protruding teeth in a black face, which is curved and angry.

Asyaiva dakshinam vakthram Narasimham mahadbutham,
Athyugra thejo vapusham bheeshanam bhaya nasanam. 4

In the south is the face of greatly wonderful Narasimha,
Which is very serious, the god being fearsome and a destroyer of fear.

Paschimam Garudam vakthram vakra thundam Mahabalam,
Sarva naga prasamanam visha bhoothadhi krundanam. 5

In the west is the face of very strong Garuda with a curved beak,
Which subdues all snakes and which cuts away poison and ghosts

Utharam soukaram vakthram krishnam dheeptham nabhopamam,
Patala Simha Vetala jwara rogadhi krunthanam. 6

In the north is the face of a boar, which is black, shining and comparable to sky,
And which cuts away underworld, Lion, ghosts, fever and sickness.

Oordhwam hayananam ghoram danavanthakaram param,
Yena vakthrena viprendra tharakakyam maha suram. 7

In the top is the fearsome face of horse, which destroys asuras,
By using which face the chief of Brahmins killed the great asura called Tharaka.

Jagaana saranam thasyath sarva sathru haram param,
Dhyathwa Pancha mukham rudhram hanumantham dhaya nidhim. 8

Meditating upon Hanuman who is merciful and angry,
Immediately after waking up and surrendering to him,
Would put an end to all the enemies and lead to salvation.

Angam trishulam, Gadwangam, pasam angusam parvatham,
Mushtim, kaumodhakim vruksham darayantham kamandalum, 9

Bindipalam Jnana mudhraam dasabhir muni pungavam,
Yethanyayudha jaalaani dharayantha bhajamyaham. 10

I sing about the great sage who is armed with his organs,
Trident, sword, rope, goad, mountain, fist,
Mace, trees and holding the water pot,
Sign of protection and also Jnana in his ten hands.

Prethasanopavishtam tham sarvabharana bhooshitham,
Divya malambaradharam, divya gandhanulepanam,
Sarvascharya mayam devam Hanumath viswatho mukam. 11

Hanuman who evokes great surprise with his universal face,
Sits on a corpse, wears all sorts and kinds of ornaments,
Wears a divine garland and anoints himself with divine ointments.

Panchasyam achyutham maneka vichithra varnam,
Vakthram sasanga shikaram kapi raja varyam,
Peethabaradhri makutair upa shobhithangam,
Pingakshamadhyamanisam Manasa smarami. 12

I mentally meditate on him who has five faces of Vishnu,
Who has multi coloured and diverse faces,
Who was the top one respected by all monkeys,
Who shines in the yellow silk that he ties on his head,
Who has red eyes and who is the first always.

Markataisam mahothsaham sarva shathru haram param,
Shathrum samhara maam raksha siman apad udhara. 13

Oh monkey god who is exuberant and who destroys all his enemies,
Please save me by killing all my enemies, Oh God who lifts people from danger.

Om Harimarkata markata manthramidham,parilikhyathi likhyathi vama thale,
yadi nasyathi nasyathi shathru kulam,yadi muchyathi muchyathi vama latha. 14

Om, if this divine chant of the monkey of Vishnu*, monkey of Vishnu is written on the left side, the enemies would be destroyed, destroyed and the contrary aspects would be pardoned, pardoned.
*could be “green monkey” also

Om Hari markataya swaha*

Om my offerings in the fire to Vishnu’s monkey
*”swaha” is the wife of fire. These type of manthras are used when we offer some thing to the fire.

Om namo bhagawathe Pancha vadanaya Poorva kapimukhaya sakala shathru samharakaya swaha

Om my offerings through the fire to the five faced God who has monkey face on the east side and the God who destroys all our enemies.

Om namo bhagawathe Pancha vadanaya Dakshina mukhaya, karala vadanaya, narasimhaya sakala bhootha pramadhanaya swaha

Om my offerings through the fire to five faced God who has the black face of Narasimha on the south side and to the God who hurts all beings.

Om namo bhagawathe Pancha vadanaya, paschima mukhaya garudananaya sakala visha haraya swaha.

Om my offerings through the fire to five faced God who has the face of Garuda on the west side and to the God who cures all types of poisons.

