Fire accidents and Astrology.

Fire accidents and astrology.
Astrology of fire accidents.

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Astrological indicators for fire accidents or death by fire.

1. Sun– Fiery planet the diety is Agni.
2.Nakshatra- kritika lorded by Sun- Diety—Agni
3.Nakshatra- visakha- diety -Agni and king of Gods.
4.Nakshatra- purv bhadrapad—  Diety Rudra the destroyer—PURGATORIAL FIRE,  contrition, atonement.
5.Planet Mars for accidents and fire .
6.Planet Ketu for fire related accidents being a clone of Mars.
7.Mars in 5th house or influencing 5th makes person susceptible to fire accident.
Houses- 6th and 8th.
Signs- Dual signs and Fire signs.

Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 27 July 1996 at 04:30 AM in Melbourne, Australia (Severely burned in house fire, age 16)
Lagna- Dual sign. Nakshatra mrigshira- ruler Mars.8th lord saturn in nakshatra of sun,dispositor of 8th lord ketu in 8th in nakshatra of  mars ,while mars is in nakshtra of self in fifth house ,8th lord is hemmed between malefics  .Sun and moon in fiery signs ,mars is lord of sixth aspecting 8th house and ketu.The fire accident happened in MD of Moon and Bhukti of Mars the sixth and 11th lord.Lord of 64th navamsa  Saturn and rahu,Lord of 22nd drekana is again saturn..
Ascendent and 8th lord venus is hemmed between malefics  .Lagan nakshatra is Visakha .Ketu tenants 7th house in the sign aries .Mars(combust) is marak here with double intensity lording over 2nd and 7th placed in 6th ,with 11th lord sun,sun is also lord of  64th navamsa. ,lord of 22nd derekana saturn is conjunct sixth lord jupiter ,saturn aspects the planets in 6th by 3rd aspect.The native died by fire inMD ketu and bhukti of Sun  in sept 1904.