There are four sets of planets as follows :
1. NATURAL BENEFICS-Those that are good by nature and they are Guru,
Shukra, Budha without the conjunction of natural malefics and Waxing Moon (Shukla Paksha Chandra).
As per our N.T.P. and Western Astrologr we classics.
 Sunas mostly a Natural Benefic.
‘Budha with natural malefics, Waning Moon (Krishna Paksha Chandra), Kuja, Shani, Rahu and Ketu.
3. FUNCTIONAL BENEFICS-All planets (whether natural benefics or malefics) owning houses (Bhavas) other than 3, 6, 8 and 12 (Dustanas).
4. FI.FUNCTIONAL MALEFICS-AJl planets (whether natural benefics or malefics)
owning 3, 6, 8 and,12 bhavas.
Here after we use the following abbreviations for brevity :
N. B. -Nahrral Benefics
N. M.’ -Natural Malefics
F. B. -Functional Benefices
F. M. -Functional Malefics

We classify the effects of these planets as follows :
(a) N.B. – do good to the bhavas they conjoin or aspect while so far as their karakatwas are concerned
they go good while in good bhavas and bad when in Dustanas except in the case of 3 and 6 called Upachayas where gradual good can be seen.
(b) N.M. – spoil the effects of all the bhavas they conjoin or aspect while their karakatwas prove to be good
when in good bhavas and badwhen in 8 and 12 bhavas giving gradual good, when in 3 and 6 the Upachaya
(c) F.B. – when in good bhavas do good to the bhava it owns while in Dustanas spoil the good of the bhava it owns.
(d) F.M. – when in good bhavas attain strength to increase the bad effects of the bhava it owns, while in
Dustanas get weakened to do bad and subsequently cause what is known as’ Viparitha Raja Yoga meaning sudden and surprise good effects coming quite unexpectedly and without trials. But this attainment may be after hurdles disappointments and death of some one. Please note that in the case of (c) and (d) we have confined to the effects of the bhava it owns and not said of the bhava he conjoins or aspects for which the tests of (a) and (b) only should be applied.
How to read the combined effects of both Natural and Functional ?
This is easy. Read the effects of each separately and narrate both the effects. Sometimes it may seem to give
contradictory effects. Those differential effects have to be read out during their periods separately.
(e ) Any planet in exaltation is supposed to be naturally strong and so its Natural karakatwas go good.
But the good or bad ensuing from Functional character has to be read out as has already been explained’. F.B.exalted does good to the bhava it ovvns, while
F.M. in exaltation harms the bad bhava it owns meaning that it increases the bad effects of that bad bhava.
(f) Whether Benefic or Malefic, Natural or Functional,in own house does always good to the bhava it owns.
(g) As position in bhava is more important than the Rasi in which it is, F.B. in good bhava though neecha
etc, retains its good of the bhava it owns-may be of less degree. The same planet though exalted in Dustana will be of no avail.
(h) F.B. should not be related with F.M.
(i) Enemies by nature should not be related even though they are F.8., for their powers to do good will be
lessened by counter action.
i) In the case of malefic function of 8th bhava exception is made for Sun and Moon. In my experience
this may hold good for maraka effect only (death inflicting) and not for Yoga (material prosperity). Even for maraka other planets may cause death during their bhukties in the Dasha of such as Sun or Moon.
Thus you see that Adhipathya (Functional) is more important than krakatwa (Natural). Nature arrd Function
should both be mixed up in all cases and results read out by correlating the two.
EXAMPLE : Guru is the owner of the eighth house for Vrishabha lagna. Even supposing that this Natural
Benefic occupies lagna (a powerfrrl and auspicious bhava for him) he will give miserable and disastrous results in his Dasha. As a benefic by natrre he will give knowledge,piety, name, ordinary earning etc., so far as his Karaka powers are not repugnant to his functional powers.
5. Mesha onwards and lagna onwards the organs  of kala Purusha and the Native are distributed from head
to foot .
PIease note that outward or superficial part of body are connoted by Rasis ,while deep rooted inner diseases are to read from bhavas.In both cases the karaka planet needs to be considered for final evaluation.

Example,’ Meena Rasi is Kala Purusha’s Feet.Suppose Rahu is there (or any malefic) then predict that
the feet is afflicted outwardly. How to read out the nature of the afflicting planet ? If Rahu is there Eczema,
or skin diseases. Then look to Rahu who is karaka for feet. If he is there the disease is confirmed on the outer part of leg. Suppose it is also Mesha lagna then Meena becomes the twelfth Bhava when again the inward part of feet is situated. Now you can say that both the inward and outward parts of feet are affected.