Om namo bhagawathe Pancha vadanaya, Uthara mukhaya aadhi varahaya, sakala sampathkaraya swaha.

Om my offerings through the fire to five faced God who has the face of the primeval boar and who blesses with all types of wealth.

Om namo bhagawathe Pancha vadanaya, Urdhwa mukhaya, hayagreevaya, sakala jana vasankaraya swaha.

Om my offerings through the fire to five faced God who has the face of god hayagreeva (horse) and to the God who attracts all beings.

Om asya Sri Pancha Hanuman maha manthrasya, Sri Ramachandra Rishi, anushtup Chanda, Pancha mukha veera Hanuman devatha, Hanumanithi bheejam, Vayu puthra ithi shakthi, Anjani sutha ithi keelakam, Sri Rama dhootha hanumath prasada sidhyarthe jape viniyoga. Ithi rishyadhika vinyaseth.

Om for the great chant of the five faced Hanuman, the sage is Lord Ramachandra, meter is Anushtup, the god addressed is the five faced Hanuman, the root is Hanuman, the power is the son of Wind God, the nail is the son of Anjana, and the chant is being done to please Hanuman who is the emissary of Sri Rama. Thus do the preliminaries starting from the sage.

Adha kara nyasa
Now the ritual acts by the hand

Om Anjani suthaya angushtabhyam nama
Om Rudhra murthaye Tharjaneebhyam nama
Om Vayu puthraya madhyamabhyam nama
Om Agni garbhaya Anamikabhyam nama
Om Rama Dhoothaya kanishtikabhyam nama
Om Pancha mukha hanumath kara thala kara prushtabhyam nama
Ithi Kara nyasa

Om salutations to son of Anjana through the thumb
Om salutations to Rudhra murthy through the fore finger
Om salutations to son of wind god through the middle finger
Om salutations to he who has fire within him through the fourth finger
Om salutations to the messenger of Rama through the little finger
Om salutations to he who has five faces through the entire palm.
Thus the ritual acts of the hand

Adha Hrudhayadhi nyasa
Now the rituals in places like heart

Om Anjani suthaya hrudayaya nama
Om Rudhra murthaye Sirase Swaha
Om Vayu puthraya shikhaya vashat
Om Agni Garbhaya kavachaya hoom
Om Rama dhoothathaya nethraya Voushat
Om Pancha mukha hanumathe asthraya phat
Om Pancha mukha Hanumathe swaha
Ithi Hrudhayadhi nyasa

Om salutations at the heart for son of Anjana
Om offering to the fire to Rudhra Murthy
Om Vashat for son of wind god in the head
Om hoom for the armour of he who has the fire within him
Om Voushat for the eyes for messenger of Rama
Om Phat for arrow of the five faced Hanuman
Om offering in the fire to five faced Hanuman
Thus ends the rituals at heart


Vande Vanara Narasimha khagarat kreedaswa vaktharanwitham,
Divyalankaranam tri Pancha nayanam dheedheepya manam ruchaa,
Hasthabhdhai rasi kheta pusthaka sudhaa Kumbha angusadhim halam,
Gadwangam phani bhooruham dasa bhujam sarvari veerapaham.

Salutations to him who has faces of a monkey, Narasimha, king of birds, horse and a boar,
Which are divinely decorated, have fifteen eyes, which shines immensely,
Who has ten hands and holds shield, book, nectar, goad, plough and
Sword and moves with his body all over the earth and is valorous everywhere.

Adha Manthra
Now the holy chant

Om Sri Rama dhoothaya, Anjaneyaya, Vayu puthraya, Maha bala parakramaya,
Sita dukha nivaranaya, Lanka dahana karanaya, Maha bala prachandaya, Phalguna sakhaya, Kolahala sakala Brahmanda viswa roopaya, Saptha samudhra nirlanganaya, Pingala nayanaya, Amitha vikramaya, Surya bimba phala sevanaya, Dushta nivaranaya, Drushti niralankruthaya, SAnjeevini sanjeevithangada Lakshmana maha kapi sainya pranadhaya, Dasa kanda vidhwamsanaya, Rameshtaya, Maha Phalguna SAkhaya, Sita sahitha Rama vara pradhaya, Shad prayoga gama Pancha mukha veera hanuman manthra jape viniyoga.

I start the chant of the valorous Hanuman with five faces along with six fold rituals, and worship the emissary of Rama, The son of Anjana, The son of wind God, The very valorous hero, The one who removed the sorrow of Sita, The one who was the cause of burning of Lanka, The one who is well known as very powerful, The one who is the friend of Arjuna, One who assumes the tumultuous universal form, One who crossed the seven oceans, One who has red eyes, One who is greatly valorous, One who thought that the sun was a fruit, One who reformed bad people, One who has firm sight, One who gave back life to army of monkeys and Lord Lakshmana by bringing the Sanjeevini mountain, one who broke the ten headed one, one who is close to Rama, One who is a great friend of Arjuna and One who gives boons along with Rama and Sita,

Om Hari markata markataya bham bham bham bham bham Voushat swaha

Fire offering with the chant “Hari markata markataya bham bham bham bham bham Voushat”

Om Hari markata markataya pham pham pham pham pham phat swaha

Fire offering with the chant “Om Hari markata markataya pham pham pham pham pham phat”

Om Hari markata markataya lum lum lum lum lum Akarshitha sakala sampath karaya swaha

Fire offering with the chant “Hari markata markataya lum lum lum lum lum” with a prayer to attract all types of wealth.

Om Hari markata markataya Dham Dham Dham Dham Dham Shatru Sthmbanaya swaha

Fire offering with the chant “Hari markata markataya Dham Dham Dham Dham Dham” with a prayer to benumb all our enemies

Om tam tam tam tam tam Koorma moorthate Pancha mukha veera Hanumathe para yanthra para thanthrouchadanaya swaha

Fire offering with the chant “Om tam tam tam tam tam Koorma moorthaye (God in form of tortoise) Pancha mukha veera Hanumathe (five faced valorous Hanuman) ” protect me from others manthra as well as Thanthra

Om kam kham gam gham ngam cham cham jam jham gnam tam tham dam dham nam, tham ththam dham dhdham nam pam pham bam bham mam sam sham sam ham lam ksham swaha

Fire offering with all consonants of Deva nagari script

Ithi dig bhanda
Thus we tie all the directions

Om Poorva kapi mukhaya Pancha mukhaya Pancha mukha hanumathe tam tam tam tam tam sakala shatru samharanaya swaha

Fire offering with”Om one who has monkey face in the east, one who has five faces, One who is five faced Hanuman tam tam tam tam tam tam” with a prayer to kill all ones enemies

Om Dakshina mukhaya Pancha mukha hanumathe karala vadanaya Narasimhaya Om hraam hreem hroom hraim hroum hrah SAkala bhootha pretha dhamanaya swaha

Fire offering with “Om one who has the south face as the very angry Narasimha among the five faces of Five faced Hanuman Om hraam hreem hroom hraim hroum hrah” with a prayer tocontrol all ghosts and spirits of dead people

Om paschima mukhaya garudasanaya Pancha mukha hanumathe mam mam mam mam mam sakala visha haraya swaha

Fire offering with ” Om the five faced Hanuman with the face of Garuda in the west mam mam mam mam mam” with a prayer to cure all poisons

Om Uthara mukhaya aadhi varahaya lam lam lam lam lam nrusimhaya neelakanta moorthaye Pancha mukha hanumathe swaha

Fire offering with ” Om God with face of boar on the north side, lam lam lam lam lam, God Narasimha, God shiva with the blue neck”

Om Urdhwa mukhaya haya greevaya rum rum rum rum rum Rudhra moorthaye sakala prayojana nirvahakaya swaha

Fire offering with “Om God with the face of Haya greeva at the top rum rum rum rum rum, God who is very angry” with a prayer to manage all useful acts

Om Anjani suthaya, Vayu puthraya, Maha balaya, Sita soka nivaranaya, Sri Ramachandra krupa padukaya Maha veerya pramadhanaya, Brahmanda nathaya Kamadhaya Pancha mukha veera hanumathe swaha

Fire offering with “Om son of Anjana, son of wind god, Greatly valorous one, He who removed the sorrow of Sita, He who is the vehicle of mercy of Lord Rama, He who is very valorous soldier of God, He who is the lord of the universe, He who is desirable, he who is the five faced Hanuman”

Bhootha pretha pisacha Brahma Rakshasa sakini dakinyanathareeksha graham para yanthra para thanthrochatanaya swaha

Fire offering with a prayer to keep away ghosts dead souls, devils, Brahma rakshas, Sakini, Dakini,and to prevent effects of the planets in the sky, evil created by thalismans, thanthra done by others and evil chants.

Sakala prayojana nirvahakaya Pancha veera hanumathe, Sri Ramachandra vara prasadaya jam jam jam jam jam swaha

Fire offering with prayer to the five faced hanuman who manages all useful acts jam jam jam jam jam, with a prayer for the blessings of Lord Ramachandra.

Idham kavacham padithwa maha kavacham paden nara,
Yeka varam japeth stotram sarva shathru nivaranam. 15

After reading this followed by reading of the great armour,
For a period of one week would destroy all one’s enemies.

Dwivaram thu paden nithyam puthra poutharabhi vardhanam,
Trivaram cha paden nithyam sarva sapath karam shubham. 16

Reading daily for two weeks would increase the number of children and grand children,
Reading daily for three weeks would bring all sorts of wealth.

Chathurvaram paden nithyam sarva roga nivaranam,
Pancha varam paden nithyam srava loka vasam karam, 17

Reading daily for four weeks would cure all diseases,
Reading daily for five weeks would make the entire world under our control,

Shadvaram cha paden nithyam Sarva deva vasam karam,
Saptha varam cha paden nithyam sarva soubhahya dhayakam. 18

Reading daily for six weeks would put all gods under our control,
Reading daily for seven weeks would give us all the world’s luck.

Ashta varam paden nithyam ishta kamartha sidhidham,
Nava varam cha paden nithyam raja bhogamavapnuyath. 19

Reading daily for eight weeks would fulfill all that we desire,
Reading daily for nine weeks would result in the pleasures of a king.

Dasa varam paden nihyam tri lokya jnana darsanam,
Rudra vruthir paden nithya, sarva sidhir bhaved dhruvam. 20

Reading daily for ten weeks would get you all knowledge in all the three worlds,
Reading daily for eleven weeks would definitely get you all, occult powers

Nirbhalo roga yukthascha maha vyadheedhi peeditham,
Kavacha smaranenaiva Maha balamapnuyath, 21

But in case of person who is weak, diseased or in clutches of great diseases,
Even a thought of this armour will give him great strength.

Ithi Sudarsana samhithayam Sri Ramachandra Sita proktha Sri Pancha mukha Hanumath kavacham sampoornam.

Thus ends the “armour of the five faced Hanuman” which occurs in Sudarasana Samitha and has been told by Lord Rama at the request of Goddess Sita.

Adi Sankaracharya’s Hanumath Pancha Ratnam

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Adi Sankaracharya’s
Hanumath Pancha Ratnam

[Five Gems on Hanuman]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Veethakhila vishayecham, Jathanandaasru pulakamathyacham,
Seethapathi dhoothakhyam,Vathathmajamadhya bhavaye hrudhyam. 1

I think about the son of Vayu in my mind,
Who is devoid of all desires of enjoyment,
Who sheds copious tears of joy,
Whose hair stands erect at His thought,
And who is the great emissary of the Lord of Sita

Tharunaruna Muka kamalam, karuna rasa poora poorithapangam,
Saajeevanamaasase manjula mahimana manjana Bhagyam. 2

All my life I yearn to see that Hanuman,
Who is the good fortune of Anjana,
Whose face is as red as the rising Sun,
Whose glances are full of the mercy,
Who brought back the dead in the battle,
And whose fame is great.

Sambhara vairi saradhigamambudala vipula lochanadhaaram,
Kambu gala niladishtam bimba jwalithoshta mekamalambhe 3

My only refuge is Hanuman,
Who had reddish lips like the Bimba fruit,
Who is the enemy of the arrows of Manmatha,
Who has broad eyes like lotus leaves,
And whose neck is like a conch.

Dhoorikrutha seetharthi, prakati krutha rama vaibhava spohoorthi,
Daritha dasa mukha keerthi, puratho mama bhathu Hanumatho Murthy. 4

Let the form of Hanuman ,
Which drove away the sorrow of Sita,
Which made known the prowess of Rama,
And which destroyed the fame of ten headed Ravana,
Shine before me.

Vanara nikaradhyaksham, dhanava kula kumudha ravikara sadruksham,
Dheena janavana dheeksham pavana paka ambuja madraksham. 5

I Saw Lord Hanuman,
Who is the result of penance of God of wind,
Who is the leader of all monkeys,
Who is similar to the Sun God to water lily,
To the hoards of Rakshasas,
And who is he protector of the suffering humans.

Ethath pavana suthasya stotram,
Ya patathi pancha rathnakhyam,
Chiramiha nikhilan bhogan bhukthwa,
Sri Rama Bhakthiman Bhavathi.

He who reads these five gems,
Which are the poems of praise of,
The son of God of wind,
Would become a devotee of Lord Rama,
And would enjoy his life for a long time.

Hanuman Bajrang Baan With meaning.

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Hanumaan ji

हनुमान् बजरंग् बाण्॥द्वारा   जे।एस्।संधु

Hanuman Bajrang Baan II With meaning.


Hanumaan bajrang baan by J.s.sandhu

हनुमान् बजरंग बाण॥

निशचय प्रेम प्रतीत ते विनय करैं सनमान॥

तेहि-के कारज सकल शुभ सिद्द करैं हनुमान॥

nishchay Prema Prateet-tay, Vinay Karain Sanmaan,

Tayhi-Kay Karaja Sakala Shubha, Sidhi Karain Hanuman

He who reveres Hanuman with unflinching faith, love and respectful

humility, is blessed with success in all his propitious undertakings by

the grace of Hanuman.

जै हनुमन्त् सन्त् हितकारी॥

सुन लीजै प्रभु अरज हमारी॥

जन् के काज विलम्भ् न किजै॥

आतुर दौरि  महा सुख दिजै॥

ज़ैसै कूदि सिन्धु महि पारा॥

सुरसा बदन पैथि विस्तारा॥

Jai Hanumanta Santa Hitakaari, Suna Liijay Prabhu Araja

Hamari Jana kay kaaja vilambana keejay, Aatura dawrii maha Sukha

deejay. Jaisay kooda sindhu mahi paara, Sursa badana paithii


Pray listen to my entreaties, O Hanuman, the compassionate

benefactor of all saints! Delay not in responding to your votaries call

and rushing, bless them with felicity, just as you leapt across the

ocean leaving the earth behind and crept into Surasa’s mouth

assuming the form twice as large as that of the Mother of Serpents all

for the sake of Rama.

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

आगै जाई लंकिनी रोका॥

मारेहु लात गई सुर् लोका॥

जाय् विभिशण को सुख दिन्हा॥

सिता निरखि परम पद लीन्हा॥

Aagay jaiyii Lankinii Rokaa, Maarayhu laata gaii sura Loka

Jaayay Vibhishan ko sukha deenha, Sita Nirakhi parama

pada Leenhaa .

As you proceeded further Lankini stopped you on the way, but you

kicked her and dispatched her to the abode of the gods (killed her).

Going to Vibhishana you brought him exceeding joy and sighting Sita

you attained to the supreme state.


बाग उजारि सिंधु महं बोरा॥

अति आतुर जम कातर तोरा॥

अक्षय कुमार को  मार संहारा॥

लूम लपेत लन्क-को जारा॥

Baag ujaari Sindhu Mahana Borah, Ati Aatura Jama Kaatara

Tora Akshaya Kumara mara sanhaara, Loama lapaita anka-ko Jaarah.

You laid waste the Ashoka grove and drowned it into the sea. You

rescued the world from its imminent doom (when the gods comforted

you in Paatala where you were lying in a precarious condition). Thus

did you save humanity and earn for yourself the blessing of

immortality by frustrating the design of Yama who subdues every

being. One glaring example of your victory over death is the episode

of Akshayakumara, whose name signifies immortality, whom you

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

overthrew and slaughtered; with your tail swathed with rags soaked in

oil and set on fire you reduced Lanka to ashes

लाह समान् लंक जरि गई॥

जय जय धुनि सुर पुर नभ भई॥

अब विलम्भ केहि कारण स्वामी॥

कृपा करहु उर अन्तर्यामी॥

Laaha samaan lanka jaari-gai, Jai Jai Dhwani surpur naba Bhai Aba

vilambha kayhi Kaaran Swami, Kripaa Karahhu ura Antaraymii

Lanka burnt like shellac; heaven, the abode of gods, was filled with

cries of triumph: “Victory! Victory! Why are you tarrying, my Lord? O

controller of my inmost being! Be gracious to me.

जय जय लखन प्रान के दाता॥

आतुर हैं दुःख करहु निपाता॥

जय जय हनुमन्त् ज़यति बल सागर॥

सुर समूह समरथ भटनागर॥

Jai Jai Lakshmana Praana kay daataa, Aatura hai dukha

Karhu Nipaataa Jai Jai Hanumanta Jayati bala saagar, Sura

Samooha samratha Bhata Naagar

Glory, glory to you, O Lord, who restored Lakshmana to life! Come

promptly and speedily and destroy my sorrow. Victory, victory to you,

O Giridhara (who lifted up a mountain and brought it with all its

vegetation to Lanka where Lakshmana lay grievously wounded)

Victory, victory to you, O ocean of bliss! You are an assemblage of

bravery, are competent, great warrior and wise.

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

ॐ हनु हनु हनु हनुमन्त् हठीले॥

बैरिहि मारु बज्र-कि किले॥

गदा बज्र् लै बैरिहि मारो॥

महाराज् प्रभु दास उबारो॥

Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta Hateelay, Bhairayhhi



I revere the unyielding Son of the Wind, Hanuman, with the cant of

Om hanu hanu hanu. May you destroy my adversaries with

thunderbolt and club, your adamantine weapon, which, when hurled,

lets no enemy escape. O Lord! O king of kings! Come and deliver me,

your own devotee, from my enemies.

ॐकार हुन्कार महा-प्रभु धावो॥

बज्र् गदा हनु विलम्भ् न लावो॥

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं हनुमन्त् कपिसा॥

ॐ हुं हुं हुं हनु अरि उर शीसा॥



Hanumana Kapisha, Om Hum Hum Hum Hanu Arii Ura Sheesha.

Roaring with the sacred and mystical syllable OM, come with all

haste, O great warrior, and hurl down bolts and clubs and other

weapons (on my enemies) without delay. O monkey-king Hanuman!

Cry hriin hriin hriin, the mystic syllables and shouting aloud Om

hun, hun, hun smite the heads and bosoms of my enemies.

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

सत्य होहु हरि शपथ् पाय के॥

रम् दूत् धरु मारु जाय् के॥

जय जय जय हनुमन्त् अगादा॥

दुख् पावत् जन् केहि अपराधा॥





O Rama’s envoy! Having been assured by Lord Hari that you are

Real-Truth itself-you rush at once and catching hold of my enemies,

kill them (without fear). (Being ever living Reality, immortal and

transcendent, yield not to fear but fight and kill) Glory, glory, all gory

to you, O unfathomed Hanuman! For what offence are your devotees


पुजा जप् तप् नाम् अचारा॥

नहिं जानत् कछु दास् तुम्हारा॥

वन् उपवन् मग् गिरि ग्रह् महिं।

तुम्हरे बल् हम् डर्पत् नहिं॥

पांय परुन् कर् जोरि मनावौन्॥

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

येहि अवसर् अब् केहि गहरावौं॥







I, your humble servant, know not how to perform worship and do

penance, chant your name, observe the rules of purity and conduct.

Strengthened (and protected) by you, I fear not at home nor while

passing through forests and parklands and mountains. I prostrate

myself at your feet and with cupped palms invoke your grace; whom

else should I call for help in these desperate straits.

जय अंजनि कुमर बलवन्ता॥

शन्कर सुवन बिर हनुमन्त॥

बदन कराल काल कुल घालक॥

राम सहय् सदा प्रति पालक्॥

Jai Anjani Kumara Balawanta, Shankara Suwana Beera

Hanumanta Badana Karaala kaala kula ghaalaka, Rama sahay

sadaa prati Paalak.

Glory to you, O brave son of Anjani and Shankara! You are the

fearsome exterminator even of Death and his descendants, a

succourer of Rama and an ever-ready protector of all.

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

भूत् प्रेत् पिशाच् निसाचर्॥

अग्नि बैताल् काल् मारी मर॥

इन्हें मारु तोहिं शपथ् राम् की॥

राखु नाथ् मरजाद् नाम् की॥

जनक् सुता हरि दास् कहावो॥

ताकी शपथ् विलम्ब न लावो॥







As soon as one sets one’s mind on you or chants your name ghosts

and ghouls spirits, fiends, wanderers of the night, fire goblins, fatality

and epidemics, all disappear in a trice (Being so incomparable in

might) deliver your devotee at once and with the remembrance of

your name fill his heart with joy. In the name of Rama do I beseech

you to kill them, the demons and all their hordes, and, O Lord, let not

Rama’s dignity be reconciled to anything demeaning (sully not the

reputation of Rama). You are called a devotee of Janakas

daughter, Sita and Hari; I entreat you in the names of both Sita and

Hari not to prevaricate and delay in coming.

जय जय जय  धुनि होत् आकाशा॥

सुमिरत् होत् दुसह् दुख् नाशा॥

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

चरन् शरन कर् जोरि मनावौं॥

येहि अवसर् अब् केहि गहरावौं॥

उठु उठु चल् तोहे राम् दुहाई॥

पांय परौं कर् जोरि मनाई॥





The heavens reverberate with the sound of Glory, glory, all glory (to

Hanuman) The very remembrance of yours destroys even

unendurable miseries. With folded palms I supplicate you to provide

me the protection at your feet, for I cannot but call on you for help at

this hour. I prostrate myself at your feet and with cupped palms invoke your grace; whom else should I call for help in these desperate straits. You are under oath to Rama to hasten and protect all in distress. I prostrate myself again before you and with folded hands entreat you to arise and rush in (to kill my enemies).

ॐ चं चं चं चं चपल चलन्ता॥

ॐ हनु हनु हनु हनु हनुमन्ता॥

ॐ हं हं हांक् देत् कपि चंचल्॥

ॐ सं सं सहिम् पराने खल् दल॥

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

OM Cham cham cham cham CHAPALA CHALANTAA




Chanting the sacred Om chan chan chan chan, come and deliver

me, O entrepid courser! And shouting Om hanu hanu hanu hanu

slaughter my foes, O Hanuman! When the playful and noble-footed

Monkey-king shouts aloud Om hum hum the demon host is so

terrified that it flees crying Om sam sam.

येह् बजरंग् बाण् जेहि मारे॥

तहि को फिर् कौन् उबारै॥

पाठ करे बजरंग् बाण् की॥

हनुमन्त् रक्षा करैं प्राण् की॥





Tell me, who can protect the person who is pierced with Bajaranga’s arrow? He, who chants this hymn,is  well protected by Hanumaan.

येह् बजरंग् बाण् जो जापै॥

ताते भूत् प्रेत् सभ् कांपै॥

धूप् देय् अरु जपै हमेशा॥

ताके तन् नहिं रहे कलेशा॥

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu





He who repeats this hymn is feared by spirits and ghouls and all the

who repeats it regularly with oblations of incense is relieved of all

physical infirmities.


प्रेम प्रतीत कपि भजै सद धरैं उर् धयन्॥

तेहि-के कारज सकल शुभ सिद्द करैं हनुमान॥






He who meditates on the Monkey-King with faith and devotion and

with his image in his heart, finds all his noble efforts crowned with

success by the grace of Hanuman.


Ura Pratitee Dhardh, saran havay, paath karay dhari

Dhyaana,Badha sab har, karay sab kaam sahal Hanuman .

Siyaa pati Ramachandra ki jai, Uma Pati Mahadeo ki jai

Pawana suutah Hanumana ki jai.

Bajrang baan by –J.s.sandhu

Hanuman mantra about positivity and possibility.

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Chant this Hanumath mantra 11/21/51/108 times for 40 days or all the time whenever you can: Any thing impossible can be possible:

Asaadhya Sadhaka Swamin
Asaadhyam Tava Kim Vada
Ramadhoota Kripasindho
Matkaryam Saadhaya Prabho

असाध्य साधक स्वामिन
असाध्य तव किंवद
राम दूत कृपा सिंधो
मत्कार्यं साध्यप्रभो


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There was a small village in coastal Andhra (one of the state in India) where a strange thing happened few years back. Everything was fine and cool before the advent of the deadly epidemic. All means had failed to put a check on the strange epidemic which had sent almost half the village to the other world since it had struck some three months back. Children were the easiest prey but adults too succumbed just as easily once it had them in its destiny.

Strangely neighbouring villages seemed immune to the queer malady that had checkmated even the best medical succour. Much frustrated and angry the village folk had barred entry to all doctors, and it was surprising to see them welcome the young Sanyaasi so readily.

But on second thoughts it did not appear quite as odd, for an empyrean effulgence radiated from the spiritual saint’s face. The hypnotic looks had them dumbstruck and when he politely asked for permission to stay there, the village headman lost no time in saying yes. “But” he added, “our village has been plagued by a deadly disease. So for your own good suggest that you make the Hanuman Temple on the outskirts your home.”

A youth led the ascetic to the ancient shrine of Hanuman Temple. As soon as he was there the Sanyaasi lit a holy fire and was soon immersed in a ritual. The youth stood there motionless for about an hour listening to the Vedic incantations and then returned home with a new spark of hope ignited in his heart that there would be no further deaths in the village.

Yes he did not convey his hope to anybody. His own kid was in jaws of death and having tended to it he went to sleep. Cries of joy woke him up in the morning. It was his wife dancing with the child held high above the head. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he looked at his son whose pale face had gained a glow of health overnight. He simply could not believe his eyes. “Baba” cried the lad, “Hanumanji gave me Darshan. He said soon I would be well and playing again”

Tears of joy ran down the man’s face and suddenly he recalled Sanyaasi who was staying at the temple. “It sure is his work,” he said to himself as he rushed out of his home. Outside the whole village seemed to be on streets. Everybody’s face was lit with joy and the news was the same everywhere he went. The ill were recuperating fast and the shadow of death which loomed over them till the very last day was receding.

As he related his son’s divine experience and his opinion about the Sanyaasi, the air was rent with the chants of “Jai Hanuman”. Soon a procession was on its way to the temple. There they found him deep in meditation. His dark long tresses hung loose over his shoulders as he sat calmly in the lotus position. A divine aura seemed to surround his entire form. Quietly the village folk sat down awaiting his return to the conscious state.

It was almost mid day when he finally opened his eyes, yet in his divine presence one felt as if only a few moments had passed. Even before anyone could begin the thanksgiving he spoke, “Your village is safe now. With Gurudev Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwarand’s grace I was able to propitiate Lord Hanuman and he blessed to ever protect this place in the future.”

The youth who had guided the Yogi to the temple was much influenced by the power of Sadhanas and he requested the Sadhu to reveal the ritual to him, which the kind Yogi readily did.

A simple yet quite as effective form that Powerful Tantra Sadhana is being revealed here. It must be started only on a Tuesday after 10 pm. Have a bath and get into red robes. Cover a wooden seat with cloth. On it sprinkle some vermilion. In the centre place Hanuman Yantra (हनुमान यंत्र). Sit on a red mat in Veerasan, i.e. as Muslims sit for prayers, facing South. Pray to the Guru for success. Light a ghee lamp. Bath the Yantra with water. Wipe it dry and put a mark of vermilion on it. Put a similar mark on your forehead. Offer a red flower and fruit on the Yantra. Next with a Red Coral rosary (लाल मूंगा माला) chant 21 rounds of this Mantra.
Om Namo Bhagawate Anjaneyaay Mahaabalaay Hanumate Namah

॥ ॐ नमो भगवते आंजनेयाय महाबलाय हनुमते नमः ॥

After Sadhana go to sleep at the very spot. Do this daily for 11 days. Eat the fruit offered yourself. This Sadhana wins the grace of the Lord for the Sadhak and his family members. Once concluded successfully the Lord protects one from all dangers, diseases and misfortune in the future. It is necessary to maintain celibacy during these 11 days.

